Darh Haa Ramadan Neqsa


Thank you @Darhaa_Kw





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Ramadan Kareem from Au Nom De La Rose


Ramadan Kareem

Thank you Au Nom De La Rose



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Gerge’an Outfit for Jana by @Fatma_Al_Ateeqi


A couple of years ago, Jana received her first Gerge’an outfit from @Unique_By_Fatma Previous Post. It looked so beautiful and elegant on Juju, detailed and had all the essentials. Now this year, we also received a gerge’an outfit for Jana and it looked even more and more beautiful and elegant (P.S. I still have the first outfit stored). The band, the bag, a braclet and not to mention the outfit itself. A new character made just for Fatma Al-Ateeqi brand called Chakleeta which means candy but it’s referred to a girl.

I loved everything about the outfit, the colours and the fabric are so vibrant and suits kids just fine. She really knows how to design outfits for girls.

Check her account for further clothes and other things @Fatma_Al_Ateeqi







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Atyab Almarshoud Ramadan Gift


A couple of days ago, I received  a very nice and so-elegant Ramadan Gift from Atyab Almarshoud and Ghaliah Technology. I was very happy just looking at it because it lots and lots of goodies (our, bukhoor etc).

Everybody knows Atyab Almarshoud, I really don’t have to mention who they are and how long they’ve been in the market or so> Their goods are really good. So if you’re looking for a decent, elegant and beautiful Ramadan gift for your loved ones, head to Atyab Almarshoud and choose one, they have a variety of Ramadan gifts.

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Thank You @PinkGirlBlog


A couple of days ago, my dear and sweet friend passed by to give me something. An Arabic Coffee Cup with my name written on it. The cup is sooo beautiful and cute, I don’t know whether to keep it as a memory or use it. And i’m thinking of getting the whole set with my family names (husband, daughter etc.)

Thank You 6ayooooba manen7eremsh ya 3sal :*

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The Gerge’an Party


Last week marked the 1st Gerge’an party for Juju. She attended her 1st party and nshallah it won’t be the last one.

Juju loves people, she always keeps on yelling at them in malls and restaurants with a huge smile but on that day she got scared a bit. Because it was very crowded and all in one place. She kept on holding my neck as if saying “plz don’t leave me” hehe but once the actions started, she started yelling and laughing ,,, and also dancing😀

The party was really nice, friends of the family hosted it and it was great. Lots of activities, presents and yummy food:)

I used to attend Gerge’an parties every year but this one was very special,,,Juju is now with me and children sang for her : ) ya5ty😛

Our theme was flowers/garden and I’m already thinking of next year’s theme:) It was lots of fun and i bet Juju will enjoy it more next year as she will be older and will comprehend things better.

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Gerge’an Treasure


Every year one of our family members host a Gerge’an party/gathering where kids enjoy lots of candy and chocolate. I will post about the party later on nshallah but here’s a preview of what O’ve received as gerge’an favors😀

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The Making of Jana’s Gerge’an


Anyone living in Kuwait knows that Gerge’an favors became a habba long time ago. It’s now part of our tradition, every mother prepares Gerge’an (candy boxes) favors to her family and friends in Ramadan. Some people tend to exaggerate and others do cute stuff depending on every mother’s budget. Mine wasn’t that good but I managed to do a cute chic Gerge’an favors, after all she’s my 1st and this is her 1st Gerge’an:)

Thanks to Ministry of Education, my salary came out very late (27th of June) but thank god I managed to do everything in 3 weeks. My budget was KD 150 but it reached KD 170 something like that. I did 75 favors which was alot because I was preparing a quantity for a Gerge’an party which I will post about it soon nshallah but I don’t think next year I will participate in any parties, very costly lol😛

Remember Juju’s Gerge’an Outfit? Well, I wanted her Gerge’an favors to match her outfit and mine too, call me a freak but I wanted this year to be special😀

Anyways, I went to Baya’a Alward in Hawally (everybody knows the place) and searched for mini water pots. Found them for KD1/-😀 bought them with matching ribbons and stuff.

Then I went to Blokat (fabric market) and searched for the same fabric, I only found one place that sells the same fabric and got the last meters:/ then I got some fabric for me to create a matching darra3a😀 My darra3a’s cost was around KD 14😛

Everything turned out to be perfect el7mdella, it was very exhausting but totally worth and everything documented by pictures. When Juju grows older she will know she was/is a special child😀

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مسلسلات رمضان العربيه

من فترة قررت اني اوقف اشوف المسلسلات الخليجيه لانها الصراحه ماقامت اشدني كلش. سيناريو واحد و ضيقة خلق و بجي و لوعه مالها معنى، ماكو شي جديد، غير الدراما المصريه.
بديت اتابع مسلسلات مصريه فيها قصه حلوه و تشوف لدرجة اني اقعد افكر بالحلقه طول اليوم احاول اعرف شنو راح يصير بالحلقه اللي وراها. السنه اللي طافت تابعت (مع سبق الاصرار) و كانت روعه مسلسل و سيناريو و تمثيل ماعليه كلام بس النهاية كانت مالها معنى!
هالسنه متابعه (نيران صديقه)و (القاصرات).
اتكلم اول شي عن (نيران صديقة). مسلسل غامض بشكل مو طبيعي. في مسلسلات تقدر تخمن شنو راح يصير بعدين بس هالمسلسل غريب ماني قادره استوعب ليلحين شنو اللي خلاهم يكرهون بعض! طبعا القصه عن ٦ اصدقاء كانت علاقتهم قويه بس صار شي و فرقهم! الكتاب له دخل بس شلون؟! طبعا اهو طابعه شوي اجنبي و ماخذين من مسلسل (بريتي ليتل لايرز) سالفة تدزز المسجات انه في واحد يعرف شنو صار بينهم و انه راح يفضحهم اذا ماسووا اللي يبيه! اغلب الشخصيات تعور القلب باللي صارلها بس اللي يسوونه يخليكم تكرونهم! انا  حاليا كارهه مدحت احسه حقير و غيور و قلبه اسود و حابه رأفت و نهال مساكين. ننطر و نشوف شنو راح يصير بالحلقات اليايه.
مسلسل (القاصرات) جريء بشكل مو طبيعي و في لقطات و ايحاءات جدا مالها معنى خصوصا احنا برمضان و كانوا يقدرون يستغنون عن هذي المشاهد . يتكلم عن الريف المصري و شلون يزوجون بناتهم الصغار حق شايب عايب بس ليش عنده فلوس و يعيشهم عيشه هنيه و الاهل مايفكرون في بناتهم و مشاعرهم او شنو راح يصير لهم! هالشايب كان متزوج ثنتين مبار من قبل بس طلقهم و بدا يتزوج صغار على ١١ او ١٢ سنه! حاليا متزوج ثنتين و الثالثه ماتت بليلة عرسها و الحين بيتزوج بعد بس هذي امها سكندرانيه ملسونه و واقفه بويه ريلها ماتبي تزوجها. المسلسل له شخصيات ثانيه لهم قصص ايضا تتكلم عن الواقع. جريء بس بديت امل شوي من الاحداث المتكرره. بنطر و اشوف شنو واح يصير
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Teachers Ramadan Ghabga (Gathering)


The best thing I came out with from teaching is the salary lol (JK) It’s the teachers that I work with. They’re much better than the ones I worked with 8 years ago. The ones I work with now are really friendly, polite, respect everyone and they are fun and active. You can talk to them, share with them your likes and dislikes and all that jazz.

Yesterday, our dear teacher Miss Lulwa hosted a ghabga at her apartment where she gathered us all again but outside the school’s doors😛 Miss Lulu is leaving this year on September to UK to complete her post graduate studies so she won’t be with us for a whole year … We will miss u Miss Lulu and your place will be empty (not literally) I will be sitting on her desk😀 for next year only😉

The ghabga was kinda modern, not the traditional one but definitely a beautiful cozy one. We talked and gossiped about school ofcourse and ate delicious desserts as you can see in the pictures.

Pistachio Rose Cake from The blue Bakery. Verrry delicious, really good and you can feel the rose taste in your tongue. Loved it. Instagram @TheBlueBakery

Raja2i dessert from Caramel Bakery. Was very good but kinda heavy, so a lil bite will be good and it’s good for 6 to 8 persons. Instagram @Caramel_Kuwait

Banoffee Trifel from J’s Bakery. It was ok. Not that wow but ok. Also good for 6 persons. You can order it from Talabt.com

Thank you Om Khaloodie for the wonderful Ghabga and wish you all the best in your life :*

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Thank You @Bonne_Bouche


Yesterday, I received a delicious box of chocolate mini cakes from @Bonne_Bouche (instagram). They’ve arrived hot and fresh, moist and delicious and with a Ramadan gift (Nef9a).

The packaging was good with mini cups and spoons. Perfect for your parties and ghabgas (Ramadan Gathering).

Very delicious and not pricy at all. You can check their instagram account and see what other things they have.

Thank you Bonne_Bouche:)

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AlRoudan Tournament Passport


How cool is this passport, ha?

It’s really beautiful and creative. A passport to pass or fly to all Alroudan Tournament events for this Ramadan 2013. I really loved the idea of personalizing a passport for people so they can attend the events held or organized by Alroudan.

You can get yours for KD45 if I’m not mistaken and you can attend all the events, football matches, meet famous players or football divas etc.

Thank you Alroudan Tournament & Senyar for the lovely passport.

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