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Celebrating The National & Independence Day of Kuwait

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My Owl T-Shirt :)

My dear highschool friend Marawei got me this BEAUTIFUL Owl T-Shirt from the USA! The gurl knows how to make me smile 😀 I just love owls, I buy anything that has an owl on it or shaped as an owl!

It started as a tease by my family calling me “Saroo yal Owl” as in “Sarah yal boma” coz I hated to go out to gatherings or weddings! Basically, I hated big events & people 😛 so they used to call me like that but then I actually fell in love with this beautiful bird & started collecting stuff that has its picture on it! 😀

Jameeeeela 😉

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Phoenix-Arizona DustStorm

Just saw this on the news. Apparently, not only Kuwait suffers from duststorms, this time it attacked the USA, The State of Arizona to be precise in Phoenix. The news said that the state is not used to this kind of storms (e7na ta3awadna 😛 ).

I wonder how they’re feeling right now looking at the dust covering their furniture and doorsteps 😀 Poor guys, not used to such thing! Probably, they didn’t’ know how to act when they saw that storm coming. If anyone from the state reading this (Not you Expat), next time cover your doors and windows with wet towels 😀

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