Elsoor Game ,,, Lots of Fun


I received @ElsoorGame (Instagram) from our blogger-friend Fahad Al-Ibraheem who’s the mastermind behind this game ,,, It’s a card game, totally new, not like any other card game at all.

My sister & I met on Friday to try & play this game ,,, it wasn’t easy at first considering it’s a new game & you have to get used to it but after few minutes, we understood the idea of the game & started playing 🙂

It was lots of fun, we yelled, laughed & made fun of each other & we were only 2 gamers, so imagine if we were 4, I guess a war would happen 😛

Basically, the game is about attacking,,, you have 3 Soors that you have to protect with your soldiers, you can choose which Soor to attack & which Soor to defend from yours. I loved the action cards, they caused alot of tension 😛

You can find the game at P2BK Village at Ezgrt Booth

Thank you Fahad & Good luck 🙂

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Elsoor Card Game

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A new card game with a new concept & theme will be released soon nshallah.

Fahad Al-Ibraheem created it, mashallah! Looking forward to its release!

You can find the game at P2BK Village from the 13th of March Til the 19th of March 2013.

Don’t Miss it 🙂

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@Hello_Jester Quick Delivery Service


A couple of days ago, my sister & I were feeling bored, there was nothing on TV & we couldn’t go out because I didn’t have anyone to watch over baby Jana … So I told her why not order Kuwaiti Deal & have a game night?

I remembered my fellow bloggers receiving an invitation from Iamjester. I immediately visited their website & placed my order. To my surprise, I received my order in just 25 minutes … wow.

Way to go people, hoping you’ll add more games & keep up the good work 🙂

Now, I need to figure how to play this game 😛

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Wrong Answer & You’re Doomed

That’s just indescribable

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Pass: Royal Tiara *altaj almalaki*

Mishary from 1 Life 2 Live passed the Royal Tiara game (altaj almalaki) and I was able to receive it with special tactics 😛 (talk about football). It’s about few questions that I have to answer:

1- Who asked you to answer these questions?

1 Life 2 Live

2- Mention 6 secrets that no one would know about you in the first meeting?

– I don’t regret anything, I learn from it

– I hate gatherings (that hv lots of people)

– I don’t care about what other people think of me

– My family comes first then work

– Obsessed with books

– My dream job is to be a surgeon

3- Pass this to 6 bloggers and mention their names along with their links;



Just Noon

Pisces Chick

Q Valley

The Boudoir

* Thanks Mishary and I’m awaiting the answers of fellow bloggers 😉


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