Diet; Extreme Measures-Part 1


How many times did I post about diet, pills, exercising, diet plans blah blah blah?! I can’t even remember the topics I’ve written about but I know they were alot. After giving birth, my weight started going down so fast, I lost 10kgs in no time, but the extra 4kgs (total 14kgs pregnancy weight gained) wouldn’t go away, and my appetite started to grow & I think my stomach started to expand :/

I didn’t wanna lose it but I couldn’t help it & I was out of line & there was nothing/no one to stop me.

A diet account followed me on instagram back in March. I immediately checked it out & it turned out the account sells diet pills called Natural Max Slimming. Went to google & started my search, turned out many people used it & they’ve lost alot of weight.

If you don’t know me, then you should know that I’m not afraid of taking diet pills at all, as long as they help control my appetite. The pills turned out to be amazing, they stopped me from eating alot, controlled my appetite, oh & they made me forget about food 🙂 You take 1 pill in the morning & it will keep your appetite in its place up to 10/12 hrs. So if you take the pill 10am in the morning, you should go to bed around 10pm so you won’t lose it at night. That didn’t happen to me but it’s an extra advice. The pills also give you power & energy, which I’ve used in exercising 40/30 minutes on my home bicycle everyday.

Tomorrow I’m stopping the pills because I’m trying something new, which will be part 2. But I’ll go back to the pills again when I’m done with this new session i’m trying.

I’m not going to tell you how much I’ve lost now, after I complete 1 month I’ll let you know!

I got the pills for KD30 (50pills) but then I found out that there’s another account that sells them for KD20. If you’re interested in these pills check out the below account.


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Satiety; Saffron Diet Pills

We all watch Dr. Oz … I’m huge fan & love his show. That day I saw an episode about Saffron Extract Diet Pills. Those pills decrease your appetite with a happy mood 😀

Many times I took diet pills that made me depresses, angry, agitated, stressed etc. you name it, but those pills are supposed to do the opposite. They also decrease your desire for sugary snacks & enhances weight loss.

As I’m struggling now to lose the extra weight I put when I was pregnant (Til now I lost 9Kgs but my weight has stopped :/ ) so I felt the need to get those pills asap. Went to Hitteen Pharmacy & found the above pills, the box costs KD 19.500 which is the same price in

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Baby Jana’s Reception

I was shocked when I knew that my family started sending sms to all our family & friends the minute they knew that baby Jana was delivered safely …. I remember telling them that if it happens to be a c-section, make the reception the day after … did they listen? Nop they didn’t, they made it the very next day :/ I was in pain & wasn’t in the mood to welcome people! But thank god, I started getting better hour after hour & the injections did wonders.

Everything was set & ready the night before thanx to my aunts ofcourse & little sister … couldn’t make it without them! Tea, coffee, sweets & baby souvenirs were all set … We called our Turkish hairstylist (love her) to make our hair in the hospital … she managed  to finish us all in 2 hrs mashallah!

The amount of love, warmth, & kindness I’ve received was really shocking … I didn’t expect such love from all the people who came & some really shocked me when they visited me … some I didn’t know but wanted to pay me a visit & I’m really thankful for them … some couldn’t make it but managed to be there with me somehow … I’m really thankful :*

Thank You: JacquiDandermaPinkgirl@_Wada_AlnouryWrappingManiaMaraweiTripleSisters@Shosho526, @Tahanii, Q8rain

I hope I didn’t forget anyone; Bloggers, Tweeps, Instagrammers … Love you all :*

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Baby Jana’s 4D Ultrasound


29 weeks

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AlSeef Hospital Delivery Experience

Everything happened very fast …

I was shopping at H&M Thursday afternoon … Everything was fine, until midnight when my amniotic fluid started leaking. Went to Alseef hospital, they started checking everything, called my Dr. Rajni Gupta & she said that I must be admitted.

Let me tell you smth about my pregnancy complication … 10 days earlier, I had an appointment with Dr. Rajni, she told me that my amniotic fluid is becoming less but there’s no leaking. She said by Sunday if I don’t give birth she’ll induce me & that she won’t let me complete my month because it’s dangerous for the baby.

Back to the hospital … I was admitted Friday around 3:00 am. Induced my labour around 3:20 am & contractions started around 5:00 am. They were mild but really painful, I only asked for gas which wasn’t doing anything. They told me they’ll start slow with the gas until I get used to it.

Around 8:00 am they started getting stronger, gave me a kind of sedation which worked wonders. My sister said I started laughing & asking her to take pictures of me LOL 😛

10:00 am my contractions became very strong & frequent, every minute …. The pain was unbearable wallah, I asked them to increase the gas & they did … After that the pain was there but my mind was in another place, I don’t actually remember how bad it was til they removed the gas which I’ll tell you why later on.

Dr. Rajni came around 1:00 pm & saw that nothing was happening, I wasn’t moving at all. I started crying. The situation was beyond hell. I was having strong contractions every minute & nothing was happening … how would you feel?!

Around 4:00 pm Dr. informed me that they’ll go with C-Section either now or at night, it’s my call. They said they can’t do anything if I wasn’t progressing. They’d be willing to wait until midnight but then it will be C-Section if the situation is the same.

To be honest, I dunno if her call was right or wrong but I wanted this to finish, so I said let’s do it now! My husband wasn’t there to make the decision but came when I was inside the OR. He didn’t approve on the C-Section. My whole family said I didn’t wait & that everything happened so fast. Having contractions for 12 hrs & nothing was happening was hell to me, I really didn’t care what they thought, I was glad I was done with it.

They removed everything from me when they were preparing me for the C-Sec. No GAS :/ I started feeling the real pain every minute :S

Got inside the OR around 5:00 pm & after that I was sent to another world (God bless the gas) 😛 I woke around 7:00 pm in alot of pain … they said they’ll move me to my room & then give me an injection to make the pain go away. When they pushed me out of the elevator my husband was there, he was the 1st one I saw from my family. They were very happy for the arrival of Baby Jana but upset because I had a C-Sec 😛

What’s done is done … Baby is out but not in my arms!!!!

Let’s talk about the hospital & their rip off policy/scheme …

I chose VIP Class A room which has an amazing view … The C-Section costs KD 1890 for 5 days! But guess what? That’s just a fake number … They said medicine is included! Do you know what kind of medicine? Panadole, gas tablets & silly stuff. Catheters, painkillers, injection etc. weren’t included at all, they had another calculation!

I’m really pissed off

Oh & 2 months ago, their prices weren’t like this! At the end of September they raised their prices for no specific reason.

Now, let’s talk about my baby … She came to this world weighing 2.380 KG, 20 grams less than the average weight. So they had to put her in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). I asked for them to bring her to me, they said they can’t, I have to go to her! Huh … with my cut? I was willing to do it coz she’s my daughter & I wanted to see her!

Next morning, the nurse helped me walking, & getting ready to go and visit my daughter in the 5th floor (I was in the 15th). Wires, injections & other things were attached to her, I really thought something was very serious with her. The Dr. told me that nothing is wrong with her, only she’s small & that she’s a slow feeder!!!!

Their care was really good, the nurses were very nice, helpful & were checking on me every 30 minutes … Whatever I wanted they’d do it immediately …

On Sunday morning, I woke up feeling much better el7mdellah! & somehow I thought of calling accounting to check the bill … They told me it would take time!

Guess what? They said that KD 1890 would be the total cost for 5 days right? WRONG, the total was KD 1776 for ONLY 3 days!!!!! & my baby’s incubator had another calculation … they charged us KD 315 for only 3 days! It was a total rip off!

The total amount came more than KD 2000 for 3 days/2 nights ONLY.

I asked them to discharge me, Dr. said she would do it tomorrow, but if I wanna leave I’m gonna hv to sign a paper & so I did …. The samething with my daughter, the Dr. there tried to convince me that it’s wrong to get her out & that i’ll have problems feeding her blah blah blah … I signed the paper & got her discharged!

Yes, she was a slow feeder, but that wasn’t a HUGE MEDICAL PROBLEM!

When we got back home, she was feeding very slow every 30 minutes …. only for 2 days & then her feeding started getting better!

That was my experience at Alseef Hospital …

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9th Month Bulletins-The Finale


Take a look at the picture above … That’s exactly how I feel these days!

When I thought the 8th month was hard, painful & unbearable … 9th month turned out to be worse. It takes alot of effort for me to stand, sit, walk or do any silly activity. My back is killing me … actually more than that, can’t really describe how awful the pain is. All my bones hurt really bad, like REALLY bad. Baby’s movement is becoming somehow painful these days but I kinda like it coz it tells me that the baby is healthy & kicking el7mdellah. I’m having a little bit of complications, but it’s not that serious. Dr. will decide what’s right for me this week & nshallah everything will go just fine.

P.S. Today is my mother’s birthday … Happy Belated Birthday mom :*

Rest In Peace ❤

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Get Set, Ready … Waiting For The Go!

Everything is ready … My bag, the baby’s bag, & the baby reception stuff.

Countdown to the big day starts today .. tick tock tick tock

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My Belly Bandit From @Oleana

I’ve heard alot of reviews about this product specially from celebrities & yes we live in a world where we’re influenced by what celebrities do or wear specially when it comes to fitness. Jessica Simpson, Kourtney Kardeshian wore the BellyBandit & now Jessica Simpson is wearing it.

I found this product on OleanaBoutique when I first got pregnant but thought it’s too early. Yesterday, I placed my order around 10 or 11 am & received my order around 4 pm. Fast delivery & awesome customer service. This wasn’t the first time I order from them. I’ve already written about their amazing service last year. Read Here

The material of the Belly Bandit is amazing, very thick & strong, tried it on my belly to check the size & it was perfect, it covered the whole area (notice i’m at the end of my 8th month).

P.S. I will be posting a review about this product after using it for 2 months or so nshallah.

You can get your Belly Bandit from Oleana Boutique. Click Here To Order

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Post-Pregnancy To-Do List

1- Cut my hair & color it (I need extreme make over).

2- Subscribe to LoFat diet plan (Weight Loss NEEDED).

3- Start shopping (Change my whole wardrobe)-Already started shopping.

4- Get a decent pedi & meni, & color my nails.

5- Spend a whole day at Spa Time even though it seems like Mission Impossible with a new born but I will try my best 🙂

6- Schedule an appointment with a baby photographer to have my baby professionally photographed (Found a good one).

7- Do some changes in my living room … Because I’m bored & I need to make it look vivid & full of life.

8- Start reading again.

9- Catch up with my TV Shows.


11- Start cooking again, find new & creative recipes. I really miss cooking.

12- Buy some cosmetics to take care of my skin/face. Starting from next month I know I won’t sleep like all normal people therefore, my eyes will be swollen, black & I know will I lose my radiance.

13- Find a job. Not now. I have the opportunity to enjoy raising my child & I will spend every minute with her nshallah.

14- Join a gym. I’m not joking, I will try and join one of the gyms out there if I managed to control my life 😛

15- Blog more. When the baby is sleeping 😉

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Wardrobe Change Is Needed

My hands are itching me 😛

I know it’s not the right time to talk fashion & clothes shopping as I’m not fit these days, but hopefully only for a matter of time.

The thing is, I’m becoming bored from the clothes I’m wearing these days which are very limited, I only got me 1 maternity jeans & few blouses, that was it. Because after all, I won’t be wearing them again at all.

It’s pure torture going to malls & the only thing I’m able to do is window-shopping :/ I really want to buy alot of clothes, but I’m trying to control myself. Nothing will fit me right now, I won’t be able to lose all the weight I gained that fast, I believe I’ll need around 3-6 months after delivery to get back on track.

The clothes are really beautiful this winter … specially Kenzo’s!

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Where’s My Food Going?

A regular pregnant woman would normally eat for two, she’d have an appetite to eat whatever is infront of her … or is it only me? The thing is, I’ve been eating for 4 ever since I got into my 7th month. I’ve gained 11kgs so far, average weight gain during pregnancy which is good. But the thing is, I’ve been told that the baby is kinda small/tiny.

On the 20th of July, more than one month ago, the doctor told me my baby weighed 1.400 kg, which was good. 2 weeks ago (that’s after 1 month). The Dr. told me my baby weighed 1.600 kg, & that it should have been between 1.800 & 2 kgs. I almost had a heart attack, the Dr. saw how worried i was, but  she wasn’t. She smiled at me & told me not to worry, many babies are born small & healthy. She advised me to eat more protein & sleep either on my right or left side. I’m eating everything infront of me & I’m sure it has alot of protein, & i’ve been sleeping on my right & left side, I have no other option.

I’ve done my research on google & found out that my baby is in the safe side (El7mdellah). Baby2See has a very informative article about baby weight, a chart that shows you if the baby is above or beneath average weight, mine wasn’t, but almost there y3ni. Come to think of it, it’s better to have a small baby than a huge one. (Check Pictures) 🙂

So, I was wondering … Where’s all the food going? If it’s not in me, not in the baby, then where exactly?

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Thank You @Buffalo_Kuwait

I was home alone, craving a specific kind of cake which I had no idea what it was, all I knew is that I wanted to eat cake … Everything is written on twitter these days! So I went ahead & tweeted about my cravings. Few minutes later, Buffalos Kuwait tagged me on Instagram & wanted to DM me on twitter. They said they wanted to send me a surprise … I love surprises 😉

The picture was mind blowing … rich brownies, ice cream, nuts & cream yum yum.

A couple of hours later, I received the loveliest & yummiest surprise ever … Brownies, ice cream, something with strawberry sauce & cinnamon, what more can I ask for?! You knew how to satisfy a pregnant’s cravings 😛

Twitter: @Buffalo_Kuwait

Instagram: Buffalos_Kuwait

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