The Gerge’an Party


Last week marked the 1st Gerge’an party for Juju. She attended her 1st party and nshallah it won’t be the last one.

Juju loves people, she always keeps on yelling at them in malls and restaurants with a huge smile but on that day she got scared a bit. Because it was very crowded and all in one place. She kept on holding my neck as if saying “plz don’t leave me” hehe but once the actions started, she started yelling and laughing ,,, and also dancing πŸ˜€

The party was really nice, friends of the family hosted it and it was great. Lots of activities, presents and yummy food πŸ™‚

I used to attend Gerge’an parties every year but this one was very special,,,Juju is now with me and children sang for her : ) ya5ty πŸ˜›

Our theme was flowers/garden and I’m already thinking of next year’s theme πŸ™‚ It was lots of fun and i bet Juju will enjoy it more next year as she will be older and will comprehend things better.

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The Making of Jana’s Gerge’an


Anyone living in Kuwait knows that Gerge’an favors became a habba long time ago. It’s now part of our tradition, every mother prepares Gerge’an (candy boxes) favors to her family and friends in Ramadan. Some people tend to exaggerate and others do cute stuff depending on every mother’s budget. Mine wasn’t that good but I managed to do a cute chic Gerge’an favors, after all she’s my 1st and this is her 1st Gerge’an πŸ™‚

Thanks to Ministry of Education, my salary came out very late (27th of June) but thank god I managed to do everything in 3 weeks. My budget was KD 150 but it reached KD 170 something like that. I did 75 favors which was alot because I was preparing a quantity for a Gerge’an party which I will post about it soon nshallah but I don’t think next year I will participate in any parties, very costly lol πŸ˜›

RememberΒ Juju’s Gerge’an Outfit? Well, I wanted her Gerge’an favors to match her outfit and mine too, call me a freak but I wanted this year to be special πŸ˜€

Anyways, I went to Baya’a Alward in Hawally (everybody knows the place) and searched for mini water pots. Found them for KD1/- πŸ˜€ bought them with matching ribbons and stuff.

Then I went to Blokat (fabric market) and searched for the same fabric, I only found one place that sells the same fabric and got the last meters :/ then I got some fabric for me to create a matching darra3a πŸ˜€ My darra3a’s cost was around KD 14 πŸ˜›

Everything turned out to be perfect el7mdella, it was very exhausting but totally worth and everything documented by pictures. When Juju grows older she will know she was/is a special child πŸ˜€

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80s Theme Birthday Party


My dear highschool friend Anwar gathered us last Wednesday to celebrate one of her friend’s birthdays the 80s style, literally everything made us go back in time! Decoration, songs, cartoons, dinner & games, you name it.

We had so much fun, we felt like lil kids, remembering the good old days where we didn’t have ipads or computers to play with, intead we played the old games (bar ba7ar), the fish game (picture), the chairs game & many others! All of us are almost 30 yrs old, but we felt like we were 10 yrs old!

Wish the past could come back again!

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My 1st SleepOver

Believe it or not, at this age (27) I’m going to have my first sleepover! Yes, my 1st. Well my mom (allah yer7amha) was very strict in a very horrible way smtimes but now I can understand why she was like that! She never let me sleep outside the house except at my grandma’s house and she was very clear that I only sleep in her bedroom! She even didn’t allow me to sleep at my cousin’s house, NEVER! and I always felt am an outcast because of that, friends & cousins stopped asking me to even come to their houses because again mom made difficult rules! and i thank her very much for that, now I have the best friends ever who stood by my side in good & bad situations, & even when i did smth wrong, they were there for me to make it right!

My bestie Wawa, called me a couple of days ago telling me the girls in her family are going to have a party at their Chalet in Bnaider and that I’m going with her for sure. Wooooot Wooooot, we’re gonna have a party at their Chalet, all girls and no elderlies or chaperons aha aha aha πŸ˜€ This is not the 1st party they do, I’ve been to their parties before and let me tell you, she has the best cousins ever, all of them are awesome and I can be myself and not judged at all! That’s why I got the new dress πŸ˜€

Then Wawa called me yesterday telling me that all of them will be sleeping there and that she will be sleeping too! She asked to check with my father! I was like *OhGod*, I was too scared to even think about asking him to sleep out of the house and not to mention in a chalet! I call my dad “yuba I wanna ask your permission for smth”, “I just gave you money, what do you want now?”, “Dad I said PERMISSION, not need or want! Wawa will be sleeping at the chalet on Friday and she asked me if I can sleep with her too?”. “OK” <– just like that?! “Really? thank thank you babaty :*”, “On one condition, they pick you up” <– always conditions and rules! hehe, who cares?! I’m having my first sleepover with my best friend for the 1st time after having the raziest party ever with a DJ rocking Bnaider-hood yeeeepppeeeee!

It’s my 1st party in yrs, never been to one in a long time! Had one last yr and called it *Kaifan Disco* but i couldnt be myself completely because there were lots n lots of new people! Didn’t wanna give them the impression of who-is-that-lunatic?! So i kept myself a lil bit crazy n wise at the same time! but now I’m having the opportunity to be myself and more! I even told her “look i know ur cousins know how crazy i am, but i might just lose it coz it’s been a very long time since i had a blast”! she laughed and said “I’m the one who is gonna lose it, i’m the one who’s with 2 kids and never had fun in a very long time”! Oh yeah and her lil baby boy Barhoom will be sleeping with us in the same room, yeeey I love babies alot πŸ˜€ Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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