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Well, after dieting for 2 months and losing only 4 Kgs, I’ve realized that I hv to get my body in motion coz diet only won’t help for my kind of body! I know that I hv to exercise to lose more & more weight and to sculpt it! Flex & Champions are out of the picture, always crowded and no good parkings! and do i need to talk about the prices @@?! I started to squeeze my memory and remember good, quiet, & qualified gyms in Kuwait! Then i remembered Pilates & More. I googled it and found their number, called them and asked for their monthly membership and they said KD 60 for the whole package & KD 45 for the other package! I’m like “Whaat?” Okay this is my GYM! Told them I’m coming to check it out!

I went yesterday to check the area, the people, the pool and the classes! all was veryyy good! The pilates hall has this relaxing aroma coming from candles, the pool is just clean (ofcourse cant see what’s in there), they have many equipments and some were new to me, never saw such equipments before, they give towels and a bottle of water to their members, the staff are very friendly and helpful! hhmmm What else? Yeah and they hv this machine to remove/break your cellulite, i hv to book it 3 times per week on monthly bases so i can see good effects after 3 months! and they have various classes; from pilates to yoga (almost the same) to cardio, to martial art, cycling, aquafit (that’s exercising inside the pool), vibrafit (don’t ask me what’s that? hv to find out) to dancing classes (Latin, Salsa, Belly dancing)! also Gymstick pilates and many many more which i cant recall right now!

Now i’m over the moon, all that for just KD 60 in one month? Yallah, show me the membership card, im paying now! and then the bad awful news come in! Mamme, you will have to pay KD 121 for this membership certificate (long term membership), my reply was simply “i dont want that”! and then she goes ” you won’t be able to renew your membership after you finish you one month, this is the rule” and i go “are you kidding me, this is a bad rule” and my tone, my attitude, and my mood just changes! this is pure theft (kalak, teshelle5 o boog ashkara 3eni 3enek) Then i take the papers and tell the lady there let me think!

I go back home very disappointed in what happened! I loved the gym and i want to go in but what they’re doing is not ethical! their rules suck! But i decide that i wanna join them! It’s the best gym i’ve got so far! I gave them a visit today afternoon, signed the membership and booked an appointment for my assessment test which was around 8 pm today!

OKAAAY! My assessment test was awful! I hated myself after the results I got 😦 I mean how did I allow myself to reach that weight and this body fat and my BMI was not good! Also my heart beat rate is very very high, that’s why i feel tired after i do the slightest exercise (i wasn’t like that)! She was very shocked from my heart beat and why it was beating this fast (92 per min or sec! i dont know) but she said it’s very high and not very normal! She even asked me if i’m getting enough sleep?! aha, no i’m not!

Later, we hit the equipment/machines hall to check my ability in exercising! I got one above average and the others were all average! So I’m good to go but again she was worried about my heart beat because when I started exercising on of the machine (they hooked this heart beat thing to my finger) it showed that it was 170!!! As a beginner it should be 130! Well, who cares?!

My assessment was only for 30 min today and I already feel tired and sleeeeeeeepy (no sleeping pills today)! I’m gonna hit the bed now! aaah Can’t believe it, it’s too early and i’m yawning -_-

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