Beautiful Sunday :)

WOW! I woke up today feeling good! Actually, feeling GREAT and it’s weird considering it’s Sunday, another beginning of early mornings but this morning, it feels awesome full of positivity and happiness! But hey, you know this feeling when you are very very happy and positive about life and then suddenly you feel kinda scared that it will all be ruined by smth or sm!? Well, I’m getting this feeling right now even though I’m happy, I’m getting this tummy ache that smth bad or not pleasant will happen! Only time will tell šŸ˜‰

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The Butcher Shop & Grill

Today’s events were just amazing šŸ™‚ Chika is back from her honeymoon woooohoooooo šŸ˜€ Finally, there’s sm1 to talk to at work! We spent the whole day chatting and chatting til we decided that we’re not in the mood for work and that we’re heading to The Avenues for lunch! We left around 1:30 PM and reached there around 2 PM, the roads were crowded!

Our pick was The Butcher Shop & Grill! It was my first time there but not for Chika’s so she helped me choose my dish which was delicious yuuummmyyyy! I’m hungry now šŸ˜¦

I’ll leave you with the pictures;

Complimentary Sausage

Complimentary Olive Oil with vinegar

Complimentary Olives Bread

My Berry Crush drink šŸ˜€

Chika’s Lemonade

My Musselsssssss šŸ˜€ Finally

Me and Chika ordered the same Fillet but me without Potato šŸ˜‰

Sauteed Vegetables as side order

Fresh Mushrooms as a side order also šŸ˜‰

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Random Fotos: Canon

Yeeeey this is my 1st post using MacBook Pro and it’s amazing šŸ™‚ My Milo is sooo cute šŸ˜› anyways, I was able to fool my lil bro who’s an expert in photography to sell me his Canon Cam with the lenses along with the Macro one for KD200! hehe yes šŸ™‚ and he said he will buy a new one later on but we will share lenses! well, til then we will see! he’s already into getting iPhone 4 so I don’t think he will get a new cam anytime soon šŸ™‚ The whole thing is mine šŸ˜€

I knew today I will be bored coz I don’t have much to do, all are on vacation! The whole place is mine and Anil’s too šŸ˜‰ so I decided to bring MY Canon and start shooting at work! Believe me it’s not easy to get a nice shot, the cam is big and heavy! after a while your hands will start to hurt but I managed to take 4 pix, hope you will like them šŸ™‚

Thank you DK for introducing me to Picnic šŸ˜‰ Crazy Yet Wise

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Doomed Sunday



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My KD 1,000,000 Prize

After working 3 years in the private sector and one year as a teacher! I feel that I became really old! Specially the year I spent as an English Teacher made me grow 10 yrs old! I always wonder when I will I win my One Million Kuwaiti Dinar prize (doesn’t exist)?! Or when will one of the royal families in the gulf area will fall in love with me and decides that he cannot continue his life without me (be a princess, whatever)!

anyways, what am saying is this independent-girl-crap is taking its toll on me! I want someone to spend money on me! I don’t want to earn it! YES šŸ˜€ I want to stay at home, enjoy the sun early in the morning, go for a walk (if the weather is fine), go to the gym/spa! Do smthĀ creative (my mind is too occupied with work to think of smthĀ else)! I want to be a good housewife & a mother!

I honestly love my current job! But this is too much! Leaving work at 4:30 pm! What kind of life is that?! and No I don’tĀ want government jobs! coz they suck (I;VE TRIED IT BEFORE)!!!

So it’s either I win 1 million Kuwaiti Dinar or I marry a very wealthy romantic man (doesn’t exist, I know) . . . I will continue on day-dreaming šŸ˜›

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Decent Coffee?!

I’m a coffee addict, I drink 3 cups of nescafeĀ & 5-7 cups of Turkish coffee everyday! I’m not joking, I do drink alotĀ of coffee and I thank my sweet mom for making me an addict coz i’m loving it šŸ™‚ and obviously, I can function better at work when I drink that much *Ramadan* :/

Anyways, that’s not the subject! The thing is our office boy Ali makes a decent nescafeĀ that I can manage drinking also the Turkish coffee is good (I’m the only one who’s perfect in making it) šŸ˜› but unfortunately, Ali traveledĀ back home and I’m left to deal with Ashraf’s lazy b*** (the other office boy) and his lack of perfection! I’m being lazyyyyyyĀ and I blame the office boy’s nescafeĀ for that! I can’t drink that coffee *blekh*! At GUST iĀ used to go to the kitchen and make my coffee, also teach the other office boys how to do it if iĀ was busy or smthĀ but the kitchen in here is not like i can go and take control over the place, NO!!!! I’m only left with one option, order coffee from any cafe near by!!!! but then it will take sometime to arrive and I just can’t wait!

I guess i’mĀ gonna have to deal with this nasty nescafe of Ashraf until Ali comes back . . . after 2 months šŸ˜¦

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To My GUST Family,,,With Love

This post is inspired by Moody Panties’ ObsessionĀ and dedicated to my great colleagues/friends/family at GUST. I miss you all.

I still remember all the days I spent at GUST. The happy and the sad ones, the gloomy and the joyful ones and how all of you helped me through the worst!!! It wasn’t easy getting there cozĀ after iĀ graduated, iĀ went thereĀ full of hope that iĀ will get their easily but since iĀ was a fresh graduate, they told me either u work as a secretary or secretary, iĀ didntĀ have nay other option because iĀ didntĀ have any experience, iĀ refused ofcourse. I’m an english literature BA graduate, how can u hire me as a secretary?!Ā  I jumped from job to job gathering experiences from here and there until iĀ had the courage to go back again and tell them there you go! surprisingly, the HR director remembered me and hired me immediately as an administrativeĀ Assistant in the collegeĀ of Business Administration. I didn’t want to be in that post but iĀ didntĀ have any choice back then, iĀ was trying to escape from teaching, so iĀ said yes! and after 6 months iĀ wasĀ cleverĀ enough to convince the HR director to take me coz iĀ was dying to be an HR Officer.

HR was boring but the team made exciting with all the digging, gossiping about new employees, who’s getting what and who’s gonna be kicked out. It was really fun and our boss was one of a kind Mrs. FawziyaĀ Sultan, she was the best. I remember every morning we gather up in her office around her table, sipping our coffees and just chatting about random stuff. aahhhhĀ iĀ miss those days, it was heart breaking news we had to deal with when she resigned to stay with her sick mom andĀ helpĀ her through her illness, but we had to deal with it! We managed to work without a boss for almost 6 months til that monster came from the US, he was American Lebanese who got fired from his work over there and came to make our lives as hell as possible! I had many great Lebanese friends and no one seemed to have any kind of attitude like this guy had. Mr. AbdulhaleemĀ Qassim, yes that was his name (I HATE YOU)! He made my life likeĀ hell! he used to make smthĀ big out of nothing! I tried to make his life as hell as iĀ can and iĀ did but it was exhausting! I got fed up and it made cry everyday! Until iĀ got the courage to resign after 2 beautiful years iĀ spent over there with kindest nicest people you will ever meet in ur life šŸ™‚

HananĀ YaasinĀ (My sweet baby, she was the first I knew), NelliĀ Alrifaie, HebaĀ Shehab, Ahmed Al-Abdullah (Miss you bro), Lina Al-Qanni, MhmdĀ Al-MudhafĀ (Miss urĀ mom’s chocolate cakes :P), MaramĀ Abdulqader, HessaĀ Al-QadhibiĀ (naughty girl), MuneerĀ Al-Hayen, SavinaĀ Rahman & RajiĀ RajanĀ (the evil twins ehehe), Dina Sweilem, Amani, Dr. KamelĀ BenameurĀ (you’re the best), Fatma Al-BidiwiĀ (miss urĀ fashion), Mr. MoustafaĀ Al-DabousĀ (bo khaled), Hana DeabasĀ (Hennooo), BushraĀ AshkananiĀ (my paaaaaal), FatenĀ Irhiem, Wilma Abdel Wahed, Dr. Adam Savage . . . I miiiissss you all (I hope I didn’t forget anyone).

My temporarily office šŸ˜›

That was last April 2009

The day I met Mhmd Saeed Harib, the creator of the hit cartoon Freej

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Alsouq Alkabeer ON FIRE . . .

Today was really full of adventures and thrillers at work . . . as we were all gazing into our computers either working, blogging or facebooking . . . suddenly, the whole electricity in the company went OFF . . . complete black out (FlashForward :P) At 1st we were like YEEEEY we’re going home . . .

As information started to build up we knew that there was a fire in the basement . . . THE BASEMENT!!! where some of us park their cars there!!!! my heart started pumping so fats . . . man my car is new, i dont wanna see my car ashes to ashes and dust to dust :S so i went down to the basement from the back (7 floors down wearing HIGH heels . . . when reached there it was fully black and full with smoke, i couldnt breath and started coughing later on!!! i saw a glimpse of my car and it was fine but the smoke OMG!!!! i was able to take a picture of the other part of the parking (Alsouq Alkabeer’s parkings are divided into block A and block B . . . A was all black and smoke but B was fine).

Later on, we managed to get to the parking and into our cars . . . el7mdellah nothing happened to our cars but it was a scary experience :S

When we were trapped waiting for someone to save us (as if) . . . we did this documentary incase we didn’t survive . . . it was funny and crazy at the same time . . . it’s posted on youtube šŸ˜€

I have no idea why my voice was very LOUD :S

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