Loom Bracelets Time with Baby Jana


On the week of Mother’s Day, Jana & I received a gift from Fantasy World. Once Jana saw the wrapped gift she started singing Happy Birthday 😛

When I opened it I was surprised to find that it was Loom Bracelet Mega Kit. To be honest, I didn’t think it was suitable for Jana’s age and I myself don’t know how to use it.

I googled some youtube tutorials and from there I picked up the basics and sat with Jana on Saturday morning to do just one bracelet.

It took us around 40 minutes to do that mini bracelet you can see in the pictures below 😀 but I loved the time Jana & I spent together putting that bracelet together. It wasn’t easy at first but later it got easier.

I’ll be doing a bracelet every Saturday or Friday morning with Baby Jana 😀

Thank you @FantasyWorldToys

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Hong Kong Round 2


The last stop in our one month trip was in Hong Kong. Because we were flying with Cathay Pacific, our regular transit would be in Hong Kong. My husband suggested that we stay a couple of nights there but I wasn’t keen on it but I said yes because he wanted it. The reason i didn’t want to stay there because I was so broke, beyond poor and didn’t have any money to spend after leaving California 😛 So why stay in a city where you can’t spend some money, right? And the weather in the city isn’t for walking or doing outdoors adventures, the humidity was so overwhelming that sometimes I felt I couldn’t breath :/

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get to try something new. Well, there was this French Cafe/Restaurant that has recently opened in Harbour City which is just few steps away from our hotel. I’ve always wanted to try the flower ice cream but of course I have to travel to France first. Not in Hong Kong because France was there 😛 We searched for the cafe and it wasn’t that difficult to find in this huge mall. It’s called Le Cafe de Joel Rebuchon (Too difficult to memorise). And I got my flowery ice cream 😀

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The Grove-Los Angeles


One of the last places we visited in Los Angeles was an open mall called The Grove. It’s an open area with lots of greens and a fountain facing most of the cafes and restaurants. It has a mini park where you can see some people doing some stunts or moves or whatever you want to call them. When we were there, we saw 2 Chinese men throwing lemons and cutting them in the air with a sword. The audience enjoyed it, they were cheering and clapping for them. Also you can find a very beautiful and fancy store called The American Girl. I’ve actually haven’t heard about it before until I saw the the place, went inside and explored it. It’s actually a dolls store that has a cafe, beauty salon and furniture shop, all for the American Dolls. There are lots of American characters; Julie, Samantha, Sage etc. All were so beautiful and real. Girls inside the store were having so much fun, I was only wishing that Juju was old enough to see this stuff and enjoy it as the girls in the store, but i think she’ll be old enough without me noticing it anytime soon 😛

At the end or maybe at the beginning of the market there’s a Farmer’s Market, this one is really huge not as the one you see on the streets that happened once a month. This one is there and it doesn’t closes. Whatever you want you can find it there. We weren’t very hungry so we didn’t get to try anything from the place we enjoyed walking around the place and exploring the mini stores. Check it out, it’s fun 🙂

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Pier 39-San Francisco- California


We ended our day in San Francisco in Pier 39 which is a famous area and the centre of everything. The whole action is there. You want to have a bite, you can have it there, a snack is there, cafes, restaurants desserts and bakeries are all there. You want to buy a souvenir you can also buy it from there. So many activities, movie theatre, cruises, shows, mazes and so much more. You can spend your whole day there without feeling bored.

I feel that we didn’t stay that long in this area and didn’t explore it that much, but our visit was okay. Maybe next time when we head to the USA, we must plan few days in San Fran to finish everything. The place is huge and CROWDED. You can hardly find a place to sit in so if you want to have lunch, make sure to eat around 1 or 2pm because around 3 or 4pm, the place becomes crowded.

“PIER 39 is a 45-acre waterfront complex that is a gathering place for millions of San Francisco locals and visitors. In addition to its 14 full-service restaurants, 90+ shops and popular attractions, PIER 39 is home to a 5-acre waterfront park and a 300-berth marina. PIER 39 is known for its spectacular views of San Francisco Bay including the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge and Alcatraz, as well as the world famous California sea lions hauled out on K-Dock.”

Check their website for more information Pier 39

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Irvine Spectrum-Los Angeles


Irvine Spectrum was one of the places that we enjoyed visiting in California. It’s near long beach, not that far. So when you’re done with Queen Mary & Fox-trot Submarine, you can head to Irvine to spend the night there and enjoy your time.

One thing I didn’t like about the place was the people residing there, they were all of the Arabian Gulf. I swear it was as if I was visiting Dubai or Kuwait. Full Khalijis, which I kinda avoid when I go on vacation. I like to see new people, new faces, hear a new language, be introduced to other cultures.

So avoid this place in summer if you don’t want to meet your neighbour but visit it if you’re going in a different season. The place is really amazing, the decoration, the shops, restaurants, cafes and it also has a cinema. Full entertainment! I loved it.

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Chiara Ferragni Look Alike Kids Loafers


I’ve written about this account before and I’m still writing and will always write. It’s an instagram account that I enjoy looking at and exploring the new goods posted everyday. Remember Juju’s Birkin which I bought for her last year in Eid? Read Post and this year’s Juju’s Gerge’an outfit along with the head peace were from the same account Read Post. And this Eid I got Juju these Chiara Ferragni’s look alike loafers 😀 Aren’t they cute? Wallah I’m in love, I can’t wait for Juju to wear them.

I woke up around 3pm and as always, I tend to check instagram once I open my eyes in bed, I was scrolling down and voila, so many Chiara Ferragni loafers for babies and toddlers 🙂 I immediately contacted the sweet lady and asked her to deliver them today before futoor asap and she did 😀 I’m so happy, I just love dressing Juju with the latest trends.

You can check her account and order from her @cristeaux

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Atyab Almarshoud Ramadan Gift


A couple of days ago, I received  a very nice and so-elegant Ramadan Gift from Atyab Almarshoud and Ghaliah Technology. I was very happy just looking at it because it lots and lots of goodies (our, bukhoor etc).

Everybody knows Atyab Almarshoud, I really don’t have to mention who they are and how long they’ve been in the market or so> Their goods are really good. So if you’re looking for a decent, elegant and beautiful Ramadan gift for your loved ones, head to Atyab Almarshoud and choose one, they have a variety of Ramadan gifts.

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Thikrayati Kuwaiti Baby Album


Last week, I received an e-mail from a lady introducing me to her home business which is a Kuwaiti Baby Album called Thikrayati (My Memories). I instantly fell in love with it and with all the details it had. I ordered one for Juju because still I didn’t arrange Juju’s pictures in albums and this was the perfect one for certain memories.

It has about the baby’s reception, first day at home, gerge’an, first outfit eid, hair cut etc. and it also has about the mommy when she was pregnant and after she gave birth etc. It’s so beautiful but it has only 1 down point. I found it a lil bit small, I mean it needed more pages, just to add more memories, but all in all, it’s the perfect gift for a newborn, and it’s only for KD 20/-

Follow her on instagram @Thikrayati_kw

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Chiara Ferragni Maleficent Shoes


I’m in love ❤

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Provence Event by L’Occitane


A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a private event by TheSideTalk to attend a night filled with beautiful essence and organic food at L’occitane-Tanagra Alfanar.

The door of the store was decorated with a beautiful country bicycle, lavender and yellow flowers. I loved the entrance very much, felt like I was in a country side not in an actual mall. As I entered the store, the aroma hit me. All of you who use L’occitane products know how aromatic their products are, how they smell so good and make you relaxed.

The was a variety of organic food, healthy fresh juices and other delights. We were offered a hand massage and also we had the opportunity to discover our essence that relates to our personality. The event was so relaxing, I really enjoyed it because it was quiet and serene.

Thank you for the lovely night :*

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L’Occitane Monthly Beauty Box


This month it’s cherry Blossom

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Elie Tahari Official Opening-360 Mall


On the day of Valentine, I was invited to attend the official opening of Elie Tahari store located at 360Mall. I’ve always fancied his brand. So elegant, chic and classic. It suits almost every event. Whether you want something casual for work or chic for evening, you’ll find it there. I’ve owned a couple of pairs of  shows which I loved so much and wore so many times, very comfy.

Drop them a visit if you’re looking for some colourful outfits. The new collection is really nice.

Thank you for the invitation and the red flower.

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