Jana Goes to Grade 1

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 I just can’t believe how time flies by so fast … so so fast :S

Whether this is a good thing or bad, my little one is all grown up now and she’s in Grade 1 *sniff*. She keeps saying Mama I’m big now, I can do it, I know how to do this etc. I always think that she’s always in need of my help, like constantly but it’s the total opposite. From now on, I should start to learn/coach myself how to give her her freedom, her own space to explore and experiment. I know it’s tough but I have to do this so she can be an independent woman.

I work in a school where Primary & Intermediate stages are combined so I transferred her to my school. 1st day was tough on me not on her, I kept watching her from far away and crying my heart out like a baby in need of his mother. I just couldn’t comprehend that she’s old enough to take care of herself. She felt lost at first but then she continued her day normally making a group of friends and playing with them in her break.

I wish her all the best in her life. I know success won’t be an easy path but I hope she’ll seek that path and succeed in her life and be an independent woman…My little duck :*

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A Mother Again


Almost a month ago, exactly on March 4th 2018, at 04:04 pm, I was blessed with a baby boy Abdelaziz. I couldn’t express my feelings when I saw this little one, overwhelmed with many emotions which I cannot put in words.

I can’t lie to you, the feeling were very different than when I saw Jana. Jana was in an incubator for a couple of days and I was in a lot of pain after my c-section. But with Abdelaziz, we connected immediately and I was able to hold him after a couple of hours. Still, Jana will always have that special place in my heart for she is my first child, my one and only. Abdelaziz will also have that special  place in my heart, for he came after 5 years and a half, he’s my one and only.

Even though I feel like I’m having a new baby again, everything seems easy to handle, not that because I have a previous experience, I totally forgot, but maybe because I’m wiser and older. Maybe, I’m not afraid of holding those tiny hands like before and maybe because he’s the cutest and most adorable creature I’ve ever seen 😀

I’m a mother again. A mother of 2 beautiful angels (only when they sleep) 😛 Continue reading

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Spain-May 2017


Last year, I’ve travelled to Spain for the first time in my life and loved the whole trip from the beginning till the end. I totally forgot to write about it but hey, it’s never really too late.

The trip started from Madrid, we stayed there 2 nights in an amazing hotel (forgot the name) but it’s located infront the train station. We did some shopping, site seeing, walking and we went to a flamingo dance with dinner and spent the whole night enjoying Spanish music, dance but not the food, it was horrible hehe 😛

Then, we took the train fro almost 3 hrs to Malaga where we stayed in a good/bad hotel. Well, its location was bad but the hotel itself was good. And from there we visited many cities, such as: Ceuta, Mijas Pueblo, Puerto Banus, Fuengerula, Algaziras, and Gibraltar which we saw only from afar because it is a British Territory and they wouldn’t let us in because we didn’t have valid visa. Well, who cares, at least we saw the mountain.

It was a very nice and short trip, around 7 days. Malaga itself was amazing, i loved everything about Spain; the food, the people, the weather, the streets and it wasn’t expensive at all.



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Jon Sliders Experience


Jon Sliders sent me some sliders and other things to try and review on my instagram and blog. Before we talk about my experience of the food, I’d like to share this information with you. Their Sliders are Hormone free, and MSG free. Which is something good and rarely find here in Kuwait.

I didn’t taste all of them but my favourite is the Modern slider, which is very yummy and the chicken cornflakes. Delicious. I also loved their drinks 🙂

Try them, they are available on talabat and carriage.

@JonSlidersME (instagram)

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A couple of weeks ago, we went to Cereal Killer Cafe located in Sharq to try their menu and the atmosphere that everyone was talking about.

Before you enter the place, you get hooked to it from its outdoor seatings, my little girl wanted to sit outside but the weather was very dusty, and from the moment we entered the place, we couldn’t decide where to sit. Jana wanted to sit everywhere lol. The decoration is beyond amazing. Fabulous beyond words. She sat a bit and then she started exploring the place, going there and playing arcades and just having fun.

I’ve ordered cheese sandwich and for her rainbow cereal which she enjoyed a lot but then they got us the unicorn one and she started eating from both dishes hehe. After that we got some desserts, the ice cream taco which was really good and I got the cinnabon latte which I loved a lot, good for cool weather and indoors but not outdoors.

My girl keeps nagging on me to go to the place again, which we’ll definitely visit soon.

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Create Your Own Maki @Sakura_Kuwait


Last Thursday, my husband and I went to Sakura Kuwait, 360 Mall branch to try their menu, their new maki rolls, and to create my own maki, hoping i’ll win on instagram and then it will be added on their menu. This competition is going till the 15th of May, so you can still participate,  go create your own maki, snap it, and then share it on instagram. The 3 tagged pictures with the highest likes will win a voucher of KD100 and their creation will be added on the menu.

I loved the experience, it was really fun. And loved tasting their menu. Everything was just delicious and yummy. What’s my favourite? Well, it has to be the Spider Maki Roll and their Shiitake Soup.

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Gathering Lunch Menu


So, months months ago, I’ve visited Gathering to try their lunch menu. I’ve got busy, like really really busy in life and forgotten to write about it. It was like really long time ago and I’ve totally forgotten about the names of the dishes, but I remember that it was inspired by Indian Cuisine and here are pictures of the dishes that we tried. My favourite was the Salmon with Saffron rice dish, it was amazing.


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Gina’s Cafe-Cardiff


A small cafe, in a tiny corner on Castle Road facing Cardiff Castle … You’ll find Gina’s cafe. It’s blue colour will attract your eye and the seating inside will blow your mind. So beautiful and colourful, you’ll want to stay there forever and eat Chapati all day long.

Yes, this tiny cafe, is an Indian one that serves Indian food, and some Arabic dishes also. They have Arabic coffee which I haven’t tried, but maybe next time when I’m in Cardiff.

I tried the Karak and cheese chapati. Loved everything. highly recommended.



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Caerphilly Castle-Caerphilly Town


One of the most amazing places that I’ve visited in my last vacation last summer was Caerphilly Castle, located in Caerphilly two which is just 20 minutes away from Cardiff by train.

The town isn’t big at all, it’s a small country town that has less cars than other towns, small shops and cafes, not to mention a cute city centre.

The people there are very friendly and they know each other, you see them walking in the streets (few streets not many) saying hi to each others, and even in cafes. Everybody knows everybody.

Now, the castle isn’t far, it’s in the middle of the city centre, you can reach by walking 10 minutes from the train station. It’s beautifully designed and located on an artificial lake which I loved walking by and exploring the whole place. You’ll definitely fall in love with the structure of the place and the amazing flowers.

When we went there, it was raining and they were preparing for a special event, I believe it was a wedding if I’m not mistaken. Totally worth it.

Loved the place.


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Barker Coffee Experience-Cardiff


So I kind of got busy in life, work and other thing and forgot to write about the places I’ve visited in my last trip to Cardiff … Let’s continue.

One of the best cafes in Cardiff out there is Barker Coffee … It was an amazing experience, I visited it more than once and wanted to try as many dishes as possible. The location, the people, the atmosphere, the dishes and everything were just perfect. Their prices are a bit hight but as you can see from the dishes, they are worth it.

The cafe is located almost in front of Cardiff Castle.

If you are there or planning to go then you must visit it.




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Cardiff Bay-Roald Dahl Plass


I think I’ve neglected this blog for a while because I was spending my time on the book blog more. And I totally forgot to finish writing and posting about my summer vacation in Cardiff.

Well, one of the place that I’ve visited was Cardiff Bay, which is 25 minutes away from Cardiff Centre by boat. Yup, Juju and I took the boat from the river off to Cardiff Bay. We enjoyed our journey in the river starting from Bute Park.

The weather was awfully cold and the wind was very high but we managed to dress comfortably and to our surprise the weather in Cardiff Bay was much better than in the Centre.

So you might ask, what is there in Cardiff Bay? Well, basically it has restaurants, cafes, bars (not for us) and a huge theatre where they have amazing plays and musicals. And every now and then in the middle of the place they celebrate something. To our luck they were celebrating Roald Dahl’s Birthday and the place was full of games and activities for the kids. Jana enjoyed her time to the max, we went there twice and she broke my wallet 😛 for the games weren’t that cheap. Like each game would cost 2 or pounds which is around KD1.

I’ll let you enjoy the pictures. It was a great place to visit.






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A Blog Only for Books (Books Paper Mania)


So I’ve created a blog just for books, book reviews, new releases, coming soon and more. If you’re into books. If you’re interested please follow and share your thoughts there 🙂

Books Paper Mania

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