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I’m really excited for this academic new year because of my cool stuff for school that my dear friend Jacqui designed for me :*

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Juju’s First Day In Pre-School @Be_a_beekw


Everybody kept nagging on my head to register Juju in a pre-school  but I’ve always been hesitant or afraid of keeping her with people I don’t know. I kept on wondering, how will they treat her, feed her or clean for her. I mean these are the most important things that every mother care about and I didn’t want to worry about them all day. BUT I convinced myself that it’s time for Juju to go to school because she started to become shy & she wasn’t like this before and also get scared of some strangers.

I dropped Be A Bee Preschool a visit which is located in Hitteen (near our house) and got to meet the ladies in charge & Juju’s soon-to-be teacher Miss Ama (American). They explained everything to me, the curriculum, things she’ll be doing, trips she’ll be going to, open days, what she’ll start to recognise (like her name) and so on. Also they’ve told me that they offer 2 meals for the kids (Breakfast & Lunch), they even gave me the menu. They change for the kids and keep them clean all the time. The whole place is monitored by cameras and the screen is in the entrance so that every parent can come in and check on his/her kid anytime. I didn’t have a reason to say no, so I registered Juju and the big day came.

Waking her up early in the morning around 7am was a huge hassle, she kept crying and screaming. Changing her clothes was like a fight and I wasn’t in the mood to do that so early in the morning, beside I had my job to hurry to. The first day was miserable, she kept crying inside the nursery and screaming, My heart was aching seeing her like that. I didn’t want to leave but Miss Ama asked me nicely to leave the nursery because it will make the whole situation worse. I told her I want to stay at least for the assembly but she said no 😦

I went to my work with tears on my face. I could’t concentrate at all and I had to correct exams. Guess what? I only corrected 1 page because my head wasn’t into it. 2nd day (today) was much better, she cried when she saw the school but I dropped her and went straight to work. I called the school later on and they told me that she stopped crying and that she’s enjoying her time but she does act as if she’s crying sometimes *spoiled* 😛

I receive daily reports about her day; what she ate, when did she go to the toilet (change for her) and what time did she take a nap and so on! Also they gave me a newsletter of what they’ll be doing in November. The menu of her food and the schedule of her classes. I’m getting comfortable with the whole idea of Juju being in pre-school 🙂

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