Bice Mare Experience-Soft Opening


Remember my post about Bice Restaurant? Well, now the restaurant is opening a new branch specialized only in seafood which is called Bice Mare located in Marina Waves next to Maki.

The place is not as big as Bice in Alhamra Tower. This one is small and cozy. I think reservation is needed because on days it might be full house. Anyways, as I said small and cozy, very marine like; the colors of the interior white and blue, so beautiful and relaxing. Very romantic for couples specially when you go for dinner.

The place is set to open next week nshallah serving dinner only until after Ramadan where they will start serving lunch and dinner. It’s just a matter of finalizing their menu and then the restaurant will open.

I don’t have to talk about the quality of food, do I? The service was great, the same people who served us at Bice, they were there to make sure every thing goes as planned.

They had a set menu for this event (as I said they’re still working on their menu), so we didn’t have the option of choosing. The menu turned out to be great as you can see n the pictures below.

Thank you Bice Group and wish you all the best. Check out what they served us;

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Good Morning Milanistas :D

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I don’t know if people are familiar with this term or not, but I just stumbled upon it! Call it ignorance or lack of knowledge, whatever you want! Good thing now I have an idea what it is! Dad just sent me this email about a mountain moving/falling down in Calabria-Italy back in February, and it just freaked me out and left me speechless! Even our maid got scared watching the video and was asking where is that! Earthquakes, floods, Tsunamis, Turnados, Volcanos, are all natural phenomenon that I’m familiar with but LandSlide is a newbie!

LandSlide can be caused by many factors, either one of them or all can cause it! such as’ groundwater, vibration, blasting, earthquake etc.! I’ve always whined about the weather in here, how hot it is, full of dust and burning sunny, how we don’t have mountains, waterfalls, rivers bla bla bla, and how our is pure desert! But now gotta thank god for this land (el7mdella el7mdella el7mdella)! Don’t need freaking mountains falling down on me!


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My HoneyMoon!

You think I would like to go and spend few days on an island where no one exists?! Think again people! Nop, That’s not my idea of a perfect honeymoon. Mine must be full of activities, adventures and vividness! Not dull, boring, and completely romantic! Well, sure I want it to be romantic but in my own way! My honeymoon will be on parts, unless my husband is extra rich and can take me to all the places at once lol 🙂

Part 1; I have to attend either IL DIVO or Josh Groban’s concert. He (my husband to be) has to make a choice between these 2! and i’m not changing the choices! So he has to learn how to love their music and cherish them , so he can enjoy their songs and live each word 😉

Part 2; Derby Milano is a MUST!!! I hv to attend this game. Whether next year or the year after or after 10 yrs, I don’t care as long as I get to set my foot on San Siro Stadium and cheer for my team AC Milan wooohoooo :P!!! I guess my husband-to-be has to be a very cool guy and understanding coz I will be cheering, yelling, screaming, n cursing all the time 😀

Part 3; Broadway Oh Broadway . . . I have to attend one of the plays there before I die (Plz Allah don’t take me soon)! Whether my hubby will think it’s cheesy, girly or for sissies then it’s his problem not mine! There’s nothing wrong with attending a musical! And if thinks that it will destroy part of his manhood, then i will make sure that he’s still a man in my eyes! Who cares what other people think as long as I see him the way he wants, right ;)?

Part 4; Now this is the finale of my honeymoon and it has to be in summer (July)! Where do we head? to San Diego bebeh and attend Comic Con! We dress up like those crazy maniacs in the streets n just blend it! Man that should be fun and full of excitement hehe 😀 Sleep on the streets with our tents waiting for the stars to arrive, and then attend the expo!!!! aaahhhh 😀

Isn’t she adorable?! 😛 I like her outfit hehe, she looks like a lunatic, and that would suit me 😉 beside it’s the perfect cover instead of my hijab!!! Now, did I ask for alot? Is it too much? No, I don’t think so . . . I will hv fun and so my husband-to-be! But as I said, he has to be totally cool or else, I’m doomed 🙂

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Memories: Del Piero

I remember sendin fan letters to Inzaghi & Del Piero back in 1997 or 1998 when I was obsessed about them! Specially, Inzaghi! I got reply back from Del Piero, his picture along with his signature! I remember being very happy but a little bit disappointed coz I wanted Inzaghi’s signature badly LOL 🙂

Going through old stuff is fun! When you stumble upon such a funny thing that reminds you of your crazy days back in highschool! Which I believe I’m still living 😀

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So Just Pull The Trigger @Lippi

Oki Doki . . . Today, begins the 3rd stage of the world cup matches to qualify to the next round! Starting today until Friday, teams will cross over and others will just either stay put or put and leave! noth r the same 😛 and you can see my heart beating, you can see it through my chest! That i’m terrified, but Im not leaving, know that I must pass this test . . . So Just Pull The Trigger 😦

Yo Lippi, I swear I might chase you down and just cut you into pieces if you dont make it to the next round!!!! What’s wrong with you and your shitti plan?! as you haven’t won the world cup last time?! Have you grown that old that you can’t remember your own plan that won you the world cup back in 2006? and What the hell are you doing with that pethatic player Gilardino?! He can’t even see the ball coming :/ pppffff . . . How can you get Peppe out of the game in the 2nd half?! How can yooouuuu dumbass?! This player unreplaceable at all!!!!!! and De Rossi has to play from the beginning . . . Gattuso, my dear sweet Gattuso is the team spirit provider . . . where is he @@?! My heart goes to Buffon 😦 and my only hope hangs with Iaquinta, who’s my current love in the Italian National Team after Pippo Inzaghi who still is in my heart, I miss you SuperPippo 😦

I wanna see this scene again 🙂

God help you if you dont make it to the 2nd round

My sweet Vincenzo Iaquinta 😀 What is it with me and strikers ;)?

ahaaa . . . That’s what u’re good at dumbass “Modeling” NOT “FootBalling”!


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Italy FTW

YeeeeeeeeeeHHHaaaaaaaaaa . . . Can’t wait for this Friday when all the action and excitement will start and I bet the whol world will be staying at home on that day awaiting the beginning of an amazing beautiful event. The World Cup 2010. I’m keeping my hopes high, and hoping that Lippi will do it again for the 2nd time and give Italy their 5th World Cup title 😀

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Obika-Italian Cuisine

Powder smsed after work to meet at The Avenues and eat in her favorite place Obika-Italian cuisine. She introduced me to it long time ago but then I wasn’t blogging 🙂 Today, I tried new things in the menu and I had the opportunity to take pictures and introduce those who haven’t tried it to this amazing Italian Cuisine where you can taste the best Mozzarella pizza ever among other things 🙂

Pictures if the Place;


And here are some pictures of our order;

Italian Soda avec Grenadine

Fried Mozzarella, Zucchini & Eggplant

Best French Fries ever 🙂

Lightest Pizza ever

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World Cup Fever

Everybody is getting ready for 2010 world cup and so am I! I’ve heard that taw9eel delivers Alzajeera new smart car. I called them around 9:30 pm and I got the card around 11 pm (mind the rainy weather)! and it costs KD 55/- Only (The full package for one year) Yeeeppppeeeee 😀

aha aha aha 😉

Viva Italia

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