Crowne Plaza Althuraya City Experience


I was offered a short stay from the Marketing staff of Althuraya City Crowne Plaza to try The Royal Suite, services, Silk restaurant, the spa and other facilities. This was supposed to happen back in April but for some matters it didn’t happen. But, fortunately I was able to go there last weekend (Friday) and I had to say that i had one of the best weekends ever; from pampering to delicious food etc.

Crowne Plaza has been renovated to a more chick and elegant hotel. It’s more modern and filled with sunlight, unlike the old one. This one is more relaxing, quiet and filled with serenity. I liked the design of the lobby and the restaurant.

We arrived there around 12:40pm, the reception asked us to wait for a while. After few minutes our Royal Suit was read *dances*. I have to say that the room was really really big, I didn’t expect it to be that BIG. It contains; one business room, dining room open to the living room which is larger than my own apartment hehe 😛 There’s also a toilet for guests, kitchen, then a dressing room leads to the main bedroom and inside the bedroom there is one of the best bathrooms I’ve ever seen; all black and gold, 2 sinks, jacuzzi, huge shower place and separate toilet. All toilet stuff are from Bulgari, just amazing.

When we went inside the room, we found delicious dates covered with chocolate and pistachio waiting for us yum yum and also there were 2 trays, one filled with mini desserts and the other one filled with finger food *yumminess* We munched on them all day long.

We really enjoyed our time watching TV, surfing the net, ordering coffee and desserts. I have to say that it took them a while to bring the Turkish Coffee but they’ve actually informed us that it will take this certain time to arrive which is acceptable. I liked this about them, giving their guests a timing for their order.

Loved my stay…Posts will be coming about Silk restaurant and Aquatonic Spa.

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The Anza Hotel Experience-Calabasas


At the end of our trip, we decided to get some quality time and relaxation away from the city, tours and places to visit. We just wanted to relax, breath healthy air and enjoy our free time doing nothing. We thought why not Calabasas? It’s a luxurious city, many celebrities reside in it and it’s so healthy that you won’t see anything with plastic in it 😀

We booked 5 nights in The Anza Hotel, which is the best one in town. The hotel looked really good, though it was small but everything was brand new and clean. What we didn’t like was their service. They rarely changed the towels, we had to call them more than once to ask for clean towels. And they charged us $10 parking per day, why not offer free parking spaces for your residence? Our hotel in Anaheim did that and so Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. That made us frustrated because the rate per night wasn’t cheap at all.

I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it, I did and the room was very spacious. I enjoyed waking up in the morning, preparing breakfast for husband and I and watching the cars pass by on the highway.

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Dining at Rossio-MGM Macau


After booking MGM  hotel in Kuwait, I decided to take a look at the hotel and found out about some restaurant. What caught my eyes and tummy was Rossio, why? Because it had seafood and I’m addicted to it. They offer open buffet of whatever you want to eat, all kinds of seafood are there in the buffet; lobster, oysters, mussels, scallop, crabs, sushi, steak, noodles, soup, salads, stews, ice cream, candy and dessert and so many, I can’t even remember what was there in the buffet.

We had to make a booking, the restaurant was full that day but we managed to find a table for 2 at 8pm. When we reached there it was over crowded, so many people were dining there, not only couples but also families. Even though it was insanely crowded, the service didn’t disappoint. The staff looked very busy but they were friendly. The food was really good, loved everything about it, specially the seafood buffet which I enjoyed to the max, on the other hand my husband enjoyed the meat section, he loved the steak and how tender it was, not to mention the delicious sauces they offered. The bill came out around KD 30/- which was kinda reasonable.

Don’t miss dining at Rossio

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MGM Hotel-Macau


The best hotel I’ve ever seen and stayed in so far. I can’t describe how beautiful and stunning this hotel was.

When my husband and I were looking for hotels to stay in in Macau, we were lost, all hotels were very beautiful and looked marvellous. We chose MGM and the hotel didn’t disappoint at all. When we first entered the lobby, we were speechless. The interior of the place was more than amazing but when we saw the ocean hall where it was designed to make you feel like you were in the sea, we couldn’t say a word. We just kept looking up and down and around. As you can see in the pictures which are  not showing you the real beauty of the place but a lil bit of it. In reality, it’s more than beautiful. The ocean hall has many cafes and restaurants, we had dinner at Rossio’s (coming post) and wanted to try the other restaurants but didn’t have time.

We arrived around 12 pm but they told us to wait until 3 pm until the room becomes ready. We didn’t mind that, the place was huge to explore and spend some time in it beside the hotel was connected to a mini mall where we went and had a walk in, not to mention the ocean hall where we saw a diver feeds the fish. They informed us our room is ready around 1:30pm and thank god we didn’t have to stay for that long. Our room was the smallest one in the hotel but it was very spacious. Plenty of place to put your things in without feeling jammed. And oh the toilet/bathroom, soooo beautiful.

Loved our stay at MGM Macau, the service of the hotel was more than great, the staff were very friendly, the place was very entertaining, you won’t feel bored at all if you didn’t go out, they even gave us 2 free tickets for a rock concert but we didn’t have the time to attend.

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