Good Night Drink


I’ve received 4 cans of Good Night drink from @GoodNightArabia and @Ghaliah to introduce me to this new drink hitting our K-Town. The drink doesn’t make you sleep, it makes your sleep relaxed. I’ve tried it the first day and didn’t feel anything, but on the second day, I felt my sleep was more relaxed and good,,,lately i’ve been having troubles in my sleep, so this one helped a bit.

The taste isn’t bad, it’s like a fruity soda…This drink has a plant in its ingredients that helps you be more relaxed, it doesn’t make you sleep (again). And it might help you and it might not help you, depends on your body.

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Sleep Easily With Dream Water


Ever since I’ve started working, I had trouble sleeping. I got used to sleeping late at night & waking up around 10 or 11 am. So it was very difficult getting myself to sleep early. I kept on staying late at night til 2am & waking up around 6am. Even when I come back home around 1:30 pm exhausted, I don’t get my afternoon nap because I wanna sleep early. It didn’t work at all.

I received an email from the distributors of  Dream Water in Kuwait to try the product. I so wanted to try it because my body started to get very tired from the lack of sleep. I received 2 bottles the very next day & I tried it immediately.

I drank the first bottle around 9pm which was very wrong. I took it very early & Juju wasn’t even in the mood to sleep. So around 9;45pm I started feeling very sleepy & wanted to sleep very badly but Juju wouldn’t go to bed & when I forced her to sleep she started crying very loud & I became very agitated. I couldn’t open my eyes & she kept on crying. I finally was able to put my head on my pillow around 12am & couldn’t remember when I snoozed.

I took the 2nd bottle the next day around 10pm but I had the same dilemma, Juju wouldn’t sleep early & she kept on crying. around 10:45 I became very sleepy & at 11:15pm I was able to sleep peacefully.

My review about Dream Water: It helped me sleep better & peacefully not like before turning from side to side trying to sleep. Yesterday, I slept around 11:30pm without drinking it & woke up 7:30am (in the weekend 😛 ). I’m gonna try to sleep this weekend without drinking the water & hopefully my sleep will be organized.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, try drinking Dream Water & see if it can help you.

Dream Water is available at AlKindy Pharmacy & it’s authorized & approved from the Ministry of Health.

You can order Dream Water for delivery 12 bottles for KD 21 including delivery. Call 66011670

Instagram @DreamWaterQ8

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