Get Set, Ready … Waiting For The Go!

Everything is ready … My bag, the baby’s bag, & the baby reception stuff.

Countdown to the big day starts today .. tick tock tick tock

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4D Ultrasound; It’s A Girl

Finallyyyyyyy … It’s a GIRL ❤

It took me 7 months to know what’s cooking inside my belly.

Yesterday, we headed to Royale Hayat to have a 4D Ultrasound which only focuses on the face of the baby. We weren’t expecting to know the sex of the baby as I was informed the Dr. won’t tell us unless I have another Ultrasound (3D).

As we went inside the room, the screen was huge on the wall, the nurse prepared me & the Dr. came in. She was very cute & sweet. As she started searching for the baby’s head, we asked her what does she see? a boy or girl? She immediately announced it’s a gilr & that’s it’s very obvious! 😀 She also explained how she knew she’s a girl.

She found the head, focused on the face but unfortunately her hands & legs were covering her face, the picture wasn’t very clear that much but we were able to see her. So small, tiny, cute & TALL! yupppp she’s very tall mashallah. Her legs were over her face & beyond that 😛

The Dr. tried her best to get clear pictures but unfortunately she couldn’t. She said she’ll do it again nshallah after 10 days & that we don’t have to pay now. I liked this gesture from Royale Hayat, trying their best with their patients & not charging them for it.

Can’t wait to hold you in my hands … My beautiful lil girl ❤

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The Blessing of Unemployment

A couple of moths ago, I was very frustrated when I became unemployed & couldn’t find a suitable job. I felt very active/hyper & wanted to do something in my life even if it was for just a couple of hours per day. I wanted to feel important not useless.

Would I say/do the same thing now?


I’ve realized that being unemployed is a blessing. For a pregnant woman in her 7th month it is. Everything is swollen in me, I can barely walk for 15 minutes straight. I can’t stand that long in the kitchen or anywhere else, I have to sit all the time, or lie down. People started noticing how swollen I’ve become. I started noticing that too :/ I wonder what will happen in the 8th or 9th month. i don’t think I’ll have the confidence to go out. Wallah I started hating how I look. I even can’t find decent clothes for eid!

I’m at the end of this beautiful journey & I really can’t wait to see my baby & hold him/her in my hands ❤ all I want to do is stare at my baby & do nothing but play/feed/change & do other stuff with him/her. Screw my career. My whole life will be dedicated nshallah to this beautiful blessing from Allah.

P.S. All i’m doing these days is eat, lie down on the couch & watch TV shows/movies. Life hasn’t been better el7mdellah 🙂

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From Private To Public!

We all want the best for our babies & ourselves ofcourse. I always had this idea about Public hospitals being filthy, un-organized & a total mess (from what we see 6ab3an) & that Private hospitals are much better because they’re extra clean, have super-great service & they want to make you as comfortable as you can be, ofcourse because you’re paying a fortune to be treated that way. Beside, Birthing has become very expensive in the country.

The question is, who’s more qualified to take care of you & your baby? Private or Public? The answer, is well known to all of us. Public Hospitals (Alsabah) are known to be more experienced with difficulties during labour & birth. They have the best equipment (yes they do but you don’t see them very often) & their doctors are way much better than the private ones. Private Hospitals, are for luxury births, very comfortable ones, & you’ll find many nurses coming & going that you lose count, but are you willing to risk the health of your baby & yours for only a couple of days of luxury?

I’ve been thinking about this thing alot lately. I have my doctor at this private hospital & I was set to give birth in it but I’ve heard alot of horrible stories happen in private hospitals, where they don’t know what to do & they immediately transfer you to a public hospital (Alsabah) where they’ll be able to take care of you. It happened with 5 women I know & to one of our family members. That really scared me. I mean it’s only for one day, I can take the shit of public hospitals & maybe I’ll manage to find a wasta & get me own private room or whatever. The most important is my  babies safety & healthy & mine also. & what I’m worried about is; what if something happens to me & this private hospital is not capable of taking care of me? What if something happens to my baby? what if we don’t reach there on time? So many “what ifs”.

Tell me about your experience mothers, I’d like to know about it if you don’t mind sharing it.

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Breast-Feeding Lecture

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A Mother To Be :)

Gotta start with thanking Allah for his blessings & everything he has given me after he took away my dearest mother! Can’t say life became better but I’m surely finding alot of happiness day after day. El7mdellah!

I’m so happy to share this news with you my dearest readers! I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I was 20 yrs old or maybe even younger. I love kids alot & can’t wait for the moment to have my own, touch him/her, carry him/her, raise & play with him/her & even get mad at him/her!

I will surely follow my mother’s path! I will follow how she raised me to raise my own kids, to be successful, respect others, have respectful attitude & reputation! I will want my kid to be the best in the whole world, every mother does 🙂

Am I ready for this experience? Nop, no one is ready for that, it comes to you naturally I guess! Yes, I’m worried about sleepless nights, post-birth depression, weight-loss & other things but hey this is life & many people went through it & i will nshallah 😀

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