Friday Mood: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

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Turkish Mood: Sitemkar by Gokhan Ozen

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My Mood: SkyFall by Adele


Can’t get it out of my head …

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Mood of The Day: Set Fire To The Rain

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10 Things Make Me Relaxed

A book takes me to another world

Landscape makes me day dream

Coffee gives me the push every early morning

Water is so refreshing

Fresh air & sunlight make me stay at home

RAIN . . . I can never get enough of it

Colorful places make my heart so colorful

Shopping of course 😉


And last, the feeling after a live concert is just mind blowing 😀 you sit down, remember what happened & you go with your thoughts back to the concert over & over again jumping with the lead singer *sigh*

I miss you Jared 🙂

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This post is for those who are feeling down . . . I’m full of hope, energy and good mood, so I’m sending you some;

– Life is beautiful, you just have to search for its beauty in its ugliness.

– Allah takes and gives, it’s a fair equation but hard to interpret at first.

– Look at the sun early in the morning & you will see the light of hope shining over you.

– Never regret anything you have done, learn from your mistakes.

– Love yourself for who you are, not for what people want to love in you.

– Being a better person than those who have hurt you won’t lessen from your dignity.

– Stop complaining about what you don’t have or want to have.

– Being content is the main key to happiness.

– Whenever you’re feeling down/sad/depressed, take a look at the news around the world for just 5 minutes and you’ll realize what you have is precious.

– I’m here if you need a shoulder to lean on 🙂 mashallah 3lay 7ekam 😛

P.S. Happy Thursday and this song is dedicated to you all ;*

Thanks to Chikapappi I can’t get the song off my mind

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Happy Thursday


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My Mood: Luke Bryan-Do I

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