Isbre Water


ISBRE Norwegian Glacier Water
The World’s Best Drinking Water

“Since Isbre means “glacier” in Norwegian, that’s what we decided to call our product, because that’s all you get: crisp, refreshing water with no impurities to disturb its taste. Norwegian Glacier Water is, quite simply, a glacier in a bottle. But taste isn’t the only characteristic to savor…

Microbiological testing has shown that Isbre glacier spring water is purer than the rest. And independent laboratory analyses have shown that Isbre has the lowest total dissolved solids (TDS) ever recorded for a natural, unprocessed water.”

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@Pick_Kuwait Healthy Food


What I love about Pick is that they keep on improving the quality of their food and add new items every now and then. What they offer is considered healthy food with low calories. You won’t find greasy meals that exceed 500cal. And I love how the healthy food tastes, verrrrry delicious and yummy.

i’ve visited them when they opened their first branch in Kuwait City and written about them Click Here and also written about their Hitteen branch Click Here which I keep on visiting every now and then because it’s very close to my house.

Last time, I went to the place I wanted to try something for lunch. I saw a couple of posts about their sushi platter and thought why not try it? Dessert … There was a cup of Greek yogurt with Chia seeds, nuts, dried food and Agave syrup. Okay that sounds perfect beside i’ve always wanted to try something with Chia seeds. Picked my order and headed home.

The sushi platter was beyond perfect, why? Because of the salad. Yup, the salad made it that perfect. The sushi was good, the regular maki you find everyhwere, but the combination of greens in the salad was really good and the Harda dressing was very delicious, didn’t imagine a harda dressing will be delicious in a salad. Highly Recommended.

Now let’s talk about the Greek yogurt with Chia seeds. How healthy can this dish be? Super healthy and fulfilling. It will make you feel full and satisfy your sweet tooth without expanding your stomach 😛 I love how they write all the details on their products to let you know what you’re eating.

Last but not least. The Green Addiction. I’m calling it that because it’s really addictive. I can’t explain how yummy it is. You have to try it by yourself to know what I mean.

Keep going guys and thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy delicious healthy food.

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Pledge: Help Save Noor’s Life


” I received an email from a blog reader asking me to post about her friend who is in a dire need of help to save her life. Noor Rahman, a 17-years-old Pakistani girl living with her family in Kuwait, was diagnosed in January 2012 with Leukemia. She underwent chemotherapy sessions, seemed to be getting better, but then she had a relapse in December 2012 and is now admitted to the hospital since 10 January 2013 and needs a bone marrow transplant.

None of her family members were a match for the bone marrow, and in Kuwait and Pakistan they don’t perform  bone marrow transplants from non-relative donors. The only hope for Noor is to be treated abroad in Europe or USA with a bone marrow donor which is a very expensive procedure that is also painful and lengthy. The estimated cost of Noor’s treatment is around KD 50,000.

Noor’s family are asking for help. They want to spread the word so that maybe someone kind and generous would extend a helping hand and help Noor. She’s only 17. She should be dreaming about graduation, signing the yearbook, saying good bye to her high school friends, and choosing a college to attend. She should not be suffering from cancer in a hospital bed with a treatment she cannot have because of money restrictions.

If you can help Noor or know someone who can help Noor, please share! You can share the post, instagram it, tweet it, facebook it, spread the word so maybe a big company, bank, or a generous person can help out. If you don’t know anyone, you can always pray for Noor.

Please help Noor. You can check the facebook page Noor’s family set up for her here (link). To view a copy of her medical report you can click here (Page1) (Page2). You can also contact her family to ask for more information or arrange with her parents to visit Noor in the hospital and talk to her or one of her doctors. You can contact her father Mr. Khalil Rahman on 97541718 or 99372164 or her mother Mrs. Shazia Rahman on 99372164 or her friend who emailed me Miss Abeer Sarwar 66152946.”

Post by Danderma

Thank you Danderma for sharing this with us & nshallah Noor will get better soon!

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Tetanus Vaccination During Pregnancy


Tetanus is a fatal disease that can harm your nervous system & lead to your death after few days. It’s a kind of bacteria that gets inside your body through a wound/scratch/cut. Read more about Tetanus here.

Tetanus vaccination is given to pregnant women twice during pregnancy. I didn’t know about this til my Dr. told me that I have to be vaccinated. Got one shot when I was 5 months pregnant & got the 2nd a couple of days ago (7 months now).

I have 2 of my friends who were being treated at private hospitals when they were pregnant & didn’t get the vaccination. My regular checkups are at Rumaitheya Medical Centre (Public) & they’ve informed me about the vaccination without me asking about it, anyways I was clueless. Now, I dunno if all private hospitals are like that but I thought of writing about this important vaccination to let you know about it.

If you’re being treated at a private hospital ask about the Tetanus Vaccine, it’s very important for you & for your baby. If you’re being treated at a public hospital/clinic also ask about it, you never know they might forget about it.

P.S. Your arm will hurt you for a whole week after the vaccination, you won’t be able to sleep on it :/

Tetanus Vaccination For Pregnant Women

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TRX Classes at B-Villa

“Former Brazilian model Marcela Saccani will be giving private TRX classes everyday (except on friday) anytime around 10am-1pm. If you can’t make any of the weekday classes, Marcela will be happy to give you a personal workout at your home during the weekends! TRX is the new fitness trend of 2011 that will help you tighten your muscles, increase endurance & boost your metabolism. TRX consists of suspension and rip training”

Just call us at +965 66991160 to book a private class with Marcela


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Healthy Food @ Work?

Many of us work 8 hrs per day 5 days per week. So am I, I work from 9 til 5 everyday & I get really really hungry sometimes. I munch on whatever is available down the street & trust me it’s not health at all. We have a supermarket that is filled with alot of un healthy food. Cafes & many many restaurants. It’s Salem Almubarak Street after all.

I googled a little bit about some healthy snacks that can be eaten at work & decided to have them at work. I’m trying to lose weight in a healthy way.

Starting on Sunday nshallah 🙂

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SwissLine DermaLab

I was invited by Mrs. Alissar for a facial session at SwissLine DermaLab which is part of Bait Alsaboun Al-Lebnani & next to it at the avenues phase 2. Booked my appointment last Saturday & headed there today. The lovely lady Eman welcomed me, explained to me what we’ll be doing & gave a me a brief intro about their products. The best thing it’s that all of their products are ORGANIC.

They also have this amazing machine that can detect the damages of your face on the surface & beneath it. She took a picture of my face & started explaining what’s wrong! I only have pores, spots & dehydration. Underneath my skin is fine & doesn’t need any treatment!

We headed to the room to have a facial. It was tiny but very relaxing & quiet. Lovely music playing along with the candle lights! She used many lotions, 3 kinds of scrubs which i liked ALOT. Then she used the steam to get the black heads. She said they usually don’t use it except on certain cases where the skin is dehydrated which was my case. That procedure took alot of time & after that she used i guess UV radiation to sanitize my face. After that more lotions & ended with an eye & face mask & then lotion with a massage 😀

She explained to me what kind of treatments i need which i’ll definitely book for them. Also what kind of creams & lotions i have to use (Will wait til i finish the set i hv).

They also gave me KD 50/- voucher gift on their products. I took the hydra mask which i really need, the fruit acid scrub & the milk cleanser. They gave me another gift which is Alpine Tea, a tea which makes you relaxed 😀

Love the experience . . . thank you guys

el machine elli e6ale3 elfothaye7 😛


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Massive Hair Loss :/

I feel like crying right now! I’m losing my hair in a very scary way :/ it never stops falling. It’s everywhere & I keep cleaning the living room, bed room, toilet & kitchen non stop. Even one of hair stylists noticed it & freaked out. She told me i should use egg yolk with olive oil & put it on my hair for 30 min once a week! I’m in the process of trying this new way but will it really work! I’m scared of becoming bald :/

Ever since i started dieting last November 2010 my hair started falling like crazy, I’m used to this because i know it’s due to the changes of food but now I’m eating normally, not much but i feel it’s normal! y3ni i’m not starving myself & still it won’t stop falling . . .

Help, if you have any solution or medicine or whatever, please let me know! My hair is the most precious thing in me :S

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Know Your Real Age!

Thanks to Aymz who was kind enough and sent me this link to know my real age and how to look younger along with the best food to make me sleep at night because of my insomnia! Anyways, I did the test and it was a very LONG one! there were many things to answer and to know about! I didnt know that these things really matter, like what kind of car i’m driving, and for how long per day, didn’t know that would affect my health!

My real age turned out to be 29 yrs old (I’m 27) :S so I’m 2 year older! It’s because I don’t eat much veg or fruit, don’t eat much fiber and I’ve never done an annual check-up in my whole life n not to mention that my family has a history with Cancer! The site will also provide for you a plan on how to change your habits and how to improve your health by setting a plan for you to follow (all for free)! and i’ll make sure to follow that plan, because i’m getting older, not younger and we women want to always look younger 🙂

What Is Your Real Age?

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I Can Do It . . . (update)

4 years of depression, sadness, ups and downs, weight gaining, solitude . . . etc are more than enough for me to realize that I have to change my life, or the way i’m living!

It’s been more than 4 years now since my mother’s death on the 6th of December 2005 due to her illness (cancer). It devastated me for she was in Texas being treated there and i was here finishing my last course in university. I was supposed to follow her after i was done, and my visa was about to get ready . . . but then the bad news came! (allah yer7amha)

Now i can’t change Allah’s will, and el7mdellah i have 2 great aunts and a loving father along with my mother’s grandparents who love us very much . . . but no one can replace the essence of your mother and that’s a fact!

since her death, I’ve gained alot of weight (i used to be fit and heathly) now i’m not! i’m always depressed, most of the time i’m at home, i rarely go out, because i hate interacting with new people! I’ve changed my work 5 times (yeaaah can you believe it) but now i’m settled el7mdellah . . . i’ve been fighting alot with my family, coz they want me to change the way i am but the thing is i can’t! the sadness and depression just hit you without knowing! I don’t want to feel like that, or be like that because i was a smiling happy girl, but not anymore . . . i may laugh but the essence of happiness is not there!

Last week i promised my self that i will start changing the way im living starting with my weight which is the main cause of my depression i guess along with my mom’s death! so on the 14th of march i started closing my mouth from everything that can add fat to my body, and i started eating healthier food! it’s been 10 days now and i’ve lost 2kgs yeeeey 😀 (this is the 1st time i manage to shut my mouth for 10 days straight). i also started exercising, i bought this Cindy Crawford’s dvd and started playing at home because i have no time to join the gym 🙂

I believe I can do it . . . it will take time but I know eventually I will 🙂


24-3-2010: lost 2 KGs

3-4-2010: lost 2 KGs

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