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How To Place Mada’s Router

Msawi Kokesa

So after months of calling, fighting & shouting at Mada’s people. They finally realized they have to send someone to try & fix the problem . . . Surprise Surprise! They were supposed to come yesterday after noon but because they don’t care about their customers they skipped our appointment without calling to apologize! Husband called them today & fought with them! & voila, they showed up!

Guess what? The guy from Mada was asking my husband to move the router few inches one minute to the right & the other minute to the left! up & down . . . what kind of a stupid router is that supposed to be?!

Results: the above picture shows the appropriate place/way to place Mada’s router so you can get a good connection! & guess what again! the below picture shows the best result.

I’m speechless

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Mada’s Awful Internet Connection & Customer Service

A couple of months ago, we heard about Mada internet connection & because the landlord is an old guy, giving us a hard time and doesn’t wanna give us a phone line, so we decided to try this wireless service.

We headed to Almuhalab and talked to the sales guy who gave us a background about the connection, download limit, price bla bla bla! We asked about the coverage in our area (Mishref Block 6). Mada sales informed us that it’s one of the best areas in Kuwait & that we will get a speed up tp 6mp & and no less than 2mp . . . that seemed as an awesome internet connection, so we took it.

Guess what?! Mada sales lied to us, the higher we got was 1.5mp (in good days) and all the time we get 512 kb O_O! We talked to them on phone & complained zillions of times but no one seems to know what’s the issue with our coverage . . . people on phone don’t understand a thing about something called internet connection! They say we’ve sent a complain to the management & we’ll get back to you . . . you know what they do?! The guy we spoke on the phone calls us the next day “I’m just calling to inform you that I’m following up with you”!!!!!! Please, don’t insult my intelligence, following up with me on what exactly?! Try and figure out a solution for the problem that you don’t know how to solve!

Husband & I are really frustrated from Mada internet connection & their customer service. One month left for this service to end and we’re going for another company!

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MSN Contacts Blocked?! (UpDated)

HEEELP!!!! What The Hell?? I log in and find that all my MSN contacts are blocked??? HOW COME?! I didn’t do that!!!! and I can’t unblock them because it shows they’re unblocked :S Anyone knows what’s going on? plz plz plz help!!! this is a first and I don’t understand a thing! Even my Dad is blocked @@!!! This is serious and I’m clueless! HELP *crying out loud*


Problem Solved! I googled it and it was a common problem for MSN Mac users *phew* 😀

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