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” I received an email from a blog reader asking me to post about her friend who is in a dire need of help to save her life. Noor Rahman, a 17-years-old Pakistani girl living with her family in Kuwait, was diagnosed in January 2012 with Leukemia. She underwent chemotherapy sessions, seemed to be getting better, but then she had a relapse in December 2012 and is now admitted to the hospital since 10 January 2013 and needs a bone marrow transplant.

None of her family members were a match for the bone marrow, and in Kuwait and Pakistan they don’t perform  bone marrow transplants from non-relative donors. The only hope for Noor is to be treated abroad in Europe or USA with a bone marrow donor which is a very expensive procedure that is also painful and lengthy. The estimated cost of Noor’s treatment is around KD 50,000.

Noor’s family are asking for help. They want to spread the word so that maybe someone kind and generous would extend a helping hand and help Noor. She’s only 17. She should be dreaming about graduation, signing the yearbook, saying good bye to her high school friends, and choosing a college to attend. She should not be suffering from cancer in a hospital bed with a treatment she cannot have because of money restrictions.

If you can help Noor or know someone who can help Noor, please share! You can share the post, instagram it, tweet it, facebook it, spread the word so maybe a big company, bank, or a generous person can help out. If you don’t know anyone, you can always pray for Noor.

Please help Noor. You can check the facebook page Noor’s family set up for her here (link). To view a copy of her medical report you can click here (Page1) (Page2). You can also contact her family to ask for more information or arrange with her parents to visit Noor in the hospital and talk to her or one of her doctors. You can contact her father Mr. Khalil Rahman on 97541718 or 99372164 or her mother Mrs. Shazia Rahman on 99372164 or her friend who emailed me Miss Abeer Sarwar 66152946.”

Post by Danderma

Thank you Danderma for sharing this with us & nshallah Noor will get better soon!

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كيف تعامل العمالة المنزلية





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Give Those Who Are Ineed

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Stolen Car

Car brand: Hyundai Sonata GL 2012

License plate number 20 / 1617

“Report it if you see it”

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Help Baby Fahad

Through a pledge we sent out from out blogs we managed to find a generous and kind sponsor to save Abdul Kareem’s cancer infected leg by providing treatment for him. The amount of people who were touched by his case and wanted to help out in any way possible was overwhelming.

Unfortunately cancer patients are still being discovered everyday and not all of them can afford to have treatment. Such is the case of little baby Fahad born to a Kuwaiti mother and a Syrian father. He has lukimeia. He needs bone marrow transplant. None of his family members can be donors as they are not compatible. He can have the transplant in India but he needs 37 thousands KD.

In Abdul Kareem’s case it was a pledge to save his leg. In Baby Fahad’s case its a pledge to give him a chance to grow up and living a life. To grow up, to go to school, to eat, to laugh, to play, to fast Ramadan and enjoy the ups and downs of life. To get married and have babies of his own. To have a death bed with his children and grandchildren gathered around him as he takes his last breaths. A life!

Here is how you can help: spread the word! Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  Whatsapp, BBM, Family Gatherings, Work, School, College! Spread the word until a donor comes up to help out baby Fahad as its the last hope for him!

Post Taken from fellow blogger Danderma maga9erat wallah :*

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Save Abdulkareem’s Leg

To all the people out there . . . If god blessed you with wealth then try to help those who are in need.

Save AbdulKareem’s leg

Last Monday when the bloggers went to NBK’s Cancer hospital for the Kids Cancer Party, there was a little brave and smiling boy called AbdulKareem. He has cancer in his leg that is spreading to his body and his only chance of survival is to have his leg cut off or has a knee replacement surgery. 
Knee replacement surgery is not available in Kuwait but its available in Jordan and costs 30,000 KD. The boy is not Kuwaiti and his family doesn’t have that money. He has no time as his leg cutting operation is scheduled for next week. 

Picture Taken From: 7ajidude 

Thank You: Danderma

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