Phoenix-Arizona DustStorm

Just saw this on the news. Apparently, not only Kuwait suffers from duststorms, this time it attacked the USA, The State of Arizona to be precise in Phoenix. The news said that the state is not used to this kind of storms (e7na ta3awadna 😛 ).

I wonder how they’re feeling right now looking at the dust covering their furniture and doorsteps 😀 Poor guys, not used to such thing! Probably, they didn’t’ know how to act when they saw that storm coming. If anyone from the state reading this (Not you Expat), next time cover your doors and windows with wet towels 😀

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Flu Attack!

This is the second time I get the Flu this month!What is it with this weather?! It’s not even Winter yet and the flu is roaming around! And oh yeah, when does it attack? Just right before the stupid f****** weekend starts! Last night bugger! And now I feel sleepy, my body is aching, headache, can’t breath, can’t keep control on my runny nose and I’m wearing a red lipstick and people looking at me in a weird way! Okay I admit, I don’t wear it much and if I do I’ll look like a freak but what the hell?! Is it because I’m the only single girl in this company or what?!

Plz plz plz weather be a nice one and let Winter hit our doors! What’s making me better now is listening ot WATCHING this song! It’s full of energy and it gives you this boost …. That’s the only reason why I’m not snoozing right now! A dedication to my lovely readers :*

Waassssiiiiii Fedeta wallah :*

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