Why Do We Hate Saturdays?


I’ve always hated Saturdays, you know why? Because Sunday will follow, that means, a new working day. Waking up earl in the morning feeling the weekend went so fast & you didn’t get enough sleep. But that’s Sunday, so why hate Saturday? Don’t ruin the day because the weekend is about to end. I used to do that & just now I came to realize that I used to waste a whole day because of a day that haven’t arrived yet.

As I’m getting myself in the mood of getting back to work (September, I know too early). I’m starting to realize the wrong things that I used to do which took my energy & power from me. We as working human beings (hypothetically) need to enjoy every hour of our off days because we deserve it. We deserve happiness, joy, having fun, relaxing, reading a book, having breakfast outside, whatever makes your soul happy.

For all of you ladies & gents who are feeling down because the weekend is about to end, it hasn’t yet! Be active & enjoy the day before you snuggle in your bed.

Happy Belated Saturday ❤

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My Previous Work-Media Box (The Avenues Magazine)

Well, everybody by now knows that there’s a magazine for The Avenues Mall which has just been published (Issue 1). Remember the work that I left & I was in love with? Well, i was working on this exact magazine at Media Box Publishing Company. I left for reasons I will not mention respecting the people I worked with.

Now, the magazine is out & it has been sent to some certain bloggers! To be honest, I dunno who’s responsible for the distributions. If it was The Avenues they can’t be blamed but if it’s Media Box then WTH? Why haven;t I received a copy after this hard work on issue 1?

Not sending me a copy or even telling me it’s out there?! Why?

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My New Job . . . My New 2012

My New Job In Bulletins 😉

– Working Hrs: 9:30 am til 3:30 pm (Can any one top that? 😛 )

– Location: Sahab Tower (Next To SALHIYA) *ra7 elma3ash*


– Salary: Not that much but things will be better nshallah 😉

– Extras: HUGE COFFEE MACHINE *sigh* You might find me sleeping there oneday 😀

2012 . . . I already love you :*

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Healthy Food @ Work?

Many of us work 8 hrs per day 5 days per week. So am I, I work from 9 til 5 everyday & I get really really hungry sometimes. I munch on whatever is available down the street & trust me it’s not health at all. We have a supermarket that is filled with alot of un healthy food. Cafes & many many restaurants. It’s Salem Almubarak Street after all.

I googled a little bit about some healthy snacks that can be eaten at work & decided to have them at work. I’m trying to lose weight in a healthy way.

Starting on Sunday nshallah 🙂

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What I’ve Been Doing Lately!

Who ever said staying home is amazing he/she was hallucinating. I guess I was! Even when you’re being paid for it, it SUCKS! I might be enjoying it but i’m bored & my life seems the same everyday. I’m starting something new, somehow like business but it will take time. So all i’m doing now is experimenting on food & trying new things! I guess by the end of next month I wont be able to get out of the door.

& Oh yeah, staying home makes you extra LAZY! Period.

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Back To Work

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Aaaaahhhh Finally my last day at work has come! I don’t know how this day will pass by but I want it to end so I can really relax and enjoy my time! I haven’t taken a proper vacation for 2 years, since 2009 and I’ve been working! Only took 5days back in June when I went to Dubai and that was it! Now it’s time to chill, relax, watch movies, tv shows, travel, sleep, eat, read more books, have breakfasts outside in this lovely weather and just enjoy my Me-Time being useless!

Best thing in this life is being useless! I mean what with all this career-crap haaaa? My youth has been misused and abused for 5 years now everyday for more than 8hrs (wallah 7ram :S) so to whoever put that thought in my head . . . well I can’t say anything coz it was my mom (allah yer7amech) but seriously! Women are supposed to stay at home, enjoy their beauty sleep, go to spas, be pampered, enjoy shopping, take care of their homes! Equality-shit! but on the other hand I do enjoy my SALARY and the happiness it gives me once it has been deposited and the depression it brings me once it’s butchered the next day!

The awesome news and rumors I’m getting is that there will be a very long holiday from 20th til 28th of Feb! I’m supposed to report back to work on the 20th, now if those rumors are true then I will be reporting back on the 1st of March! Hallelujah 😀


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Sugary Sunday

Bonjour les amies 🙂 it’s ugly Sunday but it’s very sugary for me and I’m almost almost high on sugar and very hyper! I didn’t get enough sleep so what’s the best solution to be active?! Coffee & Sweet yeeeeey 😀

My best friend Dodo is trying to learn how to cook for her husband lol so she’s trying it on us, me & her family! It tastes good and I took the whole jar with me to work 😀

We also asked a friend of ours (Me & Chika) to make us Butterscotch Pancakes! Hers are the best in the country! She would like to remain anonymous for now 😛 Thanx ya 7elwa ;*

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Noise! Noise! Noise!

*covers ears* even though almost the whole office is on vacation, it’s noissyyyy today :S I’m feeling the noise everywhere! I admit i slept really late last night watching TV Shows online and woke up early to continue watching the rest of episodes (talk of addiction) and now I can’t stand my own voice!!!! You know the voice of the pen dropping on the floor?! that is considered noise to me and it’s like my head is gonna explode!!! People coughing aaahhhh, like drums playing inside my ears!!!! I can’t take it!!!!

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Beautiful Sunday :)

WOW! I woke up today feeling good! Actually, feeling GREAT and it’s weird considering it’s Sunday, another beginning of early mornings but this morning, it feels awesome full of positivity and happiness! But hey, you know this feeling when you are very very happy and positive about life and then suddenly you feel kinda scared that it will all be ruined by smth or sm!? Well, I’m getting this feeling right now even though I’m happy, I’m getting this tummy ache that smth bad or not pleasant will happen! Only time will tell 😉

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The Butcher Shop & Grill

Today’s events were just amazing 🙂 Chika is back from her honeymoon woooohoooooo 😀 Finally, there’s sm1 to talk to at work! We spent the whole day chatting and chatting til we decided that we’re not in the mood for work and that we’re heading to The Avenues for lunch! We left around 1:30 PM and reached there around 2 PM, the roads were crowded!

Our pick was The Butcher Shop & Grill! It was my first time there but not for Chika’s so she helped me choose my dish which was delicious yuuummmyyyy! I’m hungry now 😦

I’ll leave you with the pictures;

Complimentary Sausage

Complimentary Olive Oil with vinegar

Complimentary Olives Bread

My Berry Crush drink 😀

Chika’s Lemonade

My Musselsssssss 😀 Finally

Me and Chika ordered the same Fillet but me without Potato 😉

Sauteed Vegetables as side order

Fresh Mushrooms as a side order also 😉

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Random Fotos: Canon

Yeeeey this is my 1st post using MacBook Pro and it’s amazing 🙂 My Milo is sooo cute 😛 anyways, I was able to fool my lil bro who’s an expert in photography to sell me his Canon Cam with the lenses along with the Macro one for KD200! hehe yes 🙂 and he said he will buy a new one later on but we will share lenses! well, til then we will see! he’s already into getting iPhone 4 so I don’t think he will get a new cam anytime soon 🙂 The whole thing is mine 😀

I knew today I will be bored coz I don’t have much to do, all are on vacation! The whole place is mine and Anil’s too 😉 so I decided to bring MY Canon and start shooting at work! Believe me it’s not easy to get a nice shot, the cam is big and heavy! after a while your hands will start to hurt but I managed to take 4 pix, hope you will like them 🙂

Thank you DK for introducing me to Picnic 😉 Crazy Yet Wise

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