Ramadan Ghabgas & I

I used to be a not very social person, at all. I used to hate family gatherings, weddings, receptions, ramadan ghabgas etc. but lately I started fancying those events & enjoying them to the max, probably because I started seeing life in a different way after marriage? maybe!

When there’s a ghabga, a wedding, a reception you’ll see me the 1st one who wants to attend these events. Meeting new people, chatting with them about various subjects, getting to know new information from numerous conversations & sometimes gossiping ๐Ÿ˜›

Oh & I used to hate wearing dara3as, but now I’m thinking of owning more than 2 for every Ramadan coz I started to be more active socially ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank youย Noonย for the lovely ghabga :*

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Mind Your Business Society

Society, society, society! Why everything in this society is a shame (fashla,3aib), not good! What would people think? Who cares what the people think about you! I’ve been always told, Swera don’t do this, don’t do that . . . people will talk! Well let them talk if that’s gonna make them happy! As long as I know who I am, how I’ve been raised & what I’m doing is not wrong, then the hell with them! Even if it was my own family!

I have one of my aunts who always tells me, do whatever you want but be careful coz people might talk! The other one goes crazy and says “NO NO NO”! (shegoloon 3lena ennas)! She’d be worried about what people would say!

Life is really really too short! That’s what I tell them, I’ve already lost my mother & the will in this life, so whatever I do is my business, I don;t give a F**** about what people would say If i did this or that! Why do I have to care from the beginning?!

I remember I did smth really crazy but smhow it was fun the past couple of days! I did it and there was a huge smile on my face! and I haven’t told anyone because I’m waiting for the right moment! but when I opened my mouth to my sis about it, she replied: “Omg Sarah when will you ever grow up? You’re crazy”! See, my younger sister is a typical SOCIETY girl! I knew she’d say smth like that! Probably, I was the one who was born with no brains I guess! P.S. I promise if that happens I’ll share it with you guys ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh and there’s another this costume party coming on December (probably) and I’m thinking about this certain look, that I’m dying to do and just storm the party and shock my friends with it! I tell my sister and she says one word: “WHORE”! Yes she told me that straight to my face, that I’ll look like a whore! I’ve tried explaining to her the concept and that it’s not even close to being a whore but she wouldn’t listen!

How am I going to change my sister’s mind? I’ve been trying forever now! That whatever people would say is meaningless, as long as we’re happy doing what we wanna do!

Mind your business SOCIETY! As long as I’m not hurting you in any way, then shut the f*** up and live your lives without tilting your heads toward other people’s lives!

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