Hong Kong

Hong Kong Round 2


The last stop in our one month trip was in Hong Kong. Because we were flying with Cathay Pacific, our regular transit would be in Hong Kong. My husband suggested that we stay a couple of nights there but I wasn’t keen on it but I said yes because he wanted it. The reason i didn’t want to stay there because I was so broke, beyond poor and didn’t have any money to spend after leaving California πŸ˜› So why stay in a city where you can’t spend some money, right? And the weather in the city isn’t for walking or doing outdoors adventures, the humidity was so overwhelming that sometimes I felt I couldn’t breath :/

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get to try something new. Well, there was this French Cafe/Restaurant that has recently opened in Harbour City which is just few steps away from our hotel. I’ve always wanted to try the flower ice cream but of course I have to travel to France first. Not in Hong Kong because France was there πŸ˜› We searched for the cafe and it wasn’t that difficult to find in this huge mall. It’s called Le Cafe de Joel Rebuchon (Too difficult to memorise). And I got my flowery ice cream πŸ˜€

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Tsumori Chisato Fancy Diary


I’m a big fan of this Japanese brand which is available in Kuwait in The Avenues phase 2 owned by Al-Ostora. Whenever I go shopping I head there because I always find suitable clothes for me. And they are very colourful and beautifully designed.

When I was shopping in this bookstore in Hong Kong, I came across this diary that was had the brand name, I was like “Yess, that’s I what I want to have”. I bought it for now reason, I just have a thing for Chisato. I kept it with me not knowing what I’d be doing with it later on, but when I started dieting and I mean it this time, I thought why not use it as a diary log and keep all my records in it. Write when are my cheek ups with my dietician and how much I’m losing and so on. It sounded as a good idea.

I’ve just started using it and it’s so elegant from the outside and the inside. I’m loving the feeling of writing on it πŸ˜€

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Galley Cafe-1881 Heritage


As I mentioned in my previous post we were really exhausted and tired from walking under their sharp sun, we searched for a place to rest our legs and drink coffee to freshen up and get our energy back to continue walking and exploring the area.

We found a beautifully decorated cafe calledΒ Galley. We wanted to sit outside and enjoy the greeny colours but we wanted a lot of AC because we are not used to walking in the sun. We were seated inside but because the wifi wasn’t strong so we changed our seats and got the ones near the window. You know, we have to whatsapp our family and instagram what we are doing every now and then πŸ˜›

The service was good at Galley, the dessert we ordered which I forgot its name was really delicious and I can still feel the yummy flavour, but the prices were kinda over-rated, I believe because of the area. It’s full of wealthy people and the hotels are really luxurious. But it’s worth it πŸ™‚

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1881 Heritage-Kowloon


As I said before, I did a lot of googling before going on this trip with my hubby and one of the interesting places I’ve found online isΒ 1881 Heritage. I didn’t know how to find the place there, and I thought will let the taxi driver take us, but guess what? When we finished walking at The Avenue of Stars, and the bought ride, we thought of walking to explore the area and see what’s there and we were also going to Harbour City. While we were walking, we found this huge entrance and I was like “That’s the place, this is 1881”.

The building was really huge but not much inside it, only few cafes, restaurants and a couple of very expensive shops πŸ˜› We went up and saw some statues and stuff of the British Empire, it’s a also a mini museum where you can read about the place, I didn’t have the time to read because we were really exhausted and wanted to sit down and drink coffee or whatever.

This is a must see place in Hong Kong/Kowloon.

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Avenue of Stars-Hong Kong


This place is one of the most famous places in Kowloon. You get to see the Symphony of Light show from there, walk along the harbour, get inside the museum of art, take a boat ride. You can do many activities from there. Walking is one of the best. You get to explore the city from another angle.

Not many statues over there, but you’ll see some interesting figures and you can take photos with them, I actually loved taking photos with some of the directors there πŸ˜›

Walking in the sun might be hard a bit because their sun is really sharp and hits straight on the head. Just take a quick walk and leave the rest after the sun set where the lights of buildings reflect on the water and the view becomes amazing.

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Shu Uemera Christmas Collection-Limited Edition


I came acrossΒ Shu Uemra‘s booths and boutiques in Hong Kong every where. Where ever you go there’s a Shu Uemera store or mini booth. I’m crazy about this Japanese cosmetics line, very healthy and easy on the skin specially the concealer and foundation base.

I came to know that there will be a limited edition collection by Takashi Murakami (Famous Japanese Artist) for Shu Uemera coming this October for Christmas. Of course I was so excited but the day of the launch was the day we were supposed to go to Disney Land. I was kinda afraid that I won’t be able to find anything when I go there in the evening.

We reached the store about 6 or 7 pm and yeepppeee the whole collection was there, not what we witness here in Kuwait lol πŸ˜› Of course the ladies there were very helpful and saw an easy fish to make her buy almost everything from the collection πŸ˜€ You can see what I got in the last picture. And they pampered me with lots of gifts and mini cosmetics πŸ™‚

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DisneyLand-Hong Kong


One of the most exciting places I was excited to visit in Hong Kong wasΒ Disneyland. Booked the tickets in advance on August, downloaded the map and just waited for that day to come.

As you know Disneyland is every child’s dream to visit it, play the games and shop in the amazing shops they have inside the park. And that’s exactly what I did. I went years back and acted like a kid with a huge lollipop in her hand walking happily inside that huge gate.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting like the ones in Orlando and Paris which i haven’t seen but I’ve heard they are huge and Hong Kong’s one is kinda smaller than them. From what I’ve seen, you can finish it in 8-10 hrs which a one day access. Unless you have kids and they wanna play lots of games then 2 days access is good but not recommended.

The park is located in a separate island far away from where we are staying but their trains are super fast and we managed to reach the park in 20 minutes only. We switched in the last station where we took a customised train to the park which you can see down the pictures. The train designed on Micky, how fun is that?

We reached the main gate after a long walk from the entrance, just put my credit card inside the Automatic Tickets machine and got my tickets out. Great fast service. We got inside the park which wasn’t crowded at all because it wasn’t a high season thank god and we managed to play lots and lots of games. Okay, my husband and I played only 6 games lol, shopped a lot and had a quick snack.

The games were really fun, I enjoyed the kids games mostly because i’m a coward, I hated scary fast games, but my husband managed convinced me to play 2 scary games. You can’t imagine the scenes I’ve made hehe. But it was really fun. Loved every minute of it and I’m thinking of taking Juju to the French one when she’s a bit older.

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A Boat Ride Around The Harbour-Kowlon


While we were walking around the Avenue of Stars, we reached The Museum of Art and spotted a huge old boat waiting for passengers to hop in. My husband suggested we have a look. When we went their they told us a 1hr boat ride costs 100 HKD which is the equivalent of 3.700 KD per person. We got inside the boat immediately and ordered some refreshing juices to enjoy when the boat starts sailing.

I can’t tell you how beautiful and magnificent the ride was. The seats were super comfy as if you were in a spa. Just like huge sofas where you can spread your legs and enjoy a relaxing nap if you want too, i did that πŸ˜€ The weather was amazzzzzing, the cool breeze coming and going, the beautiful buildings of Hong Kong and many other things that made it ride to remember.

One of the things that we really miss in here is sailing in old boats. Why we don’t have public rides in Alboom or whatever boats we have? That would be fun to enjoy from October tip April. I’d love to see such thing in our country.

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The Symphony of Light-Hong Kong

1When you want to visit a city or a country, you do a good google about the places you should visit and what you should see while you’re there. I’ve done a lot of googling regarding Hong Kong and one of the main attractions that I’ve found online is the Symphony of Light show which happens every night at 8pm for 10 minutes.

When we finished shopping, walking around Kowlon, and having late lunch. We decided to go to the Avenue of Stars a little bit early to get a good seat and watch the show from there. We managed to get really good seats and the weather was just perfect. The lights of the buildings were awesome and their reflection on the water was just marvelous.

The show started at 8pm exactly and ended around 8:!2pm. To be honest, it wasn’t that WOW. I expected it to be fabulous but it wasn’t at all. The music was very ordinary, and the lights were just ok. I think they should work on improving the quality of the show or it won’t last for that long.

But if you’re there, don’t hesitate to watch it, just for the sake of watching it. You’ll enjoy walking there.

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Hong Kong Day Experience-Harbour City (Kowlon)


One of the best restaurants that we dined in. Quality of food, quantity of food, variety of dishes and prices were all perfect. I remember we were walking around Harbour City, a very huge mall. You just can’t imagine how huge it is. We were hungry and exhausted, and we couldn’t find any restaurant to eat at. We asked a Chinese man where we can find a restaurant to eat at and he guided us to Hong Kong Day. The place looked decent, and when we saw the prices on the menu, we were shocked because it was kinda cheap considering it’s located in a big mall.

We ordered Coconut Seafood Soup, Beef Noodles and Seafood Baked Rice. We didn’t imagine the food would be that delicious. Really yummy and tasty. We ben went to the place the very next day and ordered the same exact food.

The service was very good, the staff were very friendly and helpful. We loved the whole experience.

If you’re going to Hong Kong make sure to visit Harbour City and eat at Hong Kong Day.

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Bubba Gump Experience-Hong Kong


When we were visiting The Peak and exploring the place, we saw Bubba Gump situated almost at the top of Sky Access. The location was perfect to enjoy a delicious meal with a stunning view. It was very crowded so we had to wait around 20 minutes for a table.

When we sat down and started scanning the menu, almost all the dishes were seafood so it was perfect. I’ve heard of the restaurant but have never tried it before. Some meals had alcohol in it, it wasn’t written in the menu but the waiter was kind enough to inform us about it.

We ordered the seafood platter, oyster with rice and shrimp with rice. The food was really delicious, so yummy. The service was just perfect even though it was full house, everything arrived on time.

The price was kinda over-rated but we enjoyed the experience and the taste.

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The Crazy Streets of Kowlon-Hong Kong


Kowlon is the other part of Hong Kong across the harbor. You can visit it by a boat, train or taxi. We decided to try the metro for the first time because it was close to our hotel, so why not? We walked around 15 minutes to the Wan Chi station and from there we got 2 single tickets to Tsim Sha Tsui station. We reached our destination in 10 minutes and from there we started walking and exploring the city.

Everything was closed around 10 am which was a shock. Later on, we came to know that they open around 11 or 11:30 am huh?! We kept on walking until we found Starbucks (All their local cafes are closed), we sat down, rested our legs and drank coffee, and waited til the shops opened.

We went to many places which I will talk later on in separate posts such as: The Symphony of Lights show, The Avenue of Stars, 1881 heritage and The Ladies’ Market. But for now, enjoy the pictures of the crazy streets of Kowlon which are very very very crowded but have lots of life and action.

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