Je La La Jewelry

“Je La La!s summer colorful silver gold plated rings are here at last!

make your hands glam with our new collection of finger tip rings and rings that are funky and cute, by our one and only Lulwa Al-Terkait.

Je La La! authentic jewelry is a business that was launched in 2009, from Kuwait, in order to give you only the finest Gold/silver and diamond jewelry designs. whether it’s funky, modern, classic, or cute!, je La La! is here to grant you your wishes and provide you with unique pieces of jewelry.”

for more info:
call or whatsapp: 00965-97883866
twitter: @jelalajewellery

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I Want: Cartier LEVE Bracelet

A couple of weeks ago me and Lady Jow went out to sip coffee/drinks and have a small chitchat and catch up with our daily life and adventures (non in Ramadan)! Anyways, after we finished our drinks, she said let’s go and hv a look around the stores! Note; it was a couple of WEEKS ago, our salaries weren’t the in banks yet and we were almost BROKE 🙂

She deliberately took me to Cartier Boutique to show me the LEVE/Heart Lock collection (madre lesh be’6ab6)! It was very beautiful and sooo elegant, I simply fell in love with it! You just cannot forbid yourself from not falling in love with the whole collection! There’s this locked bracelet which can only be opened by a small screwdriver, and it’s not suppposed to be opened! it shall be locked in your hands as a symbol of his/your love to each other!

” The original provocative bracelet-created in the 1970’s- which could only be opened with a tiny screwdriver. It soon became a piece of cult jewellery for modern day Lovers.”

My shout out to you my fellow bloggers, family members, friends & my silent readers! My 28th birthday will be next year (nshallah etha allah a7yana) so you hv time to collect the amount needed to get me the 2nd bracelet  as a gift (I’m content, see :P) Kidding 😉 but for those men who are really in love and want to let their ladies feel appreciated and really loved! get them this bracelet, believe me they will fly over the moon ❤

This one costs more than KD 1000+

This one is cheaper, KD 850 only (not that expensive, right?)

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