Zain Al-Adghal مسرحيه زين الادغال


Like every year, before the end of Ramadan, we receive an invitation from the lovely team of the marketing team in Zain Telecom to their final rehearsal of their yearly play.

Every year they come up with new ideas, new decorations, songs, lyrics, plots and so many more that keeps the audience overwhelmed with joy and entertained.

This year was much better than last year, it contained waterfalls, lights, beautiful decoration etc.

One thing I have to talk about which is the words of the play. Every year Heba Hamada comes with a unique way of presenting the story/idea of the play playing with words, her talent is beyond amazing mashallah.

Why I like Zain plays? Because they HAVE a meaning and they teach our kids good things/deeds unlike the other plays.



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Silk Restaurant Experience @AlthurayaCity Crowne Plaza


When I stayed in the newly renovated Crwone Plaza located in Farwaniya city, I had the chance to try some delicious dishes in Silk restaurant which is the main restaurant of the hotel and located in the middle just infant of the lobby. I love the design of this hotel, everything is in the open with bright sunlight above you.

We went down from our Royal Suite around 1:30 pm because we were really hungry and started looking at the menu that had a variety of dishes. They also have healthy menu, for those who are dieting! But seriously, who goes on diet when on vacation or relaxation mood? 😛

We ordered Lobster Soup and Avocado Shrimp Salad for starters, I have to say both were really amazing but the best is the Avocado Shrimp Salad … HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Main dishes were: Mini Trio Burgers with Brie Cheese, Seas Bass, Mushroom Risotto and Tenderloin Steak (medium well-done) … All these dishes turned out to be really REALLY good. Honestly, I had a hard time deciding which is the best of them all. But my favourite were the Sea Bass served on a bed of sweet potato and the Mini Trio Burgers served with melted Brie cheese …. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. All of them

We ended our feast with Kind Kunafa that had something different in its taste which was really nice and unique. Loved the whole experience.

And at  night, we went back to the restaurant to have light dinner. We ordered Shrimp Mango Pizza and Lobster Dumplings … Oh that Pizza *yumminess*

You have to try the place.

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Crowne Plaza Althuraya City Experience


I was offered a short stay from the Marketing staff of Althuraya City Crowne Plaza to try The Royal Suite, services, Silk restaurant, the spa and other facilities. This was supposed to happen back in April but for some matters it didn’t happen. But, fortunately I was able to go there last weekend (Friday) and I had to say that i had one of the best weekends ever; from pampering to delicious food etc.

Crowne Plaza has been renovated to a more chick and elegant hotel. It’s more modern and filled with sunlight, unlike the old one. This one is more relaxing, quiet and filled with serenity. I liked the design of the lobby and the restaurant.

We arrived there around 12:40pm, the reception asked us to wait for a while. After few minutes our Royal Suit was read *dances*. I have to say that the room was really really big, I didn’t expect it to be that BIG. It contains; one business room, dining room open to the living room which is larger than my own apartment hehe 😛 There’s also a toilet for guests, kitchen, then a dressing room leads to the main bedroom and inside the bedroom there is one of the best bathrooms I’ve ever seen; all black and gold, 2 sinks, jacuzzi, huge shower place and separate toilet. All toilet stuff are from Bulgari, just amazing.

When we went inside the room, we found delicious dates covered with chocolate and pistachio waiting for us yum yum and also there were 2 trays, one filled with mini desserts and the other one filled with finger food *yumminess* We munched on them all day long.

We really enjoyed our time watching TV, surfing the net, ordering coffee and desserts. I have to say that it took them a while to bring the Turkish Coffee but they’ve actually informed us that it will take this certain time to arrive which is acceptable. I liked this about them, giving their guests a timing for their order.

Loved my stay…Posts will be coming about Silk restaurant and Aquatonic Spa.

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BRW Coffee Experience-360 Mall


A couple of weeks ago I wanted to try the newly opened coffee shop which is part of Open Flame Kitchen restaurant called BRW Coffee.

We went there on Friday afternoon around 5pm and as expected it was crowded but what wasn’t expected is that the staff told us that we have to wait 3 hours for a table just to drink coffee! I was really astonished. I told them it’s just coffee and we want to sit outside not inside the restaurant. They told us the tables outside are part of the restaurant! As if I didn’t know that!!!! Why haven’t they separated the coffee shop from the restaurant?!

Anyways, we left then came back on a weekday which was Monday I believe and they also told me I have to wait 30 minutes until a table is available, I said fine, I can do window shopping in 30 minutes.

I came back and they called me and gave me a table outside the restaurant. I ordered Cortado coffee and Caramel Donuts. The order arrived immediately, it didn’t take time to prepare it. Thank god, the busyness of the place didn’t affect the coffee shop. Then I ordered the Iced Cube Latte.

All in all, I loved the experience, loved the kinds of coffee I tried, loved the service, the atmosphere and the prices were very reasonable. But I wouldn’t come back to enjoy coffee on a table because it will take a lot of time to be seated. I’d go back to have coffee to go.




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Afternoon Tea at @AlthurayaCity Crowne Plaza Hotel


Today, I was invited to try the newly addition to the menu of Silk restaurant located in Althuraya City Crowne Plaza Hotel (@AlthurayaCity)

Let me give a brief introduction about the hotel. It’s a new modern hotel which opened its doors a couple of months ago. It’s part of 3 hotels; Holiday Inn (The old one), Althuraya City Crowne Plaza (The new one) which I’ll be reviewing and posting about it by the end of May, and Intercontinental Hotel which began construction and will be taking a while till it opens its doors.

Silk restaurant is the main restaurant of the hotel and I’ll be reviewing the menu soon inshallah but today I had the opportunity a selection of fine desserts, scones and sandwiches.

The 3 level tower had amazing desserts, fine delicious scones and light sandwiches. My favourite was the scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, yumminess. Highly Recommended 🙂 The salmon sandwich was also yummy and light, totally English style. And mini chocolate desserts with raspberries (my favourite fruit) was enjoyable.

We also had Chocolate Milk Fondue and it was amazing…Loved it with the marshmallow and the fruit. A great side with the tray. And because I’m a coffee person, I had coffee with all those yummy delights.

It was a nice hour spent in the afternoon with the team of Crwone Plaza Hotel and the interior of the hotel at night is so relaxing with all the colours and greens.


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Healthy Additions @MakiRest


Last week, I’ve been invited to Maki Restaurant-Burj Jassem branch to try their latest additions to their menu and they are very healthy and delicious additions.

We were seated and introduced to the menu and what we will be trying and we also saw few new dishes that we wanted to try.

We met the chef that explained the names of the dishes and that most of them will contain Red rice 🙂

The dessert is still not on the menu, they’re still trying few things with it but it was really amazing.

Under each picture, I’ll write my opinion of each dish and it ingredients.

Chaine Fores Haze Salad

Ingredients: Red quinoa, carrot, frisse, cress shish green, white radish, cherry tomato, avocado, truffles & special dressing.

Verdict: Now this one was really good, loved how it was presented inside a bowl as a forest with fog & mist. The taste was dreamy and superb. Highly Recommended.

Jawi Maki

Ingredients: Tempura Prawn, avocado, topped with shredded ebi, umi wrap, rocket served with Maki special sauce.

Verdict: This one will be my IT maki platter. Loved everything about it. The combination of the ingredients were really amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Nadia Maki & Akagome Mowaffak Maki

Verdict: Both dishes were ok. Not wow, but acceptable.


Akagume Smoked Kung Pao Salmon Steak

Ingredients: Smoked salmon steak served with red rice, asparagus, green chili, truffles, carrots, boo chou, spinach, pinenut, coriander, portabello mushrooms with black truffle oil.

Verdict: DELICIOUSNESS. This dish from the picture tells everything. Salmon and Prawn were my favourite. Loved both of them. The marination of the shrimp was really yummy.


Agakome Prawn Tepenyaki

Ingredients: Brown teppen served with red rice, asparagus, green chili, truffles, carrots, boo choy, spinach, pine nut, portabello mushrooms with black truffles oil.

Verdict: MY FAVOURITE. Same as the salmon above. Highly recommended.


Black Rice Seafood Risotto

Ingredients: Prawn, scallop, black cod, asparagus, onion, garlic, shiso cress, black truffles oil with risotto black rice.

Verdict: Loved the texture of this dish, how creamy and blackish it was. Moist and goes straight to you tummy. The variety of seafood was really great, not just prawn and fish, so many other kinds were presentable as you can see. It needed more salt which was adjustable. Recommended.


Momo Crumble

Ingredients: Raspberry, cranberry, peach and other things (not sure)

Verdict: AMAZZZZING. The mixture of the above fruits was beyond my expectations. Loved it and it was served really hot, so the ice cream melted above everything and the delightful spoon had everything that we wanted to put inside our tummy 😀

This has to be added to the menu.

Thank you @MakiRest ❤

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Dean & Deluca New Healthy Menu @The_Avenues


I went to Dean & Deluca last month to try their newly added dishes on their healthy menu. The variety of dishes was quite decent and they looked super healthy.

We ordered the Quinoa Salad (It was okay). Some appetisers (Pesto Hummus, Muhammara, Baba Ghanouj) Those were really delicious, yummy and awesome. They tasted better than the quinoa salad which was somehow ordinary.

Now let’s talk about the main dishes … We picked the Salmon and Chicken Kebab dishes. The salmon was really good, cooked to perfection and the side dish that came with it was yummy, it was a salad cup that had tiny balls which tasted really good. The marination of the chicken kebab was also good and filled with good spices.

We also ordered the steak which we didn’t like, not recommended.

Great dishes indeed…No need to feel guilty at all.

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Valentine’s Day Lunch @OishiiKW


A couple of weeks ago, precisely on Valentine’s Day, I was invited to dine at Oishii restaurant located in Aljawhara Tower in Kuwait City. This isn’t my first visit to the place, I love the food and quiet atmosphere especially in the afternoons when it gets really quiet inside the place when it’s really loud out in the streets of the busy city.

I chose lunch around 3 pm to have some quality and quiet time with my husband which we really need away from the house and all the routines and problems in our daily life. I was wondering how the decoration would be and I was astonished to see how they set out table. It isn’t that fancy, elegant & simple yet mind blowing and romantic.

There was a red flower on my seat (just for me lol nothing for him) and then we were greeted with a pink sparkly juice which my husband liked and ordered more of it and then we chose some fancy dishes that we wanted to try.

This time, the winner was Bonita Salad, Shitake Soup and The Godzilla Maki. Those were really special but that doesn’t mean that everything else wasn’t great. We loved everything and the taste of the Crispy Sashimi in my mouth was so dreamy. Loved it.

And when we thought we were done, the brought us a red velvet heart shaped cake with cream cheese icing inside it accompanied with a chocolate sauce to write something on the plate …. The cake was light and moist ❤

Thank you @OishiiKW for the lovely lunch, we surely enjoyed our time ❤


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Happy National & Liberation Day My Lovely Country Kuwait <3


Cake from @Haleeboheil

Sandwiches from @Londonkitchenkw

Damlooj from &Nutsnmorekw



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Hotel Calcutta Experience @The_Avenues


Last month, I was invited to try the newly opened Indian Contemporary  Cuisine called Hotel Calcutta located in The Avenues Mall (3rd Phase). We’ve all seen the signs and the colourful painting covering the place and wondered what could this be!

My husband & I went there around 7pm and I was dressed in Indian clothes (got them from my last trip to Mumbai), just getting in the mood I guess 🙂

The whole place looked as if you were having food in a hotel lobby … beautiful decoration, from tables to chairs to a trolly with bags and even the waitresses’ clothes looked magnificent and neat.

We were welcomed in a very hotel-like greeting and we were seated outdoors (our request). The menu was introduced to us and they gave us a little bit of explanations. Everything we’ve ordered turned out to be really good especially the Shrimp Coconut Curry and the Awadhi Biryani …. yum yum! Filled with Indian spices and aroma. I also loved the Mango Shrimp Salad, even though only 3 or 4 shrimps were presented, it was delicious. Also the Gulab Jamon Cheesecake was something, not to be missed!


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Namaste Indian Breakfast


Last month, when I was on spring break, I wanted to try as many places as possible. One of them was Namaste, I wanted to try their Thali Breakfast which is all about the tray, small copper bowls and delicious taste.

The place is really small, but the decoration is beyond amazing. Loved all the Indian colours, drawings and furniture.

The menu is displayed on an iPad which makes it great to choose from when you don’t know all the Indian names of traditional dishes.

We tried 2 dishes, the Thali breakfast and Egg Dhal or something (I forgot the name but the picture is down below). Everything turned out to be perfect, delicious and the quantity was beyond fulfilling. Not to mention, it was reasonably priced.

I advise you to visit it on weekends and try their breakfast. I’m looking forward to try their lunch/dinner dishes.



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Vol.1 Coffee Experience


On my trip to Kuwait City to try the various coffee house that opened there, I stopped at Vol.1 Coffee House where I tried their best seller Cereal Latte. Got to admit that it was really good and fills your tummy. A healthy choice for breakfast. Really loved it.

Then on another visit, I tried plain Americano and it was OH AM GEE. The aroma was mind-blowing and the taste was strong and vivid.

The cafe itself isn’t that big from the inside but it has an outdoor seating. Loved the seatings inside, simple yet elegant. It gets really crowded on weekdays around 9 am. I believe employees get down there to get their share of caffeine from them.

I’m going there for a 3rd visit to try other cups soon.



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