Why Do We Hate Saturdays?


I’ve always hated Saturdays, you know why? Because Sunday will follow, that means, a new working day. Waking up earl in the morning feeling the weekend went so fast & you didn’t get enough sleep. But that’s Sunday, so why hate Saturday? Don’t ruin the day because the weekend is about to end. I used to do that & just now I came to realize that I used to waste a whole day because of a day that haven’t arrived yet.

As I’m getting myself in the mood of getting back to work (September, I know too early). I’m starting to realize the wrong things that I used to do which took my energy & power from me. We as working human beings (hypothetically) need to enjoy every hour of our off days because we deserve it. We deserve happiness, joy, having fun, relaxing, reading a book, having breakfast outside, whatever makes your soul happy.

For all of you ladies & gents who are feeling down because the weekend is about to end, it hasn’t yet! Be active & enjoy the day before you snuggle in your bed.

Happy Belated Saturday ❤

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عيدكم مبارك

صباح الكاكاو و القهوه … ينعاد عليكم بالصحه و العافيه يا رب

Happy Eid To All


& Happy Eid from ZAIN

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This post is for those who are feeling down . . . I’m full of hope, energy and good mood, so I’m sending you some;

– Life is beautiful, you just have to search for its beauty in its ugliness.

– Allah takes and gives, it’s a fair equation but hard to interpret at first.

– Look at the sun early in the morning & you will see the light of hope shining over you.

– Never regret anything you have done, learn from your mistakes.

– Love yourself for who you are, not for what people want to love in you.

– Being a better person than those who have hurt you won’t lessen from your dignity.

– Stop complaining about what you don’t have or want to have.

– Being content is the main key to happiness.

– Whenever you’re feeling down/sad/depressed, take a look at the news around the world for just 5 minutes and you’ll realize what you have is precious.

– I’m here if you need a shoulder to lean on 🙂 mashallah 3lay 7ekam 😛

P.S. Happy Thursday and this song is dedicated to you all ;*

Thanks to Chikapappi I can’t get the song off my mind

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Lovely Weekend ^_^

Morning People 🙂 so how r u feeling today?! I’m actually sleep-deprived due to all the catching up with TV Shows and movies! I can hardly open my eyes!!! Do you know this feeling that when you try to open your eyes wide-open but they start to burn so you just close them!? I’m getting this feeling right now and i’m getting a headache while writing this post, but hey it’s worth it . . . Happy Thursdaaaaaay my beloved ones ^_^ . . . So what will I be doing this weekend?

Thursday: After work straight to 360 to meet up with friends, then go home and watch the tv shows i’ve just downloaded at work 🙂 <– Fast internet. OMG,,, i’ll be watching White Collar Season 1 Finale 😦 True Blood season 3×05 and Covert Affairs season 1×02 !!! After sit down with dad and chitchat about his day and my day 🙂 then continue my night alone watching the movies i’ve ordered online for just KD 1/- yeeeey 🙂

eeeerrrr I don’t think I will be able to watch this seen . . . i will be heartbroken 😦 Jacqui sweety I will need you next your phone, let’s say around 8 or 9 pm U_U

Okay let’s go to Friday: yeeeeeeey can’t wait, girls’ night in wooohoooo we’re all gathering in one place and who’s place is it?! no no no! that will have to wait til Saturday for a post of its own 😀 sadly, one or two of the girls won’t be joining us (I hate you for that, but you will be missed) :*

Saturdaaay: will be spent at my grandparents house . . . Zawaraaa 🙂 and lots of kidzzzzzz, my lil angels 🙂 This song is for ya 😉

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Beautiful Sunday :)

WOW! I woke up today feeling good! Actually, feeling GREAT and it’s weird considering it’s Sunday, another beginning of early mornings but this morning, it feels awesome full of positivity and happiness! But hey, you know this feeling when you are very very happy and positive about life and then suddenly you feel kinda scared that it will all be ruined by smth or sm!? Well, I’m getting this feeling right now even though I’m happy, I’m getting this tummy ache that smth bad or not pleasant will happen! Only time will tell 😉

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Freelance Reporter :)

I’m more than happy to announce that i’ve just started my own business which is nothing to do with fashion, cosmetics or whatever the other people are doing! It’s about smth I love alot and I’m passionate about 🙂 I’m a Freelance Reporter now thanks to the great lady Ms. Zeina Mokaddam!

Some of you know that I used to be the Managing Editor of uniQue Magazine but I left few months ago because the work was really hectic and there was no one to help! Managing 1 magazine is hell  believe me! After leaving, I was still passionate about journalism/reporting! There was a void and last week when I was going through Student Talk magazine, I came through Ms. Zeina’s email and I sent her my CV for a part time job!

She was kind enough to reply to my email the same day and call me after 2 days which put a big smile on my face! Today, she paid me a visit to my full time job where we sat and chatted! Let me tell you, she’s the friendliest lady i’ve ever met and she has this amazing spirit! She gave me many advises and she was willing to help!

I told her that I’m happy at my job now but I’d like to do some reporting/journalism thing as a part time job because I LOVE it! She secured me some pages in one of their magazines which I won’t mention coz still I haven’t done any interviews yet or reports! But I guess I’m gonna work very hard in order to submit a good report! She also advised me to create my own business card and state that i’m a “Freelance Reporter” so I can conduct exclusive interviews for them and other interviews where I can sell them to other magazines later one 😀 I’m currently in the process of printing my business card, thanks again to Mr. Anil for designing it 🙂 and I’m starting right now to collect all infos and numbers of various people . . . wish me luck 😀

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Happy Thursday


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20 Simple Smiles :)

I read this post on Q8 Stig blog about 25 Simple Smiles (his) which talks about the simple moments/things that make you smile other than big material stuff and work promotions, but mine turned out to be 20, I’m sure I can find more but this is what i’ve got right now 🙂 Let me share them with you;

1- Receiving a call from my parents in the morning at work (nowadays only father).

2-Looking at old pictures bringing back old memories.

3-Watching football matches.

4-Reading a book.

5-Getting a reward unexpectedly at work.

6-Reading my 1st penpal letter.


8-Drinking coffee early in the morning.

9-Listening to my lil sister’s uni crushes everyday.

10-Handsome guy.

11-Favourite actor back in another movie/TV show.

12-Delicious meal.

13-Reading comments on my blog.

14-Being inside a bookstore.

15-Going through the last thing my mom toughted (yup I still have them).

16-Eating chocolate.

17-Listening to IL DIVO.


19-Office boys.

20-Compliments from fellow colleagues/friends (other sex)

*Now what are yours? 😉

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To My GUST Family,,,With Love

This post is inspired by Moody Panties’ Obsession and dedicated to my great colleagues/friends/family at GUST. I miss you all.

I still remember all the days I spent at GUST. The happy and the sad ones, the gloomy and the joyful ones and how all of you helped me through the worst!!! It wasn’t easy getting there coz after i graduated, i went there full of hope that i will get their easily but since i was a fresh graduate, they told me either u work as a secretary or secretary, i didnt have nay other option because i didnt have any experience, i refused ofcourse. I’m an english literature BA graduate, how can u hire me as a secretary?!  I jumped from job to job gathering experiences from here and there until i had the courage to go back again and tell them there you go! surprisingly, the HR director remembered me and hired me immediately as an administrative Assistant in the college of Business Administration. I didn’t want to be in that post but i didnt have any choice back then, i was trying to escape from teaching, so i said yes! and after 6 months i was clever enough to convince the HR director to take me coz i was dying to be an HR Officer.

HR was boring but the team made exciting with all the digging, gossiping about new employees, who’s getting what and who’s gonna be kicked out. It was really fun and our boss was one of a kind Mrs. Fawziya Sultan, she was the best. I remember every morning we gather up in her office around her table, sipping our coffees and just chatting about random stuff. aahhhh i miss those days, it was heart breaking news we had to deal with when she resigned to stay with her sick mom and help her through her illness, but we had to deal with it! We managed to work without a boss for almost 6 months til that monster came from the US, he was American Lebanese who got fired from his work over there and came to make our lives as hell as possible! I had many great Lebanese friends and no one seemed to have any kind of attitude like this guy had. Mr. Abdulhaleem Qassim, yes that was his name (I HATE YOU)! He made my life like hell! he used to make smth big out of nothing! I tried to make his life as hell as i can and i did but it was exhausting! I got fed up and it made cry everyday! Until i got the courage to resign after 2 beautiful years i spent over there with kindest nicest people you will ever meet in ur life 🙂

Hanan Yaasin (My sweet baby, she was the first I knew), Nelli Alrifaie, Heba Shehab, Ahmed Al-Abdullah (Miss you bro), Lina Al-Qanni, Mhmd Al-Mudhaf (Miss ur mom’s chocolate cakes :P), Maram Abdulqader, Hessa Al-Qadhibi (naughty girl), Muneer Al-Hayen, Savina Rahman & Raji Rajan (the evil twins ehehe), Dina Sweilem, Amani, Dr. Kamel Benameur (you’re the best), Fatma Al-Bidiwi (miss ur fashion), Mr. Moustafa Al-Dabous (bo khaled), Hana Deabas (Hennooo), Bushra Ashkanani (my paaaaaal), Faten Irhiem, Wilma Abdel Wahed, Dr. Adam Savage . . . I miiiissss you all (I hope I didn’t forget anyone).

My temporarily office 😛

That was last April 2009

The day I met Mhmd Saeed Harib, the creator of the hit cartoon Freej

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