Retro Salon at 360 Mall


A couple of months ago, I was shopping at 360 Mall when I suddenly saw a newly opened salon that is divided into 2 parts, one for nails and the other is for hair and other stuff. So I said to myself “why not pamper myself a bit and try their service” good thing they had a free spot for my tired nails ๐Ÿ˜€

I loved everything about the place, from the service, to the quality of their tools, and their prices were reasonable. I advise you to try their their services. The seats were very comfy and really wide. As if you are sitting at home.







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Pearl Salon Services


A couple of weeks ago, I visited Pearl Salon located behind Mogul Mahal restaurant. They invited me to visit their newly opened salon and try some of their services.

I went their early in the morning (love mornings) and it was really beautiful. The whole place is decorated in white and a lil bit of light grey. I love white, it gives the place a lovely vibe, and you feel more relaxed sitting their and being pampered.

I tried their ginger hair treatment which was really good. The smell and the texture of my hair afterwards was really nice. Also the pedi and meni was good. They have a separated place for pedicure and menicure with some of greens for your eyes to enjoy and a tv to keep you occupied. Their massage was verrry nice.

Thank you Pearl Salon for the lovely time and I hope you keep up the good work forever.

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Night Out in Omorfia Salon


The owners of Omorfia Salon arranged for a night out in their place for me and my friends (Pinkgirl & Danderma). As we arrived, we saw a beautiful door coloured in blue. And when we entered, the whole place isย decorated as if you are in Mykonos, a Greek Island. All white & blue with a lil bit of pink. The owner welcomed us to her salon, she showed us the way around the place and what they offer or do in the salon. They’re still working on other treatments which will be added soon.

We drank our blueish welcome drinks and then we started our hair treatment. Mine was with collagen with gave my hair some texture & it looked really nice. Then we had a manicure, I chose lavender & 6yob chose ice cream, both smelled really nice and we enjoyed the treatment very much.

The food and drinks kept coming tip the very end of the night and we loved everything about the food and the place. I wish you all the best dear Abrar & we’ll be seeing you soon nshallah.

Omorfia is located in Jabriya, the same building as Alkindy Pharmacy and this is their instagram account @OmorfiaKW

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Kyu Care Opens in Salmiya


I received a lovely customized invitation to enjoy a full day of pampering and fun at Kyu Care Salon. They’ve recently opened their 2nd branch in Salmiya after 8 years of great success in Aljahra. Yup, they were operating in Aljahra for 8 years and they still are. So many customers of Aljahra were unhappy of relocating hair stylists to Salmiya branch but all i can say their loss is our gain ๐Ÿ™‚

I went there around 2pm and got out around 5:00pm. I got introduced to the lovely Argentinean sister who were the owners with Iqbal Al-Ahmad but she wasn’t there. The sisters were very nice and sweet, they speak Arabic very good, so if you don’t know how to speak English you won’t get lost with them ๐Ÿ˜›

Marwa, one of the sisters’ daughters gave me a tour around the place, which was very decent in space and very relaxing in colors. The place has huge windows and you can feel the energy of the sun coming from everywhere which i liked very much.

I started with Thuraya the hair stylist, I told her that I hated the way my hair looked like and she told me she’ll take good care of it. She asked me if it was ok to cut a little bit from it and i gave her the green light to do whatever she wants to do. She dyed my hair, cut and gave me a natural look. I liked it alot, even my friend said that I looked different but in a natural way.

Then I went to do my nails with (I forgot her name) but she was very sweet and gentle with my sensitive flesh. I wanted to to nail art but i didn’t have that much time, it was getting late and i had to get back to Baby Jana. But i’m sure i’ll be going there very soon nshallah to try other treatments specially the facial that i wanted to try the most but time was short.

Thank you Madame Fatima & Alia for the lovely day and hope to see you soon โค

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A Day of Pampering at Rola’s Beauty Lounge @RolasBL


I was invited to enjoy a day of pampering at Rola’s Beauty Lounge (Salon & Spa). They are located in Symphony Mall-2nd Floor. God knows how much I needed this day. Took Juju to my grandmother’s house & I left to Salmiya to relax & enjoy my day, and I did ๐Ÿ™‚

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Fish Nail Spa Now Open

Finally, sm1 brought those hungry fish from the far east (i guess) to K-Town. I first tried them back in 2009 in Malaysia, where I started laughing hysterically and made everybody watch me and laugh with me LOL! Dad got angry and tried to shut my mouth but honestly, I just couldnt control myself! I tried it later again in Singapore last February in a very elegant spa inside Marina Bay Sands Mall.

Check them on:ย FaceBook

Or try the place located in Jabriya, across Pinkberry & Starbucks

I’ll make sure to try them out soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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Me Time Spa; Stupid Policy

I always go to Nail Station, like always, I’m a regular customer and deeply madly in love with them their service, their prices and how friendly they are with you! Today I hit the road around 10 am, did my hair in one of the lousy salons but they’re good then headed to Nail Station only to find it fully booked! Marlin tried her best to squeeze me in but she couldn’t! Anyways, my next choice was Nail It, heard good reviews about it! so from Salmiya to Hawally and guess what?! The whole mall is closed and no lights are in?! It’s like the mall has been evacuated and the salon is ofcourse closed! oofffff Then I think of Me Time and head to the avenues! I hv to do my nails! i hv a party tonight and my friend is picking me up around 2 pm to hit the road to Bnaider!

Guess what again?! I don;t hv an appointment and am not allowed to enter?! WTF?! seriously?! I tell the receptionist who had this attitude like im nothing! Okay i admit i looked like crap but thats not the way you treat customers!

Me: there’s only one customer inside.

Rec: you hv to hv an appointment.

Me: i can see no one is inside!!!!!

Rec: 2 customers are coming.

Me: *question mark on my face*

You gotta be kidding me, a nail salon situated in a huge mall can only handle 3 customers at a time?! what kidn of bullshit is that?! It’s either the whole management hv this attitude or it can only handle 3 customers at a time!

And from what I can see, it can handle 4 for full treatment and other 4 for half treatment!

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