Zain Trip To Alhamra Tower

Remember school trips when we used to ride un-air conditioned buses but still we had fun? Zain made us remember those good old days but with a fine air conditioned bus 😛

The aim behind this trip is to introduce us to their new branch which will open soon nshallah in Alhamra Tower. It’s supposed to be a luxury branch where you’ll see new screens that are not available in Kuwait & other new facilities will be available at this branch & will be added to the other branches.

We left Zain Head Office around 2:30pm with Mr. Mohmd Almuhaini being our Tour Guide, accompanied by a DJ inside the bus. The first song was “drewelna 3ash 3ash” lol 😛 That was a good start 😉

Then they distributed snack boxes which turned out to be very useful after the long tour inside the tour in this hot weather.

Now, let’s have a tour inside Alhamra Tower & introduce you to Zain’s new luxury branch 😉

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X Seed 4000 . . . For Real @@?!

I don’t know if i will be alive to witness the opening of this massive tall building but it seems that they’re working on it! As they say, the structure of the building has been finished and they expect the opening of the building in 2110 (allah ya36eena el3omer nshallah :P)

The X-Seed 4000 is the tallest building ever fully envisioned, meaning that the designs for construction have been completed. The idea was initially created and developed by Peter Neville.

The X-Seed 4000 “is never meant to be built,” says Georges Binder, managing director of Buildings & Data, a firm which compiles data banks on buildings worldwide. “The purpose of the plan was to earn some recognition for the firm, and it worked.”

Its proposed 4000m (2.485 miles) height, 6 km (3.728 miles) wide sea-base, and 800 floor capacity could accommodate five hundred thousand to one million inhabitants.

It was designed for Tokyo, Japan by the Taisei Corporatiom in 1995 as a futuristic environment combining ultra-modern living and interaction with nature.

Unlike conventional skyscrapers, the X-Seed 4000 would be required to actively protect its occupants from considerable air pressure gradations and weather fluctuations along its massive elevation. Its design calls for the use of solar power to maintain internal environmental conditions. Also, the proposed area is situated on The Pacific Ring of Fire, which is the most active volcano range in the world so XSEED 4000 would be subject to tsunamis and earthquakes.

A sea-based location and a Mount Fiji shape are some of this building’s other major design features — the real Mount Fuji is land-based and is 3776 m (1.725 miles) high, nearly 224 m shorter than X-Seed 4000. The X- SEED 4000 is projected to be twice the height of the Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid at 2004 m, this structure could be complete by 2110 which leaves a date for the X-Seed 4000 possible in the 22nd or 23rd century and maybe a project on such a scale as the terraforming of planets like Mars and Venus. Other projects that may be in the top five man made structures are the Dubai City Tower (2400m)and the Bionic Tower (1128m) in either Hong Kong or Shanghai These structures will be in Asia.

Some estimate that the cost to construct the X-Seed 4000 structure may be somewhere between US$300–900 billion, in 2006 dollars ($324 billion–$972 billion in 2010).

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