Movie Review: Takers

I’ve been dying to watch this movie ever since it came out in the US and when it got to Kuwait, everybody got busy and we couldn’t go but today we didnt hv much to do so we decided to go the cinema (me and sis) and took my aunt with us πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately, I got sick this morning, my throat was hurting like sm1 was cutting it with many knives, my nose is blocked and at the same time running wild, severe headache and I can’t breath! But I wasn’t about to cancel the reservation! I knew I’d be fine once i see my babies on the screen!

Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, & Matt Dillon along with Chris Brown and other cast star in this movie! Now how can I cancel it?! πŸ˜‰ The movie was fine, not that good and not that bad! The plot is kinda regular, nothing unique in it but what makes it fun is the action scenes and the blue eyes of Hayden and Paul πŸ˜› The movie is kinda like a mix of Ocean’s 11 & The Italian Job! Robberies, fun, action, plotting, bla bla bla!

I enjoyed watching it alot, I even cried at the end of the movie because one of the characters died *sniff*! well, many characters died, and I’m expecting that to happen coz it’s an action movie, but he was one of my fav 😦 will not ruing the movie fpr ya! Watch it and you will enjoy it, if you like action πŸ˜€

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Movie Review; Kites

This movies is supposed to be Indian coz almost the whole crew are from India and the director Rakesh Roshan is a well known Indian director! But you can’t feel that at all, it’s a lil bit of Indian with a mixture of American & Spanish! Weird yeah but very unique and lovely! It was fun watching it yet very very sad!

Whatever Hrithik Roshan (son of the director) does, know for sure I will be watching it along with Shahid Kapoor & Shahrukh Khan πŸ˜‰ Who can resist those dreamy eyes of his? I almost had a heart attack when he first appeared in the first scene of the movie & my sister was like screaming in the living room forgetting that dad is asleep πŸ˜› I tell you, no one can resist his charm!

Back to the movie, it stars Hrithik Roshan and the Mexican actress Barbara Mori (bent ellatheena)! The genre is romance spiced with alil bit of action! but mostly romance, and who can do it better than Indians?! Those who love Bollywood movies will understand what I mean! But this romance movie is kinda different, an Indian guy falls for a Mexican girl & both are seeking money and wealth in the city of Las Vegas but they trade all of that for love *sigh*! It’s a forbidden kinda of love so be prepared for some running, chasing, romance, action, fast cars and a dance under the rain πŸ˜‰ The movie has some passionate scenes which you rarely see in Bollywood movies, but I loved them! It gave the movie more and more uniqueness and real feelings! It was like they were not acting, you can feel the chemistry between them, specially when Hrithik gives you those gazing eyes aaahhhh! and when he cries, it feels like your heart is crying with him! so real and genuine & only 3 can do it in Bollywood (mentioned above)! What I also liked is how both didn’t know how to speak each other’s language but they understood their feelings from the looks of their eyes! isn’t that cheesy yet so romantic?! πŸ˜›

I loved how the movie was directed, the sequence of the scenes and how they got connected at the end! It was very nice! I highly advise you to WATCH it, and for those who don’t like Indian movies, believe me it’s no way near anything related to Hindi Bollywood movies! but prepare a tissue box next to you! πŸ™‚

Do u blame me for having too many crushes?!

The movies is much better than the trailer

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Movie Review; Frozen

I’ve been looking for this movie for a long time over the net and online dvd stores, but couldn’t find til a couple of days ago and ordered it! I’ve just finished watching! and the only reason why I bought this movie is because Kevin Zegers is in it *faint* πŸ˜›

Anyways, the movie was ok, not that good and not that bad! Boring at times because it only has 3 characters and one setting, the whole movie is set in one place! Now, I will not go talking about the characters, the plot, the climax and how good the direction was but I will talk about the main aspect of the movie! Which is about taking life or death decisions, very tough ones in order to save your life and the ones you love!

Dan (Kevin Zegers) shows how sensitive he is and naive in thinking that he can save his girlfriend who you think he doesn’t love that much, but it shows as the events of the movie develop, and was ready to jump in order to save her life (ma testahel, s7ela)! Joe (Shawn Ashmore), Dan’s best friend also tries another way in trying to save their lives (will not go into details)! but the movie shows how scared Parker (Emma Bell)-the girlfriend, was and coward, she didn’t do anything! but at the end she thought of something to save only her life!

Now in that situation, i admit, i’m gonna be a huge coward and probably die of fear rather than trying to save my life! It;s a very tough decision and believe me the situation the characters were in was very difficult to think, decide or just have any rational ideas!

Watch it if you want, to learn how to deal with such situation if you get yourself in a similar one πŸ˜‰

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Fringe & Food

All of us when wanting to lay down on couch/bed and start watching our fav TV Shows, we prepare smth to eat or just hv chips or chocolate with coffee! Normal thing to do! But with Fringe, it’s a huge NO! You literary can’t eat or put smth inside your mouth :/ coz of all the disturbing things you see in every episode!

So far, this is one of the best TV Shows i’ve ever watched! I never thought a TV show will come along to satisfy my need of fantasy and sci-fi after Dark Angel & HEROES! specially after HEROES, when I knew that they canceled the show, I cried and was very sad for over a month, yes I did cry 😦 but now I hv Fringe with all the disturbing scenes, magnificent ideas and amazing characters! You hv Walter Bishop who puts a smile on your face everytime he opens his mouth, Peter Bishop (son) who also has his wittiness & sense of humor, Olivia Dunham is the main character but i don’t like her that much, it should hv been Walter as the main character but that wasn’t on the script I guess, and you hv Astrid, she’s so cute! Too bad Agent charlie Francis died in the real world but I was over the moon when I saw him in the other universe, alive n kicking and baldie too πŸ˜‰

The idea of the TV Show is unique. Having a parallel universe and duplicates of ourselves, different decisions, different way of life, more modern or civilized! and cracking the door between these 2 worlds broke the law of physics which led to those disturbing events or situations happening in both universe and having Fringe divisions in both worlds too to investigate the events!

I’m deeply in love with this TV show and can’t wait for season 3! That kiss will reveal the truth πŸ˜€

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Movie Review: Dorian Gray

I’ve downloaded this movie long time ago but hvnt watched it til today! To be honest, I was reluctant, i thought it might be boring or not that entertaining but i was wrong! I’ve read a review about it and thought let’s give it a try and watched it! Directed by Oliver Parker and starring Ben Barnes *sigh* & Colin Firth! The movie was very much entertaining! Even though it was almost 2 hrs long, you don’t get bored watching the sequence of events and how the characters develop through out the movie specially Dorian Gray! How he transformed from an innocent young boy to an evil heartless man when he let himself listen to the ideas and thoughts of Lord Henry who he himself couldn’t let his soul listen to his mind!

The movie shows that the devil exists inside every human being and that we can let that devil take over our souls if we want to and also can prevent him if we have the strong will! and that was very clear in the development of Dorian’s character from the beginning til the end of the movie!

One thing I didn’t like in the movie, is that it lacked explanation! The director/writer or who ever is responsible failed to explain the secret of Dorian’s beauty and ageless skin! and why that painting was aging instead of him! when did that start & where?! When I checked for explanation on google, it turned out to be a novel by Oscar Wilde (the only published one) which is called The Portrait of Dorian Gray! And the description of that novel showed more and more explanation of all the mysteries in the movie which were never explained! I’m definitely gonna buy that novel soon πŸ™‚

A HUGE plus in the movie goes to Ben Barnes . . . Can I clown him too, along with Edward Norton? πŸ˜›

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New TV Show: Haven

I’ve just discovered this new tv show which is currently showing on Syfy Network starring Emily Rose & Lucas Bryant! I’ve just finished watching the pilot at work (nothing to do honestly) and let me tell you my first opinion about it! It’s not that WOW! but I like it. I’m Β a sucker for sci-fi, supernatural, mystery, thriller and those kinds of genres, I really can’t help myself!

The setting of the show is in a small town (love this setting)! An FBI agent is sent there to solve a crime but starts to witness strange things happening in the town, along with the town cop who helps her in the investigation and he himself has his own mystery, he can’t feel pain at all, is that even possible?! The show is based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid, so if you like King’s novels, then I’m sure you will like this show too! beside, we want this kind of tv shows to widen our imaginations and mind ^_^ I can’t make a full review or judgment because the show has just started and I’ve only watched 1 episode, but I’m currently downloading the rest to watch later tonight! Let’s hope this show will turn out to be good and that it won’t be axed later on!

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Gossip Girl Fashion

The only reason why I’m continuing to watch this show is because of its FASHION! it’s so amazing, i can’t keep myself from writing the episodes numbers and seasons to search for whatever they were wearing! Accidentally, today I found this website called Gossip Girl Fashion and it has all the fashion of the show with the episode names, what they were wearing, the prices and from where to get it for less! Awesome right πŸ˜‰

My top picks;

Did you know that Leighton Meester is a singer? I just knew that and this is her new single with Stephen Jerzak, whoever is that! I’m addicted to the song πŸ˜€

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Persons Unknown Finale

Remember my Post at the beginning of this month about this TV Show? Well, sadly, the show has come to an end! But let me tell you this before I start talking about the Finale! NBC is the worst network ever, I believe I said that before! Oh but I forgot to mention that they’re even big fat liars! They said/confirmed that all the viewers questions to this mystery drama will be answered in the finale, guess what? Nothing has been answered AT ALL!

Episode 1×11 was shown online and later this week (yesterday) NBC showed the 2 episodes finale on their network! I liked how Β all the events went through! they were arranged and very organized, never left me confused! you start realizing that world is not safe and there are bigger organizations controlling our free will or that’s what they say, and that they’re everywhere!

The last few minutes of the show hit you very hard and well it made me swear (a lil bit) because you don’t get what you want! It wasn’t a show finale, it was a season finale and everybody will agree that there are more things to happen in this tv show if it continues! But i doubt that!

I loved the actress Daisy Betts, she’s so cute and her acting skills are very good!

Watch Persons Unknown online; here

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Movie Review; Dear John

The reason I haven’t seen this movie before is because i hate both actors! yes, i repeat! I HATE BOTH ACTORS! and wasn’t planning on watching if i wasn’t feeling bored after i got from the gym last night! Let’s see . . .

Nicholas Sparks is a genius! a freak of nature, the writing-nature actually! I love his romance novels, whether they’re cheesy or too sassy, i don’t care! they just hit you right there in the middle of your heart! I was planning on reading this novel but hvn’t found it in here, it was out of stock! so i watched the movie instead! but im sure the novel is way much better than the movie!

I loved it! even though i hated the actors but i gotta admit they were good in the movie! Specially Channing Tatum <– what kind of name is that?! but he was amazing, really! and the crying scenes *ouch*! she didn’t deserve him really! I wish i hv sm1 to cry over me (anybody out there? apparently NOT)! Anyways, back to the movie! i loved that autistic kid! he was such a cutie, loved him til he got older then he became boring!

I liked the writing-letters part! I’m obsessed with letters! beacuse when you hold the pen, there will be nothing to prevent you from pouring all your feelings on that paper! and that was the whole point of the movie (i guess)! you can write whatever you want, and those words affect more than anything else! even face to face! and (from my point of view) a person can fall in love easily just from the words he/she reads in that paper! I simply love it!

Anyone interested in writing me a love letter?! just for my sake! i wanna live that part of the movie! i promise, i won’t be a psycho and stalk you later on πŸ˜›

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Friday The 13th

Horror Movie Time yeeppeee πŸ˜€

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Persons Unknown

If you were really into LOST and the genre of mysteries and thriller, then this is the right show for ya πŸ˜‰ Don’t expect it to be long coz NBC called it “mini series” and it may not be renewed for a 2nd reason, but we always have hope even though the hope is very thin!!! Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Action, etc you will find it there! This show will keep you on the edge and will irritate you to the bone! and you won’t stay put til you know what will happen next! It’s about a group of people who are imprisoned in a town that has no one but them and maybe unknown persons “the others” πŸ˜›

I’ve just finished watching 8 episodes in one day and I really can’t wait for this Saturday for episode 9! The show is supposedly to air 13 or 15 episodes depending on the rating and the finally will be in September! All questions will be answered by the end of this season whether it’s gonna be renewed or not that we’re gonna have to wait for and I really hope that they will do, but then again I know that NBC sucks and that I shouldnt hv high hopes!

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Movie Review: Inception

Finallyyyyy, I went to watch Inception with Skinny Bumble Bee and her sisters πŸ™‚ and here’s my question to you all . . . Is it the best movie of the year?! Hell yeaaah, if not EVER!!!

The concept of the movie is not new, i guess J Lo has done smth similar to it but the plot, the script, the music background and the whole cast is just awesome Β and how it has been directed is more than fabulous . . . I loved everything in the movie and enjoyed it alot! Loved the character of Tom Hardy, he was such a cutie πŸ˜‰

I won’t talk about the movie coz some haven’t watched it yet but let’s talk about the idea of it! Now, if you go and check the genre, you’ll find it belongs to mystery, action, thriller & sci-fi! I honestly, don’t think it;s a sci-fi because it can be true or it will become true so soon! Just like walking in the moon back in the old days was impossible now it very simple! So is the idea of getting into sm1’s mind through a dream and play with his/her sub-conscious, which can affect their reality later on! I don’t find it impossible! In fact, i hope that i will live to that day where they will announce such thing has been successful <– I know you’re probably saying that i’m insane, but think about it! It can be true πŸ™‚

Do you think there will be a sequel or do you think he got . . . . <– won’t say the word coz it will be spoiler to those who haven’t watched yet πŸ˜‰

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