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Fitfootball is for everyone who believes in football as a medium for healthy pleasure, entertainment and social integration.

§  Personal fitness training (Flexibility, static and dynamic strength, aerobic, circuit, pilates, sports training etc)

§  Personal football training (Passing, shooting, trapping, goal keeping, dribbling etc)

§  Weight loss program and football development skills

§  Players management and team

§  Match strategy and tactics

§  Mini games

§  Pickup games

§  Planning tournaments

§  Planning fitness and football related corporate and social events

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Farewell Super Pippo

You’ll always be remembered as the great off-side striker 🙂

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Good Morning Milanistas :D

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The Curse Is Over-AC Milan

This post is dedicated to the lovely The Boudoir

AC Milan been under a curse for almost 2 yrs and never won a match on their field in the European Championships! But tonight, they made sure to get that curse out of their way and defeated Auxerre 2-0 😀

Alexander Patu was more than marvelous but too bad he wasn’t able to score therefore, the coach Massimiliano Allegri (symphonic name) took him out and replaced him with Robinho *yakh*! Zlatan Ibrahimovic was able to score 2 goals 3 min apart 😀 The match started very strong, then was too quiet for a while, after that AC Milan took over the field and showed those French fools the real Italian football! I’m really HAPPY with the results, eat ur heart out Inter Milan (6)

My condolences to Ambrosial for Roma’s loss, enshallah next match they will do better ;*

Wasn’t lucky at 1st

1st goal 🙂

2nd goal 😀

Happy after the match has ended 😉

Nesta is back 😀

Pirlo is a pearl 😉

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AC Milan FTW

I was planning on writing about this earlier before but i was caught up in the gloomy mood of Ramadan (no coffee) and then Eid’s chaos and I totally forgot about it! But hey I haven’t missed much, only 2 weeks passed by from the Calcio Serie A and AC Milan are not doing well at all! They won the 1st match (my baby scored) but last week’s match was a disaster, I mean seriously? They were defeated by Cesena?!!! They have to do better than or else they will be doomed!!

Good thing Champions league haven’t started yet! but soon it will be knocking on our doors! It will be tomorrow . . . YEEEEEEEY! but AC Milan will be playing on Wednesday, the day after tomorrow and hope they will do better than what they’ve done the 2nd week of Serie A! They will be playing against Auxerre (What’s that?)

Best of luck babies . . . make ur mama proud 😀

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Spanish Team Celebrating In Madrid

David Bisbal singing


Ramos Singing *glbi* 🙂

The Crowd

Close up look of the crowd

I wish I was with them 😀

Alonso with David Bisbal 😉 waassiiii

Viva Paul The Octopus 😀

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BullSHIT Argentina


*Points her finger at Messi’s face and continues laughing* HaHaHaHaHaHaHa

That’s YOU Argentina 😀

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Happy Thursday


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Memories: Del Piero

I remember sendin fan letters to Inzaghi & Del Piero back in 1997 or 1998 when I was obsessed about them! Specially, Inzaghi! I got reply back from Del Piero, his picture along with his signature! I remember being very happy but a little bit disappointed coz I wanted Inzaghi’s signature badly LOL 🙂

Going through old stuff is fun! When you stumble upon such a funny thing that reminds you of your crazy days back in highschool! Which I believe I’m still living 😀

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Joachim Löw’s Filthiness

I saw this on Kuwait Black Market blog this morning and I was about to puke at work :/ Noooo Freaking Waaaaaaaay!!!! Whyyyyyy?! (ge6eee3a) Is it that tasty or what?! I know stress can make you do crazy stuff but not to chew it!!! I’m re-thinking of cheering for Germany! What kind of coach is that?!

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Old Footballers!!!

I’m still in shock after Italy’s shameful loss in this World Cup! and it made me go back in time and remember all the old footballers that I used to know by heart and still remember! Honestly, what the hell is going on with the European football?! What happened to the old players? I know they’re old but can’t they find same quality footballers who can fill their places?! Is it that hard to find a replacement?! and why some coaches are sticking to some grandpas in their teams?!

Let’s go back in time and remember some teams with such big names! starting from Italy. They used to have Maldini, Costacurta, & Nesta in the defense area along with Cannavaro who’s getting really old! Then come Del piero, Inzaghi and Vieri in the attack area . . . how beautiful they used to play with alot of harmony 🙂 ah I miss those days. From Holland: there are the De Boer HOT brothers lol who are still around, Dennis Bergkamp, Zenden, Marc Overmars & Philip Cocu, their middle line was really tough! From England: Michael Owen became history with all the injuries he suffered from and I don’t think he will be back in shape but remember when we first got to know him back in 1998 when he was 18? he created a histeria along with Beckham in the middle line, the Neville brothers in the defense are and the curly boy Steve McManaman 😉 Oh and Paul Scholes 🙂 From France: Zidane ofcourse, he will never be forgotten, Dedier Deshamp, Dugairy, Petit & Pires . . . WOW 🙂 those are the names we used to get excited when we hear them on TV 😀 From Spain: Raul Oh Raul! No one will fill his position in the attack area along with his old partner Fernando Morientes and Hiero in the defense area 😀 and finally from Germany: remember the Golden Head? Oliver Bierhoff, i love him, also Klinsmann and Ziege 😉

I wish we can see and hear such names in the next future and the same achievements will be back 🙂 some pictures of my sweethearts who used to make me happy when I see them play to refresh your memory 😛

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