What’s Your Best Companion Combination?

Mine would be A cup of coffee & a nice book to read! What’s yours?


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Quote of The Week

“I never had one hour’s happiness in her society, and yet my mind all round the four-and-twenty hours was harping on the happiness of having her with me unto death.”
– Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

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My TOEFL Score

Remember my previous post?

Well, guess what? My result is out & I got 553 😀 yeeeeehaaaa, I really wanted 525 just to get accepted & now I have a 553 score. TOEFL ain’t easy & ain’t difficult but it’s all about time & thinking fast! Most of the answers are not yes or no, OR wrong or right! They are always asking you “what’s the best answer”! I mean how am I supposed to know what’s the best answer in a very short-limited time?!

As you can see, the reading part is the lowest grade I got, because it was the last part, very-3-hrs-long examination & I got really tired so it was bla bla bla ay kalam 😛

Now, Im waiting for them to open their doors for registration & nshallah I’ll be accepted 😀

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Diwan Book Club

Finallyyyy, a decent Book Club in Kuwait where someone can enjoy a good discussion and feedbacks from many points of views! I came across Diwan Book Club when I was going through Ali M\’s blog (which is amazing btw) and I was more than happy to know that a book club does exist in Kuwait!

The only book club I knew of was with Dr. Hanan Muzzafar when we were in uni, but I’ve graduated long time ago and I thought that I felt like an outcast for being old 😉 And I wanted to create my own book club but the people around were either too lazy to finish a book n then meet to discuss it or they hated reading!!! So i backed out. But now I’m a member in Diwan Book Club, I’ve contacted them and Mr. Yousef khalifa explained everything to that I have to fill a form and he informed me that they meet once every month to discuss the book and that members are required to write a feedback about the book (I miss criticism)! I guess it will be awesome meeting new people and making new friends 🙂

This is what they will be reading next;

1- “September 2010″   The Reader By Bernhard Schlink.

2- ” October 2010″   Say you are one of them By Uwem Akpan.

3- ” November 2010″   The curious incident of the dog in the night time  By Mark Haddon.

4- ” December 2010″   True at first sight By Ernest Hemingway.

5- “January 2011”   The faith club By Rania Edliby + Suzanne Oliver + Priscilla Warner.

P.S. I think I will stop reading my current book and start reading The Reader!!! or just read them both, if i hv the time 🙂

FB Group

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I Love: Sandra Brown

I’ve been in love with Sandra Brown for 7 years now. I was first introduced to the writer by coincidence back in 2003 when I bought one of her books randomly at Virgin and from then, I got hooked to her style of writing, Her novels is a page turner and keeps you on the edge, you just can’t put the book down, you wanna know what will happen next, and it’s never boring reading any novel of hers.

The genre of her novels are Romantic-Suspence (Thriller), Classic Romance, and historical Fiction, But I love the Thriller more, where it has suspense, thriller & action along with a sexual tension and heat between the main 2 characters in the novel (Heroine & Hero). Her style of writing makes you feel like you’re living the story, when I’m not reading, I’m always thinking about what will happen to them and how will they get out of that trouble as if I was the main character 😉

I’ve read 14 of her published novels and currently reading the 15th one 🙂

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I Love: Cecelia Ahern

My first experience with this young Irish novelist was back in February 2006, when I read her book “P.S. I Love You” after my mom died and it made me cope with her death! Her book was vivid, you can feel the characters full of life and feelings! It’s like they’re real people. After that, I read another book for her “If You Could See Me Now” which was about a single mother trying to raise her child alone but then she finds out that her son has an imaginary friend which she thought that her son was going through a mental problem! but suddenly she sees a  man thinking that he’s a normal one, but later she finds out that he’s the imaginary friend of her son and that they have a whole different world from humans. They go to people to help them through their problems and that he’s here for her son and her too.  I don’t want to spoil the book for you but try to read it, it’s amazing!

I’m planning to read next “The Book of Tomorrow” written  by her ofcourse, after i finish this awful book “Breaking Dawn”!

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Inside: The Upper Cabinet

I came back from work, took a nap and then woke up having no plans for the day! I don’t know how it came to my mind but I said to myself let me check the upper cabinet in the semi-mini living room 🙂 *sighs* memoooories of the good old days back in uni came to me once I opened the cabinet . . .

My researches & notebooks

uni books 🙂

Literature books 😀

One of the craziest courses I’ve ever taken with Dr. Bruce Merry 😛

More literature books *smiles*

No Comment 😛


What does that say about me 😀 ?!

Oh yeah baby, I was an A student! This was Criticism, one of the best courses I’ve ever taken with one of the greatest Professors in the whole world Dr. Hanan Muzzafar (I love u)! I remember taking A- in this course and in the Drama course with Dr. Eman Al-Qallaf. Now, both Drs are known for their tough teaching method but I simply loved it! Students used to warn me from them but I took my chances and VOILA, look at the grades! It’s not easy to take A or A- in these courses, simply because they’re categorized under “Literature”. It’s not like memorizing and writing it down on papers! It’s more like reading what you have in their and twisting it with your imagination supported by verses or lines from the books you have read, easy ha?! It was for me because I loved it 😀

LOOL 🙂 Now that cracked me up! back in highschool days, how we were all obssessed about those bands “Backstreet Boys, Five, N’Sync, 911, Take That etc”


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uniQue Magazine Makes me Proud!

uniQue Magazine is a monthly youth magazine that differs uniQuely from other ones with its vivid style that has never been seen before through its modern design along with its Arabian touch. The Arabic & English articles are presented in a modern style, which is a new phenomena in the market because of its way in presenting the articles which creates the kind of flavour that attracts the youth to taste it.

I’ve been writing in uniQue Magazine since March 2008, which’s almost 2 years now . . . and last June 2009 i’ve been promoted to be the Managing Editor, which came to me as a shock and in an unexpected time! and Thanks to the Editor in Chief Ahmad Althuwaini who had faith in me and gave me his full trust that i will acheive things in the magazine!

I won’t lie, it wasn’t an easy task at the beginning, and i was going through a rough time in my personal life, but i promised myself that this won’t get on the way and I will make it! and I did 🙂 It;s been 6 months now since i’ve been promoted to Managing Editor and things have changed in a very good way, which i’m really proud of!

uniQue Mag makes me feel proud . . .

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Victorian Fiction!


The Victorian Fiction has witnessed several changes during the 19th century due to the social, historical, religious, and political events which shaped the genres of the novels.

The 1830s was the decade of the inventions and reform in society, and it was also the decade of a major change from the industrial revolution and the beginning of the Victorian Age. In that time, many changes happened that affected society such as; the rapid increase of railways in Britain, the Reform Act in 1830 that attacked the corruption of the 18th century structures, and the creation of a modern police in the Poor Low Amendment Act in 1834. (Wheeler 15)

The culture in the 1830s and early 1840s was also in transition. Romantic artists developed what was later to be influential genre of Victorian narrative painting imitating everyday life in a realistic way. And also in novels, not just only in paintings. (15)

The most known theme of pre and early Victorian novelists was society manners and attitudes for it was an interesting subject in the period of social movement, and at the time when money was in circulation among the rapidly increasing middle class. Few of the novelists included Romantic characteristics in their novels such as Jane Austen whose influence was extremely small in early Victorian Fiction (14,15)

Jane Austen was a pre-Victorian novelist and Romantic in presenting everyday life and events of people. Readers can sense the value of  integrity, the response to nature, and the pure emotions in her novels. Also the characters’ personalities in the novels show the romantic joy in creation. (Stonyk 48)

The usual theme of Austen’s novels was about women and men dealing with the threats of dishonesty and selfishness, and to re-state their values. She often presents themes in a comic way that ought to create a change in society. (49)

The remarkable phase in the 19th century Englsih novels was the Victorian Age. The obvious changes were noticeable in the mid 19th century, where the most affective social-problem novels were written between 1845-1855, in a time of poverty, and a divided society due to the Oxford movement in the 1830s and the 1840s, and the conversation of J.H. Newman to Roman Catholics in 1845 that divided the church of England to High, Low, and Broad church groups in 1850s. (Wheeler 35)

The novel was the most famous genre in mid 19th century literature, where major novelists shared common concerns, which was the life of the individual in society; like in marriage, relationships, and family that was related to social, political, spiritual themes, and the yearning of this individual for emotional and spiritual fulfillment in a cruel harsh world. Those novelists were known as reformist who wrote about the problems and errors in society and their novels were called “social-problem novels”. Charles Dickens was one of them.

In Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist, he wrote about the resistance of an orphan boy the seduction and attraction of the criminal world, and social evil represented in the bad people working in the orphanage. They’re supposed to treat them well, but they don’t. (Stonyk 97)

The late Victorian period also witnessed great shifts specially in society and literature. Birth control was widespread in the middle class families in 1877. 1st generation that was educated under Froster’s Education Act in 1870 emerged. And in fiction, the characters can read gas meters, and have buildings that are lit by electric lights. (Wheeler 171)

The major themes in the late Victorian period was to get inside the human psyche, mind and its power and turn away from the physical world. The characters were very complex to analyze. A great example of such novelist is George Eliot. (173)

Mary Ann Evans a.k.a. George Eliot is one of the major novelists in the late Victorian period, that her novels were rich of descriptions and conversations. She used childhood as a symbol of clean feelings,a nd sympathy to explore the complexity of adults. (205)

The literary markeplace has gone through fundemental changes due to the new expanded readership. Wrieters like Charles Dickens, Trollope, and George Eliot became aware of what the readers want, which was the details of their private lives. The novels stayed strong as one of the Victorian moral symbols until the 1890s during the efiicient material changes. (207, 208)

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