Talise Spa Experience @JumeirahMB


Last Wednesday I stayed at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa for one night and it was a great experience. Loved everything from check in to check out. Before checking out, I put Jana to bed with her father and then headed to Talise Spa around 10 am. I managed to find a booking around 11am because I called them around 8pm the night before and they’ve informed me that it was closed. So I just went in there and tried to find a booking and I did, than to Carole who managed to squeeze me in ๐Ÿ™‚

The good thing about Talise Spa is that if you choose a 55 minutes treatment, you get to use the spa facilities all for free, like the Himalayan Salt room, Sauna room, Snow room, hydrotherapy pool and so many other rooms available in the the spa.

Now let me tell you about my experience from the moment I went inside til I left the place. I spent around 3hrs and trust me it wasn’t enough at all!


Carole from the Marketing department welcomed me with an infused cup of water and gave me a tour around the place. They also sell some great products at the spa.


Some of the products they sell.

The changing room with lockers looked so beautiful and elegant. Each locker has everything you need.


The chandelier


The showers


The changing rooms curtains are all hand painted. So beautiful.


I started my spa journey at the Himalayan Salt room which looked beyond relaxing and beautiful. I spent 30 minutes there and it wasn’t enough. I slept and it felt like I had a very long nap. The water beds were so comfy.


Then I stayed at the treatment by colours room for around 10 minutes and it was fun, I kept rocking the chair lol


After that I went to my treatment room where i had Balinese Massage. It was so good, and my specialist was really great and had strong hands. She recommended another treatment for me net time.

I liked how she knew what I did for a living from the pain in my body. From the very first 5 minutes she asked me “Are you a teacher?” And I was like “How did you know?” And she explained from the points of pain I’m feeling in my body.


After my so-relaxing massage, they took me to the relaxation room where they served me organic ginger tea with dried fruits.


The blue room where all the fun begins ๐Ÿ˜€


Cute chair ๐Ÿ™‚


The hydrotherapy pool. I loved it. It has many treatments for the waist, back, neck and thighs. I tried it for 10 minutes and it was so much fun.


Another treatment in the pool which I haven’t tried but nshallah next time.


The Sauna room, I stayed there for 10 minutes. I loved how they took care of everything. A person from the spa will take care of you from the moment you walk in til you get out and she’ll be around you if you need anything. She will come and tell you that your time is up if you tell her to come after 10 or 15 minutes. I asked her to come after 10 minutes and she did.


After that I went to the Steam room for 5 minutes and then off to the Snow room to cool my body. It was really cold but felt so good, 1 minute was more than enough.


The spa is really big and it has so many rooms.


This passage leads to the suites for couples which are really expensive.


Suite No. 1 has a Jacuzzi.


Suite No. 2 has a Himalayan Salt room

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Kyu Care Opens in Salmiya


I received a lovely customized invitation to enjoy a full day of pampering and fun at Kyu Care Salon. They’ve recently opened their 2nd branch in Salmiya after 8 years of great success in Aljahra. Yup, they were operating in Aljahra for 8 years and they still are. So many customers of Aljahra were unhappy of relocating hair stylists to Salmiya branch but all i can say their loss is our gain ๐Ÿ™‚

I went there around 2pm and got out around 5:00pm. I got introduced to the lovely Argentinean sister who were the owners with Iqbal Al-Ahmad but she wasn’t there. The sisters were very nice and sweet, they speak Arabic very good, so if you don’t know how to speak English you won’t get lost with them ๐Ÿ˜›

Marwa, one of the sisters’ daughters gave me a tour around the place, which was very decent in space and very relaxing in colors. The place has huge windows and you can feel the energy of the sun coming from everywhere which i liked very much.

I started with Thuraya the hair stylist, I told her that I hated the way my hair looked like and she told me she’ll take good care of it. She asked me if it was ok to cut a little bit from it and i gave her the green light to do whatever she wants to do. She dyed my hair, cut and gave me a natural look. I liked it alot, even my friend said that I looked different but in a natural way.

Then I went to do my nails with (I forgot her name) but she was very sweet and gentle with my sensitive flesh. I wanted to to nail art but i didn’t have that much time, it was getting late and i had to get back to Baby Jana. But i’m sure i’ll be going there very soon nshallah to try other treatments specially the facial that i wanted to try the most but time was short.

Thank you Madame Fatima & Alia for the lovely day and hope to see you soon โค

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PerfecTen Home NailSpa


Last week, I wanted to do my nails but wasn’t in the mood to go out not to mention trying to find someone to babysit Juju for a couple hours. So I looked through instagram searching for Home Nail Spas that come to your home and found few. Did my calls but all of them were full except for one who were willing to come around 7:30pm

@Perfectten_ were at doorsteps at 7:30pm. The lady came with a huge floral bag that had everything in it. I chose the Cuccio treatment which was really good and relaxing. The massage was just perfect and much needed. The service was really good and the lady was very friendly and nice.

Thank you for the great service.

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Eden Spa Experience at Harvey Nichols @The_Avenues


I was invited to the newly opened spa inside Harvey Nicholsย Eden Salon & Spaย to visit the place & try one of their treatments. I’ve heard alot about the salon before, everybody recommended it but I didn’t make time to try it.

I went yesterday afternoon to try their pedicure & manicure. The receptionist knew me before introducing myself, of course the timing of my appointment sold me out ๐Ÿ˜›

There was some food from Veranda cafe & fresh juices … delicious of course. Imagine having a day of relaxation while munching on these yummies ,,, what a day it was.

The treatment was very refreshing & relaxing for my feet & hands after a long day at work and a very exhausting week. The service was really good & the staff were very friendly & nice.

I’ve asked about their prices, they are somehow reasonable. I’d pay KD 16/- to enjoy a full hour of relaxation & joy.

Thank you Eden Spa & Harvey Nichols

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A Day of Pampering at Rola’s Beauty Lounge @RolasBL


I was invited to enjoy a day of pampering at Rola’s Beauty Lounge (Salon & Spa). They are located in Symphony Mall-2nd Floor. God knows how much I needed this day. Took Juju to my grandmother’s house & I left to Salmiya to relax & enjoy my day, and I did ๐Ÿ™‚

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Pretty Petals Nail Spa

I tend to try almost every nail spa that opens in the country. I love pampering myself & I also love trying new places. A couple of days ago I was in Jabriya & came across this fancy name (Pretty Petals Nail Spa) so I decided to give them a visit & took my aunt with me ๐Ÿ™‚

The place was very relaxing & quiet. The staff were very friendly & helpful. The decoration was amazing, loved every corner of the spa. Even the mini kitchen was so cute.

My aunt & I chose the petal treatment. She went with Citrus & I chose Vanilla with Plum. Elma & Joy worked on both our hands & feet, they were very professional & they were asking us about every single detail. They wouldn’t do anything before letting us know in advance.

The prices were verrrry reasonable unlike other nail spas.

And if you want a foot massage, you have to let Elma do it for you, my god she was amazzzzzzing, she knew about the places that needed massage in my feet & worked on them very hard, it was kinda painful but very relaxing. Good thing my aunt was driving ๐Ÿ˜›

Pretty Petals Nail Spa is located in Jabriya block 1 next to Zero Degrees & The Dragon Japanese Restaurant.

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Nailtini Rip OFF Experience

Yesterday, I went toย Nailtiniย for the 1st time because the nail spa i always go to was closed and because this one was the closest to my house. Let me tell you what a rip off experience i had . . . Everything was perfect, the treatment, the lady who did my nails was an expert, the coloring, the mood, everything was perfect except for that they charge their customers for everything . . . literary for everything which made me feel it was a cheap move from the nail spa.

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Nails & Co Pampering

A couple of days ago I was really tired & i needed some pampering & relaxing. Been wanting to try Nails & Co for ages but time hasn’t been on my side lately. Thank god they have a branch in Mishref. Called them, set an appointment & headed there around 7:30pm. The place was hidden inside the cosmetic centre & it was very small, so tiny & white. I loved it, coz I was being pampered alone & felt the space was all mine, watching The Smurfs & chatting with one of the employees there ๐Ÿ™‚

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Relaxing At Six Senses Spa

I didn’t have any plans for today & I didn’t want to stay home in this lovely weather! I just wanted to go out. Many places came on mind but then I thought “why not have a relaxing-joyful-day atย Six Senses Spaย located at Missoni Hotel. Called them, booked my session (De-Stress Massage) at 4:30pm and went there around 4pm ๐Ÿ™‚

You go outside to the pool area & from there you head to the spa . . . just passing by the pool in this lovely weather infront of The Arabian Gulf is so relaxing & soothing.

The lovely staff welcomed me & gave me a very delicious water mixed with mint, lemon & i think apple! They gave me a tour around the spa, introduced me to the spa’s sections & then asked me to change my clothes & wait for someone to get me.

A very smiley lady came to me & showed me the way to my room, she was very nice & gentle. Mantana was her name & she’s from Thailand! She asked me wether i want the massage Light, Medium or Firm. I asked medium to firm but after the first press on my back i asked her to stick to medium ๐Ÿ˜›

Her hands were very soft & relaxing, the music& the atmosphere of the room too. I really loved my De-Stress massage. Pricey though (KD 30/-) but I’d go there again for sure ๐Ÿ˜€

The delicious water

The waiting/relaxing area

You can enjoy reading magazines while waiting or after finishing your treatment

Lockers & changing room

You get a robe, towel & slippers



Grooming area

Steam Room

Sauna Room

heading to my room

inside the room

Relaxation time; Ginger tea & a piece of dessert! Very yummy

Cute tea pot ๐Ÿ™‚

You can enjoy some of their cocktails

& you can check out their products & buy them

Thank you Mantana, you were awesome :*

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Fish Nail Spa Now Open

Finally, sm1 brought those hungry fish from the far east (i guess) to K-Town. I first tried them back in 2009 in Malaysia, where I started laughing hysterically and made everybody watch me and laugh with me LOL! Dad got angry and tried to shut my mouth but honestly, I just couldnt control myself! I tried it later again in Singapore last February in a very elegant spa inside Marina Bay Sands Mall.

Check them on:ย FaceBook

Or try the place located in Jabriya, across Pinkberry & Starbucks

I’ll make sure to try them out soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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