The Commons-Calabasas


It’s just across the street from our hotel, what a location 🙂

A small open air complex that has a cinema, shops, supermarket, cafes, restaurants and Barnes & Noble 🙂 As if i was living in heaven 😀 The whole place was so clean and beautiful, a lot of greens which we rarely see in our area. Beautiful clean breeze to breath every morning and every night. We loved taking a walk around the place, just going and coming back. Even walking in the parking lot was so much fun with those tall huge trees covering the area.

We enjoyed our nights going to the cinema, choosing from a very small variety of movies but we didn’t mind it at all. The movies didn’t have anyone working there except the guy who we bought the tickets from and the one selling us popcorns and snacks. We entered without anyone asking us about our tickets, and we headed to our hall without being directed there. Also when we got inside the hall, no one asked us for our tickets, we seated ourselves and that was it. People there trust the people of Calabasas. No one would ever dare to cross the line which we liked and respected very much.

My mornings in this city were very beautiful. Why? Because I had to spend them in Barnes & Noble, a huge bookstore that we don’t have in Kuwait and I don’t think we’ll ever get to see one. Every day, I’d wake up around 9 am, take the car and head to The Commons, park in front of the bookstore, order my coffee and choose my table. To my surprise, it was really crowded. I didn’t think i’d see a lot of people in the place because I thought they might be at work, but actually many of them were doing their work in the coffee shop of Barnes & Noble.

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Chiara Ferragni Maleficent Shoes


I’m in love ❤

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Movie Review: Thor The Dark World

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 7.56.51 PM

I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time. I wanted to go on Thursday but because I have lots of things on my mind these days and was very busy, so I couldn’t go but I managed to find a day and it was yesterday. I was so excited, as if I was entering la la land 😀

Let’s talk movie. The movie was superb, marvellous, wonderful, amazing, etc. From graphics to storyline, transcript to acting. We all found it more amazing than the first one.

Thor goes to earth searching for Jane because the guardian of Azgard can’t see her, she wasn’t on earth for few hours. Later, they find out she posses Ether, a great dark power that Malakeith is searching for to destroy all planets and light will no longer exist, only darkness.

Thor teams up with guess who? His evil brother who seeks vengeance after Malakeith kills his mother. I will not talk about the ending which was beautifully directed and acted but I gotta say that it didn’t shock me because I was somehow expecting it.

let’s talk characters. Thor is more handsome than ever, his voice, his character, his acting were excellent. Loki, oh Loki. I just love him, he’s an evil kind character that you fall in love with him no matter what he does. I felt sadness for him in this movie because a soft side of his character gets exposed and you get to know him a little bit. Other characters were also good, loved the fun character of Darcy, she made us laugh a lot.

The movie is Highly Recommended. You have to watch it

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Movie Trailer: 300-Rise of an Empire

Caaaan’t wait for this movie to come out next year

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Movie Review: Mama


It’s been a while since I’ve seen a horror movie, always thought they are boringly cheesy & not scary enough. Well, I guess I was wrong with this movie. I jumped from my own seat around 6 or 7 times, like really scared. The story was very good.

It’s about a father who goes crazy, murders his wife, takes his 2 girls, then his car crashes in the woods. They’re lost in the cold weather & dunno where to go until they find a small house. The father is disturbed, so he decides to murder his daughters, when he’s about to pull the trigger, a shadowy figure takes the father & kills him.

After 5 yrs, the brother of that disturbed father is shown he’s searching for his nieces. Suddenly, 2 men find them in the same house but they’re almost like animals!

Anyways, they’re taken into a psychological hospital where they’ll be treated & observed. after almost 3 months, the uncle takes them & the action begins! The two girls were taken care by a ghost when they were in the woods, a woman who lost her child long time ago! You figure out the rest 😛

The acting was amazing, specially the young girls! They were magnificent!

I loved the movie but the ending was cheesy, as usual! I believe they could hv done better!

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Bloggers’ Movie Night @Danderma

The sweet & adorable Danderma invited us to her house to enjoy a movie night. I reached her place around 7:20 pm & the gang was already there. We discussed which movie to watch & ended up watching This Means War. The movie was hilarious, loved all the characters, plot, script & everything about it. But what was more hilarious is the gang, we laughed like crazy yesterday, as if we were high on something. Seriously, we couldn’t stop laughing. The star of the night was Ansam 😛

We enjoyed eating pop corn, nachos, potato chips, mini burgers, pizza, macarons & cakes. The whole night was awesome.

The gang: DandermaJacquiNoonAnsamPinkGirl & Um3azoz

Enjoy the pics 😉

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Cheesy Indian Movies

Indian movies in the past, used to be very very silly & cheesy. But we used to enjoy them to the max, I can’t believe that we used to cry watching these movies & become depressed afterwards. Now, these movies have changed a bit but still they have some cheesiness in their content.

Anyways, last night my sister whatsapp’ed me telling me that they’re showing Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon on AD Emirates. I was watching Italy’s match but thought of re-watching the movie again to remember the good old days. The movie was about to end (the final part above). When I saw it I started laughing out loud 😛 That specific part made me cry alot almost 10 years ago but now, it cracked me up. How did I enjoy such silliness? Oh wait but 9 years ago I was almost 20 years old, so I guess people do change when they grow up!

P.S. I hate Kareena & her irritating way of crying. Check the last part when she rips his shirt & the tattoo appears *LOL*

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Movie Review: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

I was waiting for this movie to come out out online for along time. It was released on May 25th 2012 & it is supposed to come out on DVD on the 11th of Sept 2012. For 3 months I kept searching for a good version online but never found one. Suddenly, today I decided to search & voila, I got me a very clear version 😀

Frankly, I hate movies that are packed with stars, coz I think they distract you from the main story, you get lost, & never understand the plot. But in this movie, I was willing to take my chances & it didn’t disappoint 😉

I loved everything about, it had 5 different stories; 3 pregnant women, 1 dealing with miscarriage, & another one dealing with adoption. So basically, it covered it all. It was funny, laughed alot coz I was able to relate to most of the situations shown in the movie. except adoption part of course.

J Lo’s part was very shallow, she didn’t appear that much on the movie, liked Cameron Diaz’s roll even though I’m not a big fan of her. I loved Elizabeth Banks’ acting, she was amazing, very funny 🙂 Loved how they talked about three different situations of labour & delivery, one with c-section, one with great amount of pain & the last one with almost no pain at all considering the awful amount pain you get during labour & delivery. I’d say they were exaggerating a bit if I haven’t seen a real video of labour & delivery where the mother isn’t in alot of pain.

I don’t know if non-pregnant women will find this movie amusing, funny or worth watching, but definitely it will for pregnant ones 😉

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Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter

Are we that obsessed with vampires or what? I know I am 🙂

After my brother told me that I have to watch this movie because it’s amazing, I was very sure that it’s an amazing movie, because he doesn’t like these kinds of movies that much & if he did, that meant it’s superb.

It’s about the American President Abraham Lincoln, discovering that Vampires are real & living among them after killing his mother. He teams with another Vampire who wants to kill all vampires because they took his life away from him & made him suffer. Through his quest to find all vampires & avenge his mother’s death, Abraham leads a political life. He then becomes a president & starts a war against vampires.

The story is kinda unique, history mixed with fiction, I loved it. The graphics were great, some exaggeration ofcourse, but it was entertaining at the same time. The actors were perfect, loved them all. The setting, the clothes, the characters were all perfect.

Recommended 😉

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Movie Review: The Flowers of War

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good movie like this one. It was really good & touching!

The movie talks about the time when the Japanese army invaded China & brutally killing everyone infront of them not sparing any soul, not even the children! Specially young girls, they used to rape them, torture them & then kill them. (The Japanese were really awful). A drunken man (Christian Bale) saves 2 girls escaping from the Japanese army & takes them to the church where they supposedly cannot be touched by the Japanese army, another group of girls join them. A group of women from the brothel also join them later on & the story begins. They all want to leave Nanking (the occupied city) with the help of John (Christian Bale) because he’s a Westerner & no one would speak to him, but will they all be able to escape? You gotta watch the movie 😉

The setting, the plot, the script, the acting are perfect. Though, the movie has some disturbing scenes, they don’t show you alot, but it’s still disturbing!

Highly recommended!

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Documentary: The Business of Being Born

My dear blogger Fionkafied suggested that I watch a documentary about child birth called The Business of Being Born. It basically talks about how “giving birth” became more of a business to many people specially those in the United States. It talks about many mothers scheduling their c-sections, doctors acting as if a c-section is the best option for the mother when she spends alot of hrs in labor, many medications that cause distress to the baby or the mother like Epidural, or Prostaglandin. & so on.

In this documentary, midwives talk about how Doctors induce labor to make the delivery faster because it causes them alot of money & time if a woman spends more than 12 hrs in the labor room. They want a woman out, another in to make extra money. & that’s why sometimes they suggest that c-section is the best option because it saves them time, just 20 minutes & the doctor is back home instead of waiting for 6hrs or more.

Midwives, state that the mother should not be given any medication to induce her labor, because when the baby wants to come out, it will come out eventually! Medication will only make things worse & that’s what you’ll see in this movie.

It shows you some mothers giving birth at home with the help of their midwives & only using a water tub or a mini pool! The whole thing turned out to be not that easy but to me it was unexpected! We as humans feel more comfortable in hospitals. I myself can’t imagine giving birth at home, but for sure I won’t be using an epidural or scheduling a c-section unless it was necessary.

To all mothers-to-be out there, please watch this documentary before deciding on anything. It’s very inspiring & full of information.

A pregnant woman giving birth at home with the help of her midwife

how women were treated in hospitals back in the old days

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Space Junk 3D-Scientific Centre

I was invited yesterday to attend the screening of the 3D IMAX movie Space Junk. I’ve never attended the IMAX of the Scientific Centre so this was my 1st time.

I wasn’t expecting such movie. I enjoyed it to the max because the subject is new to me. It’s about the space junk, & what’s happening in our space. How does it affect the earth & what are the solutions? (check trailer below)

The show is in Arabic, but English translation is available.

The movie will start showing today at the Scientific Centre IMAX Cinema.

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