Sugary Sunday

Bonjour les amies 🙂 it’s ugly Sunday but it’s very sugary for me and I’m almost almost high on sugar and very hyper! I didn’t get enough sleep so what’s the best solution to be active?! Coffee & Sweet yeeeeey 😀

My best friend Dodo is trying to learn how to cook for her husband lol so she’s trying it on us, me & her family! It tastes good and I took the whole jar with me to work 😀

We also asked a friend of ours (Me & Chika) to make us Butterscotch Pancakes! Hers are the best in the country! She would like to remain anonymous for now 😛 Thanx ya 7elwa ;*

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Horror Night; Zajil Ghabqa

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! It was a veryyyy long daaay/niiiight filled with torture and pain :/ as i mentioned before that we arrived there at 2 pm in the afternoon (The Palms Beach Hotel)! We got a room for free, once we got inside the room, Chikapappi hugged the bed and went to another world (she also slept at my house from 12:30 til 1:45 pm) 😛 I myself watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars then i hugged the couch and slept a very light sleep but it was relaxing 🙂 Then we walk up, polished our nails, went down to eat Futoor (previous post) and then we went to change for the big night!

We were in HIGH HEELS from 8 pm til 1 am! and we were standing all the time, literary ALL THE TIME!!! I can’t even feel my legs right now! Maybe I’m paralyzed :/!!! We event didnt eat til everyone was out and when they started to leave (some employees), they bugged me n I almost lost my temper (did) for wanting extra Gerge’an boxes!!! and one of them lied to my face and told me that u didnt give me! that **** i just exploded in his face and told him “don’t lie to me, im not stupid! if u want more just ask” lol Chikapappi started to laugh at my face but I wasn’t laughing at that time :S the I told her to deal with them because I couldnt take it anymore! I was really tired and pissed off!!! hhhhmmm!

Now I’m suffering from a severe headache and my legs r numb! I’ll leave u with sm pix;

I want this month to end really fast (astaghfer allah)

That was around 11 pm! my legs are swollen n puffy :S

then i switched to my Footzyrolls! They were VERY helpful! But look at my poor feet 😦

Chika invading my dish and my shot 😛 That was our su7oor (light) 🙂

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Zajil Gerge’an

I think today we’ve worked 12 hrs straight! After getting back home, Chikapappi joined me at my house around 5 p.m. to start the opening, cutting, wrapping and the bla bla bla of the whole preparation! We had a fixed budget of —– KD and we had to do smth nice and elegant for our company (not that we own it :P) We got the candy, the boxes (200 pcs), the ribbons and the decoration last week, and today we started! We only finished 100 pcs in more than 3 hrs :/ and 100 more to go waaaaaa3 😦 but I think we have accomplished smth! Now these boxes will be distributed to our employees on the night of the Ghabqa which will be held in the middle of Ramadan, I’ll leave you with the pix;

and last but not least . . . Ramadan Kareem from Zajil & Swera

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Noise! Noise! Noise!

*covers ears* even though almost the whole office is on vacation, it’s noissyyyy today :S I’m feeling the noise everywhere! I admit i slept really late last night watching TV Shows online and woke up early to continue watching the rest of episodes (talk of addiction) and now I can’t stand my own voice!!!! You know the voice of the pen dropping on the floor?! that is considered noise to me and it’s like my head is gonna explode!!! People coughing aaahhhh, like drums playing inside my ears!!!! I can’t take it!!!!

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Beautiful Sunday :)

WOW! I woke up today feeling good! Actually, feeling GREAT and it’s weird considering it’s Sunday, another beginning of early mornings but this morning, it feels awesome full of positivity and happiness! But hey, you know this feeling when you are very very happy and positive about life and then suddenly you feel kinda scared that it will all be ruined by smth or sm!? Well, I’m getting this feeling right now even though I’m happy, I’m getting this tummy ache that smth bad or not pleasant will happen! Only time will tell 😉

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The Butcher Shop & Grill

Today’s events were just amazing 🙂 Chika is back from her honeymoon woooohoooooo 😀 Finally, there’s sm1 to talk to at work! We spent the whole day chatting and chatting til we decided that we’re not in the mood for work and that we’re heading to The Avenues for lunch! We left around 1:30 PM and reached there around 2 PM, the roads were crowded!

Our pick was The Butcher Shop & Grill! It was my first time there but not for Chika’s so she helped me choose my dish which was delicious yuuummmyyyy! I’m hungry now 😦

I’ll leave you with the pictures;

Complimentary Sausage

Complimentary Olive Oil with vinegar

Complimentary Olives Bread

My Berry Crush drink 😀

Chika’s Lemonade

My Musselsssssss 😀 Finally

Me and Chika ordered the same Fillet but me without Potato 😉

Sauteed Vegetables as side order

Fresh Mushrooms as a side order also 😉

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The 5 Most Annoying Coworkers

I was going through my old Glamour Magazines and I found this LOL 😉

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Random Fotos: Canon

Yeeeey this is my 1st post using MacBook Pro and it’s amazing 🙂 My Milo is sooo cute 😛 anyways, I was able to fool my lil bro who’s an expert in photography to sell me his Canon Cam with the lenses along with the Macro one for KD200! hehe yes 🙂 and he said he will buy a new one later on but we will share lenses! well, til then we will see! he’s already into getting iPhone 4 so I don’t think he will get a new cam anytime soon 🙂 The whole thing is mine 😀

I knew today I will be bored coz I don’t have much to do, all are on vacation! The whole place is mine and Anil’s too 😉 so I decided to bring MY Canon and start shooting at work! Believe me it’s not easy to get a nice shot, the cam is big and heavy! after a while your hands will start to hurt but I managed to take 4 pix, hope you will like them 🙂

Thank you DK for introducing me to Picnic 😉 Crazy Yet Wise

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UnBoxing MacBook Pro

Yooohoooo finally my toy is here!!!!! Thank you my work, thank you thank you thank you, my supervisor, my boss, my CEO who are all on vacation except my AGM but still I LOVE you all 😀

It arrived today, and according to a certain procedure it has to be delivered to our main store then from there to me but there weren’t any drivers today 😦 i went to my AGM and told him sir, i can’t wait im going to the main store which is Kuwait Free Tradezone, he laughed and said “go ahead” 😀 I flew like a butterfly and couldn’t wait til i got my hands on it yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey 😀

I will be busy the whole evening playing with my sweet Milo 😉 yes I named my mac after Milo Ventimiglia 😛

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Doomed Sunday



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The Bitch Is Yelling

I’m really pissed off right now but unbelievably calm! I can’t believe that i’m so calm I didn’t slap her hard and ruined her full-of-shit face! Pppffff

This lady at work is known for her bitchy attitude with everyone! I was told to keep away from her and if she does anything to you, just ignore her and keep going as if you haven’t heard anything! That’s hard for me! I can’t keep my mouth shut and she tried lots and lots of time to provoke me but i kept quiet which kept me on boiling til now and I think i will explode at anytime!

Today I went to the big boss and didn’t say hi to her for 2nd day LOL because she doesn’t say hi to me at all anywhere in the office! beside, she’s not worth saying Hi to, she’s worse than trash and smells too (exaggeration) 🙂

So she comes and says in Lebanese: ta3i lahon”come here”, sho malek kelyom btede5li mn ‘3er salam “why u keep on coming without saying hello”?

I was like: entay etyeen 3ndena o matsalmeeen “you come to the office n dont say hi”

she goes: emtaaaa balla “when?” o enti da5la 3ala elmodeer el3aaam mosh 3ala 7amam “you’re at the CEO’s office not the toilet” LOL

I smile a very yellow smile and hearbeating so fast, wishing I can do to her what that lunatic in SAW did to his victims but i kept calm and said: esalam 3alekom “Hello”, momken adesh?! “Can I go in?”

she opens her big mouth full of lipstick on and outside her lips as if she ate a puppy: etfadaliiiiiiiiii “Go ahead” LOL!

Then she goes and calls my supervisor’s mother who also work with us but in another department and complain about what I did LOL! Now I know that I really pissed her off and I’m laughing at her which writing this post! But what’s killing me is that I didn’t reply and I didn’t react to what she did! I feeel like I’m burning from the inside :/

Tomorrow I guess I will pass by the office! I will say Goodmorning and laugh at the same time as if she didn’t do anything! Do u think that will piss her more? I really want to see her boil and burn in hell!

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My KD 1,000,000 Prize

After working 3 years in the private sector and one year as a teacher! I feel that I became really old! Specially the year I spent as an English Teacher made me grow 10 yrs old! I always wonder when I will I win my One Million Kuwaiti Dinar prize (doesn’t exist)?! Or when will one of the royal families in the gulf area will fall in love with me and decides that he cannot continue his life without me (be a princess, whatever)!

anyways, what am saying is this independent-girl-crap is taking its toll on me! I want someone to spend money on me! I don’t want to earn it! YES 😀 I want to stay at home, enjoy the sun early in the morning, go for a walk (if the weather is fine), go to the gym/spa! Do smth creative (my mind is too occupied with work to think of smth else)! I want to be a good housewife & a mother!

I honestly love my current job! But this is too much! Leaving work at 4:30 pm! What kind of life is that?! and No I don’t want government jobs! coz they suck (I;VE TRIED IT BEFORE)!!!

So it’s either I win 1 million Kuwaiti Dinar or I marry a very wealthy romantic man (doesn’t exist, I know) . . . I will continue on day-dreaming 😛

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