DisneyLand-Hong Kong


One of the most exciting places I was excited to visit in Hong Kong wasΒ Disneyland. Booked the tickets in advance on August, downloaded the map and just waited for that day to come.

As you know Disneyland is every child’s dream to visit it, play the games and shop in the amazing shops they have inside the park. And that’s exactly what I did. I went years back and acted like a kid with a huge lollipop in her hand walking happily inside that huge gate.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting like the ones in Orlando and Paris which i haven’t seen but I’ve heard they are huge and Hong Kong’s one is kinda smaller than them. From what I’ve seen, you can finish it in 8-10 hrs which a one day access. Unless you have kids and they wanna play lots of games then 2 days access is good but not recommended.

The park is located in a separate island far away from where we are staying but their trains are super fast and we managed to reach the park in 20 minutes only. We switched in the last station where we took a customised train to the park which you can see down the pictures. The train designed on Micky, how fun is that?

We reached the main gate after a long walk from the entrance, just put my credit card inside the Automatic Tickets machine and got my tickets out. Great fast service. We got inside the park which wasn’t crowded at all because it wasn’t a high season thank god and we managed to play lots and lots of games. Okay, my husband and I played only 6 games lol, shopped a lot and had a quick snack.

The games were really fun, I enjoyed the kids games mostly because i’m a coward, I hated scary fast games, but my husband managed convinced me to play 2 scary games. You can’t imagine the scenes I’ve made hehe. But it was really fun. Loved every minute of it and I’m thinking of taking Juju to the French one when she’s a bit older.

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Bloggerettes’ Gathering


Last week, our dear friendΒ SilverBlingBlackΒ & her sister @Nouradrenaline (instagram) had a gathering at their home. Many bloggers came & we had lots of fun talking, chatting, maybe even gossiping πŸ˜› *JK*

Tea, coffee & delicious chocolates fromΒ Chocolates&MoreΒ came first, then we went outside for a beautiful outdoor dinner. The seating area was gorgeous, it had a beautiful purple lights. The buffet was delicious, not everything was perfect but all in all it was delicious. The catering company is called @CateringFactoryKW (instagram).

Thank you ladies for a beautiful night πŸ™‚

Enjoy the pictures πŸ˜€

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Bothroos In Da House

Many of you may wonder who’s this fella? & why is he called “bothroos”? Well, it’s very obvious that he has huge teeth coming out of his mouth πŸ˜› This lovely cute doll belongs to our lovely bloggerΒ Alnoury. She started taking him every where with her & then, she created an instagram page Β for him for people to enjoy his advenyures & “gezzing” πŸ˜›

On Friday, Bothroos visited me & spent the whole day with me πŸ˜€ he was really tiny & cute hehe! I introduced him to my husband who didn’t like him & said he looks scary lol πŸ˜› he even thought his existence affected my attitude haha πŸ˜€

Anyways, so i was fasting & decided to take him with me to have Futoor outside at Cuts-Movenpick. He really enjoyed his time, having dinner with me & then walking in the hallway trying to knock on the doors of the hotel rooms πŸ˜› such a naughty doll πŸ˜‰

If you have instagram follow him & you’ll have fun watching his pictures here & there; @bothroos

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Bloggers’ Picnic

A couple of days ago sweetΒ AlnouryΒ was kind enough to ask me to join them in an afternoon picnic. Arrived there around 5:30 pm after googling the whole are for the spot they were sitting in πŸ˜› Finally I reached them, who can miss pink balloons πŸ˜›

PinkGirlQ8,Β The Triple F, & Abla Noura were also there. The weather was amazing, I really didn’t wanna leave the place. It was perfect for a nap if it wasn’t that public πŸ˜‰

We enjoyed eating food as usual πŸ˜› The Triple F’s Arabic Coffee, Alnoury’s Karak & many more! Then later on we put some music & enjoyed singing a lil bit πŸ˜› (fothee7a a9watna) πŸ˜›

Had lots of fun with you girls :*

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Happy Belated 2012

Wishing YOU All A Very Happy New Year Filled With Love, Health, Wealth & Happiness

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Name 25 Among 100 Famous Persons

Dad sent me this photo through whatsapp saying if you manage to know 25 names from those 100 famous persons then you’re well educated. I sat staring at the photo for more than 20 minutes i swear going back & forth trying to get 25 names! Thank god i managed to know 25 lol but it was kinda hard! I doubted some faces but weren’t sure.

Yalla it’s ur turn now, try to get me 25 names & write them down πŸ˜‰ Show me ur knowledge πŸ˜€

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Multi-Color Freezable Ice Cubes

I ordered those amazing colorful freezable ice cubes from Amazon earlier this month and it took them exactly 10days to reach me (Thanks to Aramex). I’ve just tried them and they’re very fancy and lovely. They set this colorful atmosphere around you. Whether you’re having a party, just you and your partner, or just you alone. This item is superb. Even though it doesn’t cool that much but they are worth purchasing πŸ™‚

Order them from:Β

You can freeze them

They can give you many colors at the same time

or they can be set to one color


Look how long it took this tiny package to reach me . . . No comment Aramex

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How Many Perfumes Do You Have?

It’s been a long time since all bloggers have done smth fun together & while I was cleaning my hairdresser for the first time ever in my whole glorious productive life πŸ˜€ I’ve discovered that i have so many perfumes that sometimes I forget to use 4 or 5 of them! So I thought of posting about it to see if my quantity is normal or beyond that! Do I have too many perfumes?! they’re only 14 πŸ˜›

If you have the time, take a photo of your perfumes & tell us how many do you have πŸ˜€

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Morning Walk+Prime & Toast

Yes we did it! The plan was for us me,Β Noon &Β Wrapping Mania to wake around 5 am, pray and leave around 5:45 to enjoy walking in this lovely weather and enjoy the lovely breeze! I slept around 2 am and woke up at 5 am :/ so you cant imagine what happened later on! It was somehow cold, good thing I was wearing smth warm! We walked, walked , talked, talked & enjoyed taking photos from here & there! It was very very refreshing to walk at 6 am in the morning . . . You don’t get this weather everytime in Kuwait!

Then we decided to have breakfast at Prime&Toast, which was my 1st experience and was ok! I ordered Waffles with Nutella & Maple syrup (Which I realized later on i forgot to take a photo of)! They were fine, I prefer Dean&Deluca’s!

After that, like around 8:45 am, we weren’t ready to get home yet! So we went to Starbucks Kaifan to meet up with another friend of ours (Dalooooool), she’s the Queen of Craziness, madness is her middle name hehe! we laughed like there was no one around us & enjoyed our time drinking coffee and talking about things that are not appropriate to post about LOL πŸ˜›

Cheese Omelet


Cup of Cappuccino

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Bnaider Party

Happy Sunday morning people πŸ™‚ I’ve just realized that when you have incredible weekends, Sundays happen to be beautiful & full of energy and positiveness! So let’s start with the crazy/luntic stuff that happened Friday night! but before that let me start with smth, that day I felt really awful for going to a party, music, dancing & laughter, because on that same day 5 years ago, it was my mom’s 47th birthday & on the same day she was diagnosed with Myeloma! I teared a lil bit but the devil in me whispered and told me, you have to enjoy your life to the max and that crying, weeping or feeling sorry for yourself won’t bring her back! My devil is wiser than me πŸ˜‰

My bestie Wawa picked me up around 2:30 pm, her kidz were with us (yakhty) and we headed to Bnaider, reached there around 4 because we stopped at McDonald’s to hv light lunch! When we got there, we settled in and started organizing the place, the sofas, the snacks and other things! around 6 pm we headed to our rooms and changed our clothes! The music started playing outside, so we hurried and got out to find the DJ is there and already in the mood!

Me and Wawa were the only stylish girls when we first came in, it felt weird lol! The other girls were dressed for a Chalet party but we dressed for Posh Party, we just wanted to feel the luxury in us πŸ˜› Than god later on, other girls (I don’t know) came in dressed like us πŸ˜› Anyways, from the first song Wawa hit the ramp lol but me I had to get in the mood, good thing it didn’t take that long, the 2nd song i was among the crowd πŸ˜€ We started dancing like crazy girls on the loose, doing silly dancing moves with our hands, heads and smtimes hair! It was like we just got out the Psychiatric Ward πŸ˜€ Oh yeah, and later on, in the middle of the party, I changed my clothes and wore my Pjs, it felt more comfortable than the dress and I danced freely in them πŸ˜›

Stylish, waay too stylish girls got in later on but never heard them say a word nor even move from their place! they were just looking at us and I felt like they were gossiping about us saying what kind of a lunatic set those girls free & in bnaider! h3 h3 h3! Actually we didnt care who was looking and who wasn’t, we just wanted to enjoy ourselves and we did πŸ™‚ When it hit 10 pm sharp, dinner was ready! We ate a lil bit and went back to continue dancing before the DJ leaves the Chalet! We asked her to play for use one last song to have a group dance! It was hilarious! πŸ˜€

Later, we got outside, sat down infront of the moonlight and started chatting about nonsense topics! But we all weren’t in the mood for it, very tired, drained and out of this world! We literary didn’t stop dancing at all, so around 2 am we went to sleep, I cant even remember when did I put my head on the pillow! It was a very deep sleep, couldnt feel a thing, except Wawa’s son Barhoom waking up crying just for few seconds, then I was back to sleep again!

Woke up next morning/same morning around 10 am (Don’t ask why) together! It turned out we were both awake but being silent lol! The living room was very sunny and bright, breakfast was last nights food! Love leftovers! We munched on cupcakes, cookies and mini cakes (best breakfast ever)! then we spread our legs on the sofas and just sat there watching TV & talking about stuff, kidz going outside and inside the Chalet! It was great doing nothing at all, just looking and eating!

Got back around 6 pm, was very super tired! but had to sit a lil bit with Dad, coz I haven’t seen him for 1 day! He also seemed happy seeing me happy and that i actually enjoyed my time! With no warning, i saw myself hugging my pillow around 9 pm last night and woke up today around 6 am! aaahhhh best sleep ever πŸ˜€

Saw this guy flying his boat or whatever you call that and it looked just amazing! I wanna fly that thing too! Dunno if he did it or bought it but I’m sure it brings lots of fun!

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Swera’s Kick Ass Campaign

Remember my “I HATE YOU” post!? Well, I’m over that now but the comments I’ve received from all of you people generated discussions, ideas & thoughts! One of them is to start a campaign lol and it was Semsema\’s idea to create a poster for this campaign, just for fun! She cut my face n glued it to the poster of Kick Ass movie and let me tell you it looks cute! I’m seeing myself now in that outfit hehe πŸ™‚ so who’s ready to kick some asses?! and this campaign ain’t sexist! it will be Male/Female kick ass πŸ˜‰

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Lovely Weekend ^_^

Morning People πŸ™‚ so how r u feeling today?! I’m actually sleep-deprived due to all the catching up with TV Shows and movies! I can hardly open my eyes!!! Do you know this feeling that when you try to open your eyes wide-open but they start to burn so you just close them!? I’m getting this feeling right now and i’m getting a headache while writing this post, but hey it’s worth it . . . Happy Thursdaaaaaay my beloved ones ^_^ . . . So what will I be doing this weekend?

Thursday: After work straight to 360 to meet up with friends, then go home and watch the tv shows i’ve just downloaded at work πŸ™‚ <– Fast internet. OMG,,, i’ll be watching White Collar Season 1 Finale 😦 True Blood season 3×05 and Covert Affairs season 1×02 !!! After sit down with dad and chitchat about his day and my day πŸ™‚ then continue my night alone watching the movies i’ve ordered online for just KD 1/- yeeeey πŸ™‚

eeeerrrr I don’t think I will be able to watch this seen . . . i will be heartbroken 😦 Jacqui sweety I will need you next your phone, let’s say around 8 or 9 pm U_U

Okay let’s go to Friday: yeeeeeeey can’t wait, girls’ night in wooohoooo we’re all gathering in one place and who’s place is it?! no no no! that will have to wait til Saturday for a post of its own πŸ˜€ sadly, one or two of the girls won’t be joining us (I hate you for that, but you will be missed) :*

Saturdaaay: will be spent at my grandparents house . . . Zawaraaa πŸ™‚ and lots of kidzzzzzz, my lil angels πŸ™‚ This song is for ya πŸ˜‰

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