Spice Girls Reunite-London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony

Long Time …

I honestly got goosebumps watching them perform together in the closing ceremony of London Olympics 2012. They were like huge idols to us when we were teenagers & I’m still a huge fan of Victoria Beckham.

Remembering the good old days with Spice Girls made me realize how old I’ve become. It’s been like 15 years *sniff* but it was a time that will never be forgotten. New generations will never ever witness the great time we’ve witnessed.

Spice Girls, Take That, Back Street Boys, 911, Boyzone, Ace of Base, A1, Savage Garden, Aqua, 5ive, Blue, The Cors, N’Sync, S Club 7, Steps, No Doubt, Westlife, B*Witched & more.

I really wanna go back in time … to the 90s

I pity the music these days; Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Black Friday or whatever … An their fellow singers, they all suck!

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I Smell; Baby Cabbage Patch Dolls!

Remember those dolls? They have this unique smell, it’s more like a powder and a mix of a new born! I remember I got mine when I was like 9 or 10 yrs old, when we went to London! We went to this HUGE toy store which I cant recall the name of it and got mine from there! do they sell them in Kuwait? hhmmm anyways, I got mine from London & I fell in love with it and its smell! I used to make it sleep next to me, kinda makes you feel safe as a kid!

Today, when I was writing my diaries, i suddenly started smelling them, their unique beautiful smell hit my nose and i couldnt help but remember those good old days! and how i was happy holding it with my own hands and playing with! Now i want one *rolls eyes* im not ashamed to admit that i really want a Baby Cabbage Patch Doll 😀 so if you know a store that sells them in here plz let me know! I wanna sleep and smell their beautiful essence 🙂

So Cute 😀

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Childhood Cartoon: The Princess & The River

I can’t say how happy I am 🙂 I’ve been searching for this cartoon for ages! All I can remember is a line from it but now I’ve found it yeeepeeee 🙂 Such a nice childhood memory 😀

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Memories: Del Piero

I remember sendin fan letters to Inzaghi & Del Piero back in 1997 or 1998 when I was obsessed about them! Specially, Inzaghi! I got reply back from Del Piero, his picture along with his signature! I remember being very happy but a little bit disappointed coz I wanted Inzaghi’s signature badly LOL 🙂

Going through old stuff is fun! When you stumble upon such a funny thing that reminds you of your crazy days back in highschool! Which I believe I’m still living 😀

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