Teen Fashion Gone Wrong?!

I’m trying to remember how I used to dress up when I was a teen-ager?! And all I can remember is simple, nice, decent clothes?! But it seems that fashion is changing with time, to the worst!!!

Last week, I went shoppig for some mags and I bought this Seventeen Magazine (I know I’m 10 yrs older than that magazine or so) but I had my reasons!! Nina Dobrev was on the cover and I’ve heard some rumors about her hooking up with Ian Somerhalder . . . I know I could have googled the gossiping but reading it from the magazine is much more fun! 🙂

While I was going over the magazine for the sake of the KD 2/- I’ve paid . . . I came over the Teen Fashion Section and I seriously was going to have a heart attack from the awful scene my eyes came upon!!! Seriously??!! What went wrong through the years?! I thought we were becoming better and better regarding fashion but it seems that we’re getting backwards!!! Even in the back old days, this hideous fashion didn’t exist!!!

Guess What?! I saw girls wearing such flowery pants!!!

I have no words for this!!!

At the end, I didn’t get what I wanted in that boring teen magazine except for crazy-awful fashion and silly topics such as “I get attracted to bad boys” and she’s only 15!!!

She took Ian with her to buy her Audi so she won’t get ripped off or smth!!! That’s what I got :/


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