Retro Salon at 360 Mall


A couple of months ago, I was shopping at 360 Mall when I suddenly saw a newly opened salon that is divided into 2 parts, one for nails and the other is for hair and other stuff. So I said to myself “why not pamper myself a bit and try their service” good thing they had a free spot for my tired nails 😀

I loved everything about the place, from the service, to the quality of their tools, and their prices were reasonable. I advise you to try their their services. The seats were very comfy and really wide. As if you are sitting at home.







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PerfecTen Home NailSpa


Last week, I wanted to do my nails but wasn’t in the mood to go out not to mention trying to find someone to babysit Juju for a couple hours. So I looked through instagram searching for Home Nail Spas that come to your home and found few. Did my calls but all of them were full except for one who were willing to come around 7:30pm

@Perfectten_ were at doorsteps at 7:30pm. The lady came with a huge floral bag that had everything in it. I chose the Cuccio treatment which was really good and relaxing. The massage was just perfect and much needed. The service was really good and the lady was very friendly and nice.

Thank you for the great service.

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Eden Spa Experience at Harvey Nichols @The_Avenues


I was invited to the newly opened spa inside Harvey Nichols Eden Salon & Spa to visit the place & try one of their treatments. I’ve heard alot about the salon before, everybody recommended it but I didn’t make time to try it.

I went yesterday afternoon to try their pedicure & manicure. The receptionist knew me before introducing myself, of course the timing of my appointment sold me out 😛

There was some food from Veranda cafe & fresh juices … delicious of course. Imagine having a day of relaxation while munching on these yummies ,,, what a day it was.

The treatment was very refreshing & relaxing for my feet & hands after a long day at work and a very exhausting week. The service was really good & the staff were very friendly & nice.

I’ve asked about their prices, they are somehow reasonable. I’d pay KD 16/- to enjoy a full hour of relaxation & joy.

Thank you Eden Spa & Harvey Nichols

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Pretty Petals Nail Spa

I tend to try almost every nail spa that opens in the country. I love pampering myself & I also love trying new places. A couple of days ago I was in Jabriya & came across this fancy name (Pretty Petals Nail Spa) so I decided to give them a visit & took my aunt with me 🙂

The place was very relaxing & quiet. The staff were very friendly & helpful. The decoration was amazing, loved every corner of the spa. Even the mini kitchen was so cute.

My aunt & I chose the petal treatment. She went with Citrus & I chose Vanilla with Plum. Elma & Joy worked on both our hands & feet, they were very professional & they were asking us about every single detail. They wouldn’t do anything before letting us know in advance.

The prices were verrrry reasonable unlike other nail spas.

And if you want a foot massage, you have to let Elma do it for you, my god she was amazzzzzzing, she knew about the places that needed massage in my feet & worked on them very hard, it was kinda painful but very relaxing. Good thing my aunt was driving 😛

Pretty Petals Nail Spa is located in Jabriya block 1 next to Zero Degrees & The Dragon Japanese Restaurant.

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How To Remove Your Gelish Polish At Home

So after getting my nails gelished a couple of days ago,,,stupid me thought it will be easy to remove it just as any other nail polish! I was sooo wrong. The gelish wouldn’t get off my nails :/ I used polish remover, tried to scratch, used a knife but nothing worked!

God bless google, I went online & searched for some solutions & came over this site which talked about a long procedure somehow to remove the gelish. Anyways, this was the only solution I’ve found & had to do it because I wanted to pray & couldn’t do it with the gelish on my nails!

It felt as if my nails were being cooked wallah!

It actually worked, but the surface of my nails was ruined 😛

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Beauty Essentials Grand Opening

I was invited yesterday to attend the grand opening Beauty Essentials. They are specialized in selling Hand & Nail Harmony-Gelish, Orly, Provoc, Cillashes, Glam Show, Morjana & Tito Nail Polish.

The company was established back in 2010 & it has been managed (still) by a professional that has 12 years gulf & international experience in education & training in the beauty industry.

Beauty Essentials sells all the products that you need for Pedi & Mani, a variety of nail colors, nail extension applications & also eye lashes extensions.

They also have training courses where you get a certificate at the end of the course. I believe this is good for nail spas owners, training their nail technicians at Beauty Essentials.

I was offered a free service to try one of the Gelish treatments. I wanted to try the extension one but in order to apply extension they have to cut all my nails & I didn’t want that! So I went with French Gelish which turned out to be really hot & beautiful. This was the first time I try the Gelish nail polish & it won’t be the last, coz it stays up to 3 weeks & guess what? you can’t scratch it all! I had a huge problem removing it later on which I’ll talk about in another post 😉

Now, let’s take a look around the place & check out my Gelish nails 😀

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Nailtini Rip OFF Experience

Yesterday, I went to Nailtini for the 1st time because the nail spa i always go to was closed and because this one was the closest to my house. Let me tell you what a rip off experience i had . . . Everything was perfect, the treatment, the lady who did my nails was an expert, the coloring, the mood, everything was perfect except for that they charge their customers for everything . . . literary for everything which made me feel it was a cheap move from the nail spa.

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Nails & Co Pampering

A couple of days ago I was really tired & i needed some pampering & relaxing. Been wanting to try Nails & Co for ages but time hasn’t been on my side lately. Thank god they have a branch in Mishref. Called them, set an appointment & headed there around 7:30pm. The place was hidden inside the cosmetic centre & it was very small, so tiny & white. I loved it, coz I was being pampered alone & felt the space was all mine, watching The Smurfs & chatting with one of the employees there 🙂

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Bubbles Nail Spa Experience

I know may people wrote about this amazing place but i had to write about my 1st experience with them and certainly not that last 😉 Yesterday, I had some free me-time so i decided to do my nails! It’s been ages since i’ve done them. I usually go to Nail Station but today they were fully booked so I remembered that one of my friends talked about Bubbles Nail Spa located in Burj Jassem. I called them & they said they have one appointment at 7:45pm & so i went.

I chose honey milk treatment for my dry skin (washing dishes killed my skin). Started at 8pm & finished 9:15pm! I felt like I was in heaven. At first I thought the price was very high for pedi and meni but then i realized that it was worth it. KD 27/-

The staff was really very lovely & sweet. They made me very relaxed. The place was very nice and cozy but crowded mashallah! I’ll be coming to them again, n again, n again 😀 Loved them!

Lovely receptionist

Comfy seats

This glove was generating heat. It actually made me nap

My pirates of the Caribbean colors

I couldn’t resist the mini set 😀

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Nail It Experience

I still remain loyal to Nail Station, but this one was near by and Chikapappi wanted to try it! It won’t hurt to try something new and share it with you guys & girls 😛 We went in and they welcomed us! There was no problem having no appointment! We chose out treatments for our dry skin (Shea Butter) for KD 15/- !

Now the staff, the place is just perfect but the prices were a bit higher than the rest of the Nail Spas in the country and they didn’t put much effort in the massage! My ladies at Nail Station pamper me with strong massage that I can’t even walk afterwards 😛 Overall, it was a good experience! Would I return back to them? Only if Nail Station closes which I hope it will never 😉

The place

Many Many Colors 😀

The smell was lovely

They offered me coffee & crumbs chocolate bite

Watching How I Met Your Mother

Chika’s Nails

Mine were bling bling 😉

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Happy Thursday


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Nail Station Salon Products

As you know from my previous post about my first experience at Nail Station Salon, I instantly fell in love with them, the place, the staff, the products, and the lovely owner Nadine 🙂 I’ve been visiting the place on monthly bases since they opened! and today I went to them early in the morning to relax and to enjoy my Honey Whip treatment! But I also went for their new nails inc products and the limited edition ones with the charms 🙂 

Limited Edition with Charms

So Cute 🙂

OPI Collection

Some of ZOYA’s Collection

I snapped some pictures of the place

I just couldn’t resist 😀

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