Why Do We Hate Saturdays?


I’ve always hated Saturdays, you know why? Because Sunday will follow, that means, a new working day. Waking up earl in the morning feeling the weekend went so fast & you didn’t get enough sleep. But that’s Sunday, so why hate Saturday? Don’t ruin the day because the weekend is about to end. I used to do that & just now I came to realize that I used to waste a whole day because of a day that haven’t arrived yet.

As I’m getting myself in the mood of getting back to work (September, I know too early). I’m starting to realize the wrong things that I used to do which took my energy & power from me. We as working human beings (hypothetically) need to enjoy every hour of our off days because we deserve it. We deserve happiness, joy, having fun, relaxing, reading a book, having breakfast outside, whatever makes your soul happy.

For all of you ladies & gents who are feeling down because the weekend is about to end, it hasn’t yet! Be active & enjoy the day before you snuggle in your bed.

Happy Belated Saturday ❀

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Life With Baby Jana-Part 1

Almost 2 months are gone now & life is becoming more & more beautiful with her full of funny moments & frustrating ones as well. As you can see in the picture above, she has grown mashallah. She was very very tiny when she came out early to this world, but now she’s getting bigger & taller mashallah. Her face is changing every day, one day she’s cute & adorable & the other day she looks OMG πŸ˜› but thats very common with newborns.

The 1st couple of weeks were the hardest, I couldn’t stop crying as I mentioned in one of my posts. The surgery was very painful & recovery was hard. Going up from bed & lying down was very painful, it took me 20 days to get better. My sister took 2 weeks off from work to help me but when she got back to work the hard work started, still I had Dad helping me with few things … Changing her diapers was kinda scary because she was very small & I was worried that I might break a bone in her :/

Was that hard? Nop, the hardest was when I got back home to my apartment. When I was at Dad’s, I had many people helping me with Jana, taking her from me so I can rest for a while, watching over her when I wanted to go out for a bit, or just get a couple of hrs nap. But at home I had no one, ofcourse my husband was there but his ability to take care of Baby Jana was limited. So I had to do the work all by myself & teach him a bit. He started learning the basics πŸ˜›

Dealing with baby Jana is becoming easier el7mdellah. She has picked a routine on when to sleep/feed. Now, that she’s a lil bit bigger, I can carry her, change & play with her without being worried that I might break a bone in her. She started smiling, & making voices (ya5ty).

Now, my blogging life & Baby Jana is a hassle … Attending events, openings, restaurants ,,, etc is very difficult when you have a newborn. As I said before, I don’t trust maids with my baby, so finding someone from my family to babysit at certain hours was a hassle … I have my grandma, she’s a sweetheart & very helpful, sister, & father. Yup, my dad knows how to baby sit (bs marrat yetwahag πŸ˜› ) I tried husband once & I had to cut trip (running errands) & come back home. That happened alot.

I love blogging alot, it’s the only thing keeping me sane along with Baby Jana πŸ˜› It’s making me more relaxed, extra happy & giving me a piece of mind from my busy life. But I’m turning down alot of invitations coz sometimes it’s not in my hands. Baby Jana comes 1st & then my blog.

Thank you Allah for all your blessings.

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Quote: Hugh Jackman

β€œThe natural law is that we should all have equal access, equal opportunity with the planet, but it seems the way we’ve divided it up politically or economically, that is not the case.”

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Everybody, Somebody, Anybody & Nobody

Credits to owner

I really have no idea who created this but when I saw it, I immediately thought of sharing it with you people! It’s shocking how this beautiful poem/song speaks about our reality. Specially in Kuwait

Enjoy πŸ˜‰

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Change of Personality!

Because I’m currently jobless, & have nothing to do but to think & think ALOT!. I’ve realized recently that I’ve changed alot. As if it’s not me. I admit I went through a change of personality after my mom’s death where I started forgiving people & accepting the good & the bad in life, but still I’ve remained this active girl who won’t let anyone step over her toe & would open her mouth to the max to defend herself (I’m not helegeya, don’t get me wrong) πŸ˜› & I used to have a very short temper, I couldn’t control my anger at all.

Now, I came to realize that I became a very calm & I mean it, a very CALM lady (not with my family ofcourse). i’m being very patient, I can tolerate some ignorant people, and it seems that nothing can make me upset! Well not nothing at all y3ni, but really, Dumb, selfish, jealous & envious people don’t have that influence on me anymore! I’m more relaxed than ever. I’m always thankful to Allah for what I have even if it’s not that much, but to me el7mdellah, whatever I have is a blessing from Allah! I don’t swear at all now, except if I’m driving & there are stupid dumb people who are making me very nervous! Yes, the streets of Kuwait still have a great negative influence over my personality, this one I think will never ever change πŸ˜›

Sometimes I wonder what leads to these personality changes? To me it was Death & then Marriage! But I’m sure there are other factors that can lead to personality changes! To me, I find those changes were positive el7mdellah! But what other factors can lead to positive personality changes & what are the factors that can to lead to negative ones? Do we have to wait til they come knocking on our doors, wait & see what will happen to our personality? Or do we have to be aware of these factors so we can handle them in a better away & avoid negative personality changes!

Death & Marriage were sudden factors that lead to positive personality!

Have you experienced such thing before?

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I Wish You All Joy & Happiness

It needs alot of effort & hard work to reach such point in your life! Where you become happy & content of what you have. Where you give more & expect less. Where you say Thank You Allah (el7mdellah) for what you have & for what you’re gonna get in the future. For feeling happiness & joy almost all the time (i’d be lying if I said all the time). For believing in the good of your society & country. Bless you Kuwait :*

Many people are telling me that “you’re still young” or “you haven’t seen it all”! Well I’ll tell you what? Losing my mother was the part that “I’ve seen it all”. i’ve hit rock bottom as many of you have read a couple of years ago. I totally lost hope in everything! But then suddenly, I smiled & felt that I’m happy with what I have. After that i got married. I wasn’t expecting it at all, but Allah blessed me with a good man (not gonna say great because no one is πŸ˜› ). And i was very happy, over the moon happy! But then, Allah took something from me, I became very depressed & sad all the time! It has nothing to do with my marriage life! It was something personal. After that, I got over it. Said to myself “I’m gonna live the way I’m supposed to live & enjoy my life, enjoy what I have even if it’s not that much”. & Guess what? I became happy & content again πŸ™‚

I’ll tell you a story that happened to me a couple of days ago. As you know that my car’s ABS system has to be changed. Guess what? It costs KD 600. i was like “it’s not even a luxurious car” so it’s totally not worth it. I’m jobless,& i’ll be having a huge event soon! Baby Reception, souvenirs, cover sheets, my own gown/darra3a for the reception! All that will cost ALOT for oneday but I’m happy about it! It’s totally worth it! Anyways, so i have many expenses on my shoulder; my car & my reception. I thought I’m being strangled but i kept thanking Allah (o astaghfer all the time). Guess what happens? Social Security calls me (ta2meenat) & they want me to go & visit one of their branches! aha aha aha, I don’t need more people cutting money from me! They already took from me over KD 3000 last year, I can’t handle such amount this year. I prayed & said that I’m content with what I have & what will happen will be for the best. I went there & taraaaaaa ta2meenat wants to give me money (smth from my mom’s salary allah yer7amha) Isn’t life amazing πŸ˜€ I started breathing again!

Life is beautiful & Allah is there if you can only connect with him, you’ll feel the love & generosity coming your way in no time.

Yesterday, I was inspired to do something that i’ve been wanting to do my whole life. I said to myself “even if I fail, at least I tried”. Dad & husband are supporting me! Friends are willing to help! What more can I ask for?

I can feel the doors opening for me πŸ™‚

Therefore, I’m writing this post to lift you up if you’re down. To give you hope if you’ve lost it. To make you feel content if you want more & can’t get it.

I wish you all, one by one; all the happiness in the world! No matter what you’re going through in this life; make sure that it’s only temporary & it will fade in no time! Something good will happen to you! Just start to believe! Give more & don’t wait to receive! Take a look at the suffering in the world, see what you have & what they don’t have! We’re blessed to live in a country like Kuwait. I wish that everyone will find peace inside themselves. Spread the love, happiness & joy! Don’t just keep it for yourself! Some people need it!

I love you all … & to those who don’t love me! Well, I’ll try to love you but I can’t promise i’ll be able to do it πŸ˜›

This post was inspired by the chitto chat i had with Samah Queslati.

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A Mother To Be :)

Gotta start with thanking Allah for his blessings & everything he has given me after he took away my dearest mother! Can’t say life became better but I’m surely finding alot of happiness day after day. El7mdellah!

I’m so happy to share this news with you my dearest readers! I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I was 20 yrs old or maybe even younger. I love kids alot & can’t wait for the moment to have my own, touch him/her, carry him/her, raise & play with him/her & even get mad at him/her!

I will surely follow my mother’s path! I will follow how she raised me to raise my own kids, to be successful, respect others, have respectful attitude & reputation! I will want my kid to be the best in the whole world, every mother does πŸ™‚

Am I ready for this experience? Nop, no one is ready for that, it comes to you naturally I guess! Yes, I’m worried about sleepless nights, post-birth depression, weight-loss & other things but hey this is life & many people went through it & i will nshallah πŸ˜€

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When You Want To Tell … But

Sometimes you want to share something with people who are close to you or even strangers. Sometimes talking about a certain thing brings joy & relief … But in our society, it’s a forbidden talk. People will envy you & something bad will happen to you. You’ll be jinxed, you’ll be bla bla bla! Yes we believe people may envy others but trust me not all the time. Specially when you want to talk about something very ordinary & happens to everyone in this whole world!

It’s so frustrating wallah & it pisses me off. Like when I was going to get married. “Don’t tell until 3 days after your marriage” (Grandma says). I’m like “Why? I already got married, they won’t envy me & ruin my marriage, will they? I already got married”. She replies “it’s better this way, just don’t say”. Ofcourse me published about the whole thing the very same day or the next I guess πŸ˜›

And when I got pregnant last year on September … Don’t tell & I didn’t tell! Guess what? I lost the baby … “Now, who jinxed me, & made me lose the baby?” (I said to Grandma). “It’s fate, the baby wasn’t meant to be born” (Grandma). Exactly, it’s all about fate, Allah destines every little thing in our lives. As I said, yes we have to be careful in few things, but not everything in your life!

You are traveling next week DON’T TELL

You’re buying a new car DON’T TELL

You’re buying a new bag DON’T TELL

Your husband bought you a necklace DON’T TELL

You went to dinner with your husband DON’T TELL

You got a new job DON’T TELL

Your baby is a genius DON’T TELL

Why are we alive then? so we can keep things to ourselves & live like loners?

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A Year Ago … I Met Him

Time flies really REALLY so fast! I still can’t believe I got married & that we’re completing 1 year of marriage next month! On this day, last year 14-2-2011! A strange man came knocking on my door to introduce himself … later on we got married! Marriage was the last thing on my mind at that time because I thought good men didn’t exist but I guess I was wrong!

Things happen when you’re not expecting them … when you’re not nagging or whining about them … when you make peace with yourself; you’ll be content & things will happen your own way! Trust me πŸ™‚

Happy Valentine’s All … & Happy 1st engagement anniversary to us πŸ˜‰

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Valentine Gift Ideas For Him

Let’s PopcornΒ 12 flavors tray; KD 12

Chopard Perfume set (comes with a deodorant) from Tanagra; KD 20,750

TffanyΒ Onyx leather Passport Cover; KD 51

Dupont Lighter from Tanagra (not sure about the price) but it might range from KD 60 to 80 *just guessing*

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Talking, Talking, Talking, BUT . . .

You know which kind of people I hate? They are the ones who talk & talk & talk showing off that they’re very important individuals in this life when they’re actually lower than you, whether financialy or socially. I mean, why would you say things about yourself that are not true? Why would you say you’ll do things that you won’t do? Why would you say you won’t do such things when you know exactly that you’ll end up doing them? Why lie to people?

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Happy Belated 2012

Wishing YOU All A Very Happy New Year Filled With Love, Health, Wealth & Happiness

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