Karak Sarah


Coming home from work to find this amazing personalised gift from one of our dear friends. A tea thermos with my name on it aver Karak. Karak is an Indian Chay with Milk and lots of sugar. You can add to cardamom or whatever you want. I honestly don’t know how to do it, but I love drinking it. Before, I wasn’t a fan, but then I started loving the taste.

The tea thermos was full of Karak. My whole family went nuts over it, they almost finished it before I had the chance to taste it, thank god I managed to take 2 sips (remember I’m currently on a strict diet). It was really yummy, full of tasty aroma. The gift also had Or chocolates which I didn’t touch but I kept it in the fridge so I can eat it next Sunday (my free day ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Thank you my dear Hiba for this lovely gift :*

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My Best Birthday Gift Ever


Having friends is an ordinary thing. But having great, loving, honest friends is very very rare specially in these days. One of the great friends I have is my dearย Jacqui. I can’t tell you about this girl in words because it won’t do her justice. The sweetest, kindest, most honest loving girl on this earth. She would give you the globe on a gold plated tray if she could (Only the people she loves, can’t tell you what she’d do for those she doesn’t like hehe ๐Ÿ˜› )

When I had Juju, she was out of the country but she managed to send me flowers congratulating me for having my lil duck in this world and when she came back, I was shocked by the amount of gift she got for Baby Jana.

And again, she was out of the country when I celebrated my birthday 3 months ago but when she came back, she passed by my home with a huge heavy box. It was really huge (I still have it). I was speechless, without even knowing what was inside it. This girl has the kindest heart ever, spontaneous and free.

Here comes the most shocking part. The box didn’t have 1 gift only, oh no, it had lots and lots of gifts individually wrapped just to make me crazy while unwrapping them (she might be evil sometimes).

Let me show you what she got me in pictures ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you my dearest and loveliest friend Jumana, I know I will never have or find such a great friend like you at all. Therefore, you’re stuck with me forever :***

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Thank You @PinkGirlBlog


A couple of days ago, my dear and sweet friend passed by to give me something. An Arabic Coffee Cup with my name written on it. The cup is sooo beautiful and cute, I don’t know whether to keep it as a memory or use it. And i’m thinking of getting the whole set with my family names (husband, daughter etc.)

Thank You 6ayooooba manen7eremsh ya 3sal :*

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AlRoudan Tournament Passport


How cool is this passport, ha?

It’s really beautiful and creative. A passport to pass or fly to all Alroudan Tournament events for this Ramadan 2013. I really loved the idea of personalizing a passport for people so they can attend the events held or organized by Alroudan.

You can get yours for KD45 if I’m not mistaken and you can attend all the events, football matches, meet famous players or football divas etc.

Thank you Alroudan Tournament & Senyar for the lovely passport.

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Thank You Mabani @The_Avenues


As usual, people and companies started greeting others on the occasion of Ramadan by sending them traditional desserts. A beautifully wrapped Ramadan gift from Mabani came to my doors a couple of days ago containing a selection of delicious flavors fromย Tmreyaย the Kuwaiti business that grew so fast mashallah.

The gift also included Ramadan Imsakiya, and a dining guide for The Avenues mall which I liked very mcuh. It’s detailed and includes lots of information. Can you imagine that there are lots of cafes and restaurants I haven’t heard of?! The place is really huge and the guide is what we really need. It also has a map which will be very helpful.

Thank you Mabani and Abdulla Al-Badah for the lovely thoughtful gift.

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Ramadan Gift from @FB_Boutique


I’ve received a beautiful mug from @FB_Boutique (instagram) that has Ramadan Spirit, full of chocolate and candy (yum yum). I’ve met the talented Farah Bastaki once before and I’m collaborating with her on something i’ve been wanting to do my whole life. She’s really talented and creative and she transforms your ideas into beautiful drawings. She prepared these mugs as Gerge3an favors. Really beautiful.

Thank you Farah and wish you all the best.

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L’Occitane June Beauty Box


So, I started waiting for this box at the end of every month waiting to see what’s new and what to try and enjoy. This month it included 2 new items, not in the store but in the beauty box. A body scrub and a Shea butter cream.

I have to tell you that I really really loved the scrub. Leaves your body soft and moisturized with a beautiful light scent of freshness and cleanness. It’s easy to use and I’m replacing it with body scrubs as it cleans better.

The Shea butter is very different from other creams. This one is very thick and heavy but light on the skin and gives your it a glowy soft look and texture. I love looking at my hands after applying the Shea butter on them. And it stays for long hours. You don’t need to apply cream every now and then to keep your body moisturized.

The box also included a hand cream as always and a lavender soup which I’m using on daily basis now for my hands. Beautiful items for this month. Thank you L’occitane.

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Juju’s 1st Gerge’an Outfit From @Unique_by_Fatma


My beautiful baby girl received an awesome gift from @unique_by_fatma (instagram) which is a Gerge3an outfit. It is a set that has a dress, vest, a russian doll, a hair band and a gerge3an bag.

I didn’t think it’s going to be that good but it was soooo beautiful when Juju wore it and the sewing is very fine and clean.

What I loved the most is the Russian doll that can be worn on the hand as you can see in the pictures. And the flowery hair band is really beautiful, specially on my lil duck’s head โค

Now I can’t wait for Ramadan to come to take Juju to her 2nd photo shoot ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you Fatma and wish you the best and may you have a safe delivery.

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Wedding Gifts Service at Williams-Sonoma @The_Avenues


I’m really excited to tell you about this service which is kinda new in Kuwait. We’ve all seen it in movies & TV Shows but now you can actually experience it if you’re getting married or sending a gift to newly weds, or you can also send a gift to your friend or family who have just moved to a new house.

It’s gift or wedding registry. Where you can choose the things that you need your family & friends to buy for you instead of buying random things & they might be duplicates. You can just walk in or book an appointment to set a meeting & choose your gifts.

I also liked the personalization part. They can itch or engrave whatever you want on anything they have on the store. Some of the things can be done on the spot & others need a little bit of time.

It’s a new service in Kuwait which I’ve loved watching it in movies & wished that we had it in here. Well, now it’s available. So newly weds, get ready to register your gifts at Williams-Sonoma ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you ladies for having us & for the nice tour!

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Thank You Asama Perfumes


I received a flowery invitation that had a beautiful smell. The essence was s freshy & summer, as if I was in a garden full of flowers.

Can’t wait to go and explore the store.

Thank you very much Asama & wish you the best.

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Thank You @MakiRest


Happy 10th Anniversary

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Thank You F2O Designs


The lovely Fatima Al-Othman informed me that there’s something waiting for me at the store. I was in the area that day & couldn’t wait to check it out. Too bad I missed meeting Fatima & baby Essa. The lady at the store gave me an orangy bag. Couldn’t wait to get back home & see what’s inside the bag ๐Ÿ˜€

Guess whaaaat? A customized coffee cup with an Owl & my current nickname “Om Juju” ๐Ÿ˜€ I couldn’t help but go around the store & show it to everyone, even to those who are out of the country, I sent them pictures of the cup through whatsapp with a huge smile on my face.

The notebook is so beautiful & creatively drawn. The colors, the faces, everything about it screams creativity. And it came just on time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank youย F2o Designsย for the lovely gift & may all your dreams come true & all your goals achieved.

The store is located in Burj Jassim.

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