Jazz Night at Salad Boutique @The_Avenues


I received a box 2 weeks ago that had yummy food inside it and also an invitation for the jazz night that’s being held at Salad Boutique every Wednesday at their Avenues branch. We arrived there a bit early because Baby Jana was with us and we didn’t wanna go there late. We were welcomed, seated, and offered 2 set menus to give us an idea of what we were going to eat.

The food arrived a little bit late but it was fresh and hot. The edamame soup was to die for but the Broccoli soup wasn’t that good. Everything else was superb especially the dessert. As if we were on La La Land.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay that longer and the Jazz man came very late. We left around 9pm and he hasn’t started yet when he was supposed to start at 8pm.

One thing I wish they’d find a solution for is their delivery service which is really very slow.

Thank you Salad Boutique for the invitation and wish you the best.

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Today’s Mood: Do Or Die

Can’t get this new hit off my head

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Friday Mood: Chasing The Sun

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Friday Mood: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

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Friday Mood: Hall of Fame

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Love Lust Faith + Dreams & Up In The Air Fiesta


Ahh Finally, 30 Seconds To Mars have released their new single Up In The Air 2 days ago in outer space ,,, Twitter went crazzzzy & so did I 😀 The single is full of energy & vibe, as usual lyrics are beautifully written & the rhythm is just so much funnnn, it will keep you jumping foreverrrr.

The album will be released on the 21st of May 2013. You can pre-order it either from amazon or from iTunes. I’m gonna get the real thing from amazon, coz I love collecting everything related to them 😀

I can’t stop listening to their single Up In The Air & so does Juju ,,, she’s gonna be a huge fan of them i’m sure coz she’s already jumping listening to the song 😀

You can also order the Deluxe Bundle from their website, which I think I will get (thinking) 😛 They also have the Super Deluxe Bundle but it’s kinda expensive, but maybe I’ll go crazy & just order it 😉 I still have time to think which one to get 😀

I’m just so excited & I really hope they’ll come to the region soon ,,, They will start their world tour on June this year & I’m hoping that either dubai or Abu Dhabi will be n their list *wink*

Enjoy the single 😉

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Turkish Mood: Sitemkar by Gokhan Ozen

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My Mood: SkyFall by Adele


Can’t get it out of my head …

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IL DIVO Live In Dubai


You can’t imagine how sad I am 😦

One of my favorite bands IL DIVO are touring the world … I kept checking their website for any dates announced in Dubai or Abu Dhabi but there weren’t any …

My friend Noon just told me that they’ll be in Dubai next week 5th of October to perform live at Sheikh Zayed Hall … Ofcourse considering my situation, I definitely cannot attend (or maybe I can?). I’m nagging on my husband but he’s telling what will I do if I go in labour while at the concert? I mean we will have time to go back, right? Labour usually takes long hours, specially with the first child!!!!

I really really REALLY want to go & enjoy this concert. Their voices are amazing, beyond amazing!

Date announced on IL DIVO‘s website

T book your seat click here




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Mood of The Day: Turn Around


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Oldies: Deeper Shade of Blue

A very old song from high school era is stuck in my head.

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Spice Girls Reunite-London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony

Long Time …

I honestly got goosebumps watching them perform together in the closing ceremony of London Olympics 2012. They were like huge idols to us when we were teenagers & I’m still a huge fan of Victoria Beckham.

Remembering the good old days with Spice Girls made me realize how old I’ve become. It’s been like 15 years *sniff* but it was a time that will never be forgotten. New generations will never ever witness the great time we’ve witnessed.

Spice Girls, Take That, Back Street Boys, 911, Boyzone, Ace of Base, A1, Savage Garden, Aqua, 5ive, Blue, The Cors, N’Sync, S Club 7, Steps, No Doubt, Westlife, B*Witched & more.

I really wanna go back in time … to the 90s

I pity the music these days; Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Black Friday or whatever … An their fellow singers, they all suck!

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