The Beginning of 2013-2014 School Year


Am I excited? Hell NO.

I’m sorry to start this post with such negativity but I’m gonna be somehow positive in writing this post.

I was an English teacher long time ago. Back in 2007 I taught for about 6 or 7 months. Teaching the girls was so much fun, talking with them about what they like. Lowering your mentality to theirs and sharing their likes and dislikes was such a great experience but the management and the English department was really miserable, they made me hate my life. I swear I used to wake up very depressed and cry all the way to school in my car. I looked miserable. Anyways, that was long time ago, now I’m back to teaching again. Why? Because there is no option.

I started teaching again last May 2013. I only taught for 3 weeks and only 1 class. It was pretty good even though students were out of control because the school year was about to end. I can say many things have been changed. Now, teachers teach only 2 classes not 3 as it used to be. Grading has been changed, it became much easier. Everything became much better. And the school I’m teaching at right now is good and very understanding. But now a new crazy principal has joined the team. She changed the time of leaving school from 1pm to 1:15pm. I honestly can’t comprehend what’s the use of the extra 15 minutes. If you don’t have last period you leave at 1pm after 10 minutes from the beginning of the 7th period. Why she wants us in the school for 15 minutes extra? WHHHYYYY? This really pissed me off, I want our old principal back 😦

Teaching methods have changed alot in many schools but in our school it haven’t. Many schools especially the new ones started using the iPad in teaching the students, but in ours I haven’t seen anyone use it. I had a quick meeting with my bestie who’s also an intermediate teacher. She gave a quick idea on how to teach using the ipad. That I have to buy a mini projector and download few apps which she gave me. Her school gave her a course and taught her how to use the ipad and she did the same with me. She explained to me that it made her life much easier, less expensive (no need to print flash cards) and it attracted the students’ attentions and made them love the period.

Currently, I’m looking for pocket projectors that can be handy and not that expensive. Found few on Blink, one is kinda expensive and the other affordable. Today, I checked the website again and found the affordable one is out of stock. My kinda luck :/ But anyways, Hawally is full of these stuff so I’m planning to go there tomorrow and search for one so I can start practicing on it. Don’t wanna start my 1st day with my students laughing on for not knowing how to use the projector πŸ˜›

I’ve downloaded about 5 teaching applications on my ipad and I’m waiting for the projector to start using them. Not that I can’t use them now but it will be better with the projector. The apps are very easy to use and they can make your teaching life easier and save more time to spend with your family and friends.

Hope this year will be a great one, full of excitement and adventures with my new studenst. And hope this new principle will loosen up a bit and make our lives easier.

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Teachers Ramadan Ghabga (Gathering)


The best thing I came out with from teaching is the salary lol (JK) It’s the teachers that I work with. They’re much better than the ones I worked with 8 years ago. The ones I work with now are really friendly, polite, respect everyone and they are fun and active. You can talk to them, share with them your likes and dislikes and all that jazz.

Yesterday, our dear teacher Miss Lulwa hosted a ghabga at her apartment where she gathered us all again but outside the school’s doors πŸ˜› Miss Lulu is leaving this year on September to UK to complete her post graduate studies so she won’t be with us for a whole year … We will miss u Miss Lulu and your place will be empty (not literally) I will be sitting on her desk πŸ˜€ for next year only πŸ˜‰

The ghabga was kinda modern, not the traditional one but definitely a beautiful cozy one. We talked and gossiped about school ofcourse and ate delicious desserts as you can see in the pictures.

Pistachio Rose Cake from The blue Bakery. Verrry delicious, really good and you can feel the rose taste in your tongue. Loved it. Instagram @TheBlueBakery

Raja2i dessert from Caramel Bakery. Was very good but kinda heavy, so a lil bite will be good and it’s good for 6 to 8 persons. Instagram @Caramel_Kuwait

Banoffee Trifel from J’s Bakery. It was ok. Not that wow but ok. Also good for 6 persons. You can order it from

Thank you Om Khaloodie for the wonderful Ghabga and wish you all the best in your life :*

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From SuperMom To IronMom

Remember my previous postΒ SperMom? Guess what? Now I became IronMom *cries*

I remember when I applied for a job in the government sector & was accepted in the Ministry of Education as an English teacher back in January, one of the ladies working there informed & assured me that I’ll start working at the beginning of next year (Educational year) so that’s next September. I asked her so many times & she kept saying “forget about working now, you’ll start in September”. So I actually prepared myself mentally & physically for September.

When Maya (my help) told me that she wants to travel before Ramadan & before i start working, I gave her the green light & booked her a flight to her home in the middle of April. i swear after 1 week from her departure, the Ministry of Education calls me to inform me that I need to collect my papers to start the medical tests & everything to start working NOW.

I was speechless. What the ****? Haven’t you told me that I won’t start now? This ministry is really ….. (you choose the word). They made my life like hell. People there don’t do their tasks at all. The paper that you can finish n 3 hours, they tell you to come & collect it after 3 days. WHYYYYYY?

Anyways, it was really awful finishing my papers & not to mention starting my job.

My 1st day was on the 8th of May 2013. I went to the school I was assigned to & met my colleagues. I gotta say after more than 2 weeks now working as a teacher, everything looks good & better than before. Now, you only get 2 classes (that’s 2 periods everyday except the doubles so sometimes you get 3 periods). Which is soo good and not that exhausting. The books have changed (from 2007). The way of teaching & correcting exams have changed. Now you don’t stay that long correcting final exams bla bla bla.

I got off the topic πŸ˜› How did I become an IronMom?! Well, I wake up at 6am, change my clothes, get Juju’s things, drop her at my grandma’s house, go to work, go back to grandma’s house & then back home. Either my lunch is already cooked or I have to cook at the spot, wash the dishes, put Juju to sleep, and then go to bed to get a nap or surf the net (it makes me relaxed). Then I either attend an event or go & continue with the house chores, you name it, washing clothes, toilette, ironing, cleaning the tables & not to mention taking care of Juju every now & then who wants more attention now because she’s older & she wants to play all the time. Around 9pm I feel like I have no more energy left but then I have to choose my clothes for tomorrow, iron them & then prepare my breakfast for work before I go to bed. Around 11pm I take a shower & then sleep like a dead person.

That’s what I do mostly everyday without help. Sometime’s my dad’s house help comes & do some chores because I feel exhausted & can’t move from my place/bed.

I honestly feel very tired & exhausted. Being a teacher is very tiring & energy consuming. Even when you don’t do that much at work, still I go back home feeling like a zombie.

Maya will be coming home soon & I’ll be more relaxed nshallah. I’m having dreams of her coming back home & me crying from happiness & hugging her *sniff* I think that will happen for real.

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Why Do We Hate Saturdays?


I’ve always hated Saturdays, you know why? Because Sunday will follow, that means, a new working day. Waking up earl in the morning feeling the weekend went so fast & you didn’t get enough sleep. But that’s Sunday, so why hate Saturday? Don’t ruin the day because the weekend is about to end. I used to do that & just now I came to realize that I used to waste a whole day because of a day that haven’t arrived yet.

As I’m getting myself in the mood of getting back to work (September, I know too early). I’m starting to realize the wrong things that I used to do which took my energy & power from me. We as working human beings (hypothetically) need to enjoy every hour of our off days because we deserve it. We deserve happiness, joy, having fun, relaxing, reading a book, having breakfast outside, whatever makes your soul happy.

For all of you ladies & gents who are feeling down because the weekend is about to end, it hasn’t yet! Be active & enjoy the day before you snuggle in your bed.

Happy Belated Saturday ❀

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My Previous Work-Media Box (The Avenues Magazine)

Well, everybody by now knows that there’s a magazine for The Avenues Mall which has just been published (Issue 1). Remember the work that I left & I was in love with? Well, i was working on this exact magazine at Media Box Publishing Company. I left for reasons I will not mention respecting the people I worked with.

Now, the magazine is out & it has been sent to some certain bloggers! To be honest, I dunno who’s responsible for the distributions. If it was The Avenues they can’t be blamed but if it’s Media Box then WTH? Why haven;t I received a copy after this hard work on issue 1?

Not sending me a copy or even telling me it’s out there?! Why?

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My New Job . . . My New 2012

My New Job In Bulletins πŸ˜‰

– Working Hrs: 9:30 am til 3:30 pm (Can any one top that? πŸ˜› )

– Location: Sahab Tower (Next To SALHIYA) *ra7 elma3ash*


– Salary: Not that much but things will be better nshallah πŸ˜‰

– Extras: HUGE COFFEE MACHINE *sigh* You might find me sleeping there oneday πŸ˜€

2012 . . . I already love you :*

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Healthy Food @ Work?

Many of us work 8 hrs per day 5 days per week. So am I, I work from 9 til 5 everyday & I get really really hungry sometimes. I munch on whatever is available down the street & trust me it’s not health at all. We have a supermarket that is filled with alot of un healthy food. Cafes & many many restaurants. It’s Salem Almubarak Street after all.

I googled a little bit about some healthy snacks that can be eaten at work & decided to have them at work. I’m trying to lose weight in a healthy way.

Starting on Sunday nshallah πŸ™‚

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What I’ve Been Doing Lately!

Who ever said staying home is amazing he/she was hallucinating. I guess I was! Even when you’re being paid for it, it SUCKS! I might be enjoying it but i’m bored & my life seems the same everyday. I’m starting something new, somehow like business but it will take time. So all i’m doing now is experimenting on food & trying new things! I guess by the end of next month I wont be able to get out of the door.

& Oh yeah, staying home makes you extra LAZY! Period.

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Back To Work

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Aaaaahhhh Finally my last day at work has come! I don’t know how this day will pass by but I want it to end so I can really relax and enjoy my time! I haven’t taken a proper vacation for 2 years, since 2009 and I’ve been working! Only took 5days back in June when I went to Dubai and that was it! Now it’s time to chill, relax, watch movies, tv shows, travel, sleep, eat, read more books, have breakfasts outside in this lovely weather and just enjoy my Me-Time being useless!

Best thing in this life is being useless! I mean what with all this career-crap haaaa? My youth has been misused and abused for 5 years now everyday for more than 8hrs (wallah 7ram :S) so to whoever put that thought in my head . . . well I can’t say anything coz it was my mom (allah yer7amech) but seriously! Women are supposed to stay at home, enjoy their beauty sleep, go to spas, be pampered, enjoy shopping, take care of their homes! Equality-shit! but on the other hand I do enjoy my SALARY and the happiness it gives me once it has been deposited and the depression it brings me once it’s butchered the next day!

The awesome news and rumors I’m getting is that there will be a very long holiday from 20th til 28th of Feb! I’m supposed to report back to work on the 20th, now if those rumors are true then I will be reporting back on the 1st of March! Hallelujah πŸ˜€


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Sugary Sunday

Bonjour les amies πŸ™‚ it’s ugly Sunday but it’s very sugary for me and I’m almost almost high on sugar and very hyper! I didn’t get enough sleep so what’s the best solution to be active?! Coffee & Sweet yeeeeey πŸ˜€

My best friend Dodo is trying to learn how to cook for her husband lol so she’s trying it on us, me & her family! It tastes good and I took the whole jar with me to work πŸ˜€

We also asked a friend of ours (Me & Chika) to make us Butterscotch Pancakes! Hers are the best in the country! She would like to remain anonymous for now πŸ˜› Thanx ya 7elwa ;*

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Noise! Noise! Noise!

*covers ears* even though almost the whole office is on vacation, it’s noissyyyy today :S I’m feeling the noise everywhere! I admit i slept really late last night watching TV Shows online and woke up early to continue watching the rest of episodes (talk of addiction) and now I can’t stand my own voice!!!! You know the voice of the pen dropping on the floor?! that is considered noise to me and it’s like my head is gonna explode!!! People coughing aaahhhh, like drums playing inside my ears!!!! I can’t take it!!!!

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