How To Make Money From Home?

As I am having difficulties finding a job because I’m in my 6th month now, I’m thinking of doing smth from home that can generate money! But the question is, what can I do? I’m gonna be staying home for a long period, the rest of my pregnancy & after birth period! So what can I really do? What can bring me money?

– Social Media is amazing, I think I can do that, like tweet for a company but most of them want their employees at work premises! Because employees need to do sm research before tweeting. So scratch that!

– Write a book? Okay, I’m thinking about, I even have the story in my head, the outline & everything but smhow I stopped! Even If im going to start now, it will take time! So scratch that too!

– Have a small business? Can’t do that! Can;t risk spending the money I have in my bank account without having a backup salary (good one). Scratch that.

– Mystery Shopping? Alshaya’a does it but I’ve heard that you spend more than what you earn, & they don’t pay you immediately! Scratch that.

– Baby Sitting? Also thought about it, Like I can take care of a kid or 2, let’s say from 7am til 2pm, but then I still don’t have a maid, so who will do the washing & the cleaning etc?. Scratch that!

– Journalism? It doesn’t pay that much, KD 20 per article, & only 1 article per month. Not worth the hassle. Scratch that!

Now, I ran out of ideas … Do you guys have anything on your mind that you can share with me & I can benefit from?

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A Useless Soul Living Among Us

Have you ever felt like this … A useless soul living in this world sucking the air from other people who are struggling to have it? Well, that’s exactly my feeling these days!

Not having a job, not even a part time job can make you feel like that. Sleeping, eating, going out, doing nothing useful at all, all the time can be really frustrating. My mind is about to stop functioning!

Some of you will say, why don’t you start a project or a business! Yes I thought about that, but business needs alot of money, a big budget, and you have to have a backup plan (job) which I don’t. So scratch that for now! Maybe next year nshallah if I’m alive!

It just pisses me off when people don’t wanna hire pregnant women because they think we’ll be whining all the time, taking medical leaves, complaining from morning sickness blah blah blah! Well, guess what? It’s not the same case with every pregnant women out there! I can take working long hrs, waking up in the morning & heading to work in the heat & i can also attend events or outdoor meetings! I’m completely capable of doing many things as I’m having the best pregnancy ever (El7mdellah). So it’s really sad having people with such close minds!

I’m just pissed, upset, sad, and angry at our world!

I’m useless for now …

P.S. If you need any help in anything, plz email at any hour of the day/night! I’ll be glued to my pc until further notice!

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My New Job . . . My New 2012

My New Job In Bulletins 😉

– Working Hrs: 9:30 am til 3:30 pm (Can any one top that? 😛 )

– Location: Sahab Tower (Next To SALHIYA) *ra7 elma3ash*


– Salary: Not that much but things will be better nshallah 😉

– Extras: HUGE COFFEE MACHINE *sigh* You might find me sleeping there oneday 😀

2012 . . . I already love you :*

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New Job

Tomorrow, I will start my new job 😉

I almost wanted to commit suicide because of boredom! Staying home is awful when you don’t have anything to do!

It’s a new kind of work which I’m a lil bit experienced in it but it’s something I love to do! It includes; reading, writing & a Magazine 😉

I will be writing a long post about it but after i get some fancy pix tomorrow on my first day there!

Wish me luck 😀

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Teaching Toddlers?

A change of career path you may say . . . why not? It’s a new challenge. I’ve always loved kids & I practically raised 3 of my cousins, feeding them, bathing them, taking them out, teaching them their school lessons & having fun with them.

Yesterday, I had an interview at one of the nurseries out there in the country. Everything seemed fine. I honestly dunno if they will call back to confirm everything or not coz I’m not experienced in this area. But i don’t mind learning & as I said it’s a new challenge 😉

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Dream Job; A Surgeon!!!

I love blood, I adore it! It gives me this rush and vibes inside of me that wants me to jump/run n never stop! Cutting sm1’s body, touching their organs, and trying to fix them was one of my dreamz that I didn’t accomplish! Why? Because, I was too lazy to spend my whole life studying! Instead, I went out, partied, had fun with my friends and managed to get to uni with great marks (A Student) and major in English Literature!

My mom wanted me to be a Doctor, and she encouraged me alot, never stopped actually! But i let her down when I said I don’t wanna keep on studying n not have a social life (as if i hv one right now)! Anyways, i went to uni and majored in English Literature as I said but Mama wanted Linguistics *faints*! Told her no way, I hate it! Poor Mama, I always went against her will but she was proud of me because I managed to be Excellent in Literature and always got As & Bs where in Linguistics I got Cs & Ds 😀

Good thing Lil Bro got into Allied Health and majored in Physical Therapy! Their studies are almost the same with Med School! They experimented on Dead Bodies! He once asked me to come with him to the Morgue in Med School (Jabriya)! I swear I will never forget that day! It was back in 2003, winter, cold, rainy and it was Ramadan! He tool me there around 11:30 pm! Can you believe it! We went to the basement where all the bodies lied there wrapped in white sheets! Oh god! When I went inside, I couldnt move, I just stood there looking at 10 bodies :/ But I can’t explain what I felt inside, it was unbelievable! You might think Im crazy feeling excitement just by being with dead bodies! but think about it! think about how much can you learn from those bodies so u can save other lives!

Now That Im going back remembering old memories, I kinda feel down! for not going after my dream and making it come true! Becoming a Surgeon, fix people, feel Allah’s creation inside the human body! Exploring new ideas and thoughts! Creating new Operation Tools/procedures! Contribute in researches!

I only can feel my dream job through Medical Dramas (Chicago Hope, ER, Grey’s Anatomy, House MD, & Miami Medical)! I always feel like im in there with the whole staff! feeling the blood everywhere, the rush it gives you and the great feeling you get when you save sm1’s life! i still do, and maybe this is the only thing I regret! not pursuing Medicine as a career!

Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy was the best one ever! I miss Izzie, & George! Why did they hv to go?! 😦

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Freelance Reporter :)

I’m more than happy to announce that i’ve just started my own business which is nothing to do with fashion, cosmetics or whatever the other people are doing! It’s about smth I love alot and I’m passionate about 🙂 I’m a Freelance Reporter now thanks to the great lady Ms. Zeina Mokaddam!

Some of you know that I used to be the Managing Editor of uniQue Magazine but I left few months ago because the work was really hectic and there was no one to help! Managing 1 magazine is hell  believe me! After leaving, I was still passionate about journalism/reporting! There was a void and last week when I was going through Student Talk magazine, I came through Ms. Zeina’s email and I sent her my CV for a part time job!

She was kind enough to reply to my email the same day and call me after 2 days which put a big smile on my face! Today, she paid me a visit to my full time job where we sat and chatted! Let me tell you, she’s the friendliest lady i’ve ever met and she has this amazing spirit! She gave me many advises and she was willing to help!

I told her that I’m happy at my job now but I’d like to do some reporting/journalism thing as a part time job because I LOVE it! She secured me some pages in one of their magazines which I won’t mention coz still I haven’t done any interviews yet or reports! But I guess I’m gonna work very hard in order to submit a good report! She also advised me to create my own business card and state that i’m a “Freelance Reporter” so I can conduct exclusive interviews for them and other interviews where I can sell them to other magazines later one 😀 I’m currently in the process of printing my business card, thanks again to Mr. Anil for designing it 🙂 and I’m starting right now to collect all infos and numbers of various people . . . wish me luck 😀

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