Fine Dining at @Fauchon_Kuwait Le Gourmet Cafe


A new branch of Fauchon has just opened its doors to its comers with a new concept only in Salhiya Mall (inside the mall). I first though it was the one outdoors but then I discovered there is another one inside the mall.

Now this branch offers fine dining/luxury dishes that are not served in the other branches, only in this one and I was invited to try their new signature dishes and especially the interactive desserts dishes.

The fine dining dishes have a separate menu, also looks really nice and elegant, covered with white leather and gold embossing or maybe silver 😛 can’t actually remember.

For starters, we ordered the Salmon Millefeuille and Calamari Tempura Salad. Both dishes were amazing, especially the salad, yummy with that greenish sauce.

Later on, we continued with Fresh Oysters (huge ones) served with butter and bread, now this dish was really a winner. I was looking every where in Kuwait for this dish but couldn’t find and now Fauchon Le Gourmet Cafe has it on the menu. Also we tried the yummy Escargots (snails) with a delicious green sauce. It was really amazing, loved the whole experience with the special silverware and all. It’s a must try.

After that we finished our lunch with Beef Carpaccio and Creamy Lobster dish. I can’t tell you how awesome those dishes were, mind blowing. A MUST TRY. You can’t skip having these dishes when you’re there.

The ending was with their signature interactive desserts dishes which are new and unique. We tried three dishes. Eggpectations (Coconut, pineapple,chocolate) which was my favourite, the combination of the ingredients was really amazing especially with the mint. My aunt loved Fauchon forest which had ice cream, dates and chocolate, she said it was the best. And we also tried the Lotus Brownie cake which was okay.

Thank you Fauchon……Can’t wait to go again and try other dishes 🙂

I’m loving the photos ❤







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Mini Molten Cakes by @_Gathering_


A couple of days ago, I received a huge bag from @_gathering_ having 2 boxes inside it. I wondered what could it be?

A big box was filled with mini molten cakes,,,the same flavours but with a smaller size, which I find better than the older size. With this cute mini molten cup, you can actually have more than 1 flavour 😀

The smaller box had mini bites of Salted Pecans … so delicious and 2 bites are not enough at all. Loved the whole package.

Thank you @_gathering_




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Creation Burger Experience


Every Saturday, we all gather at my grandparents’ house in Mishref on a delicious Kuwaiti feast and sometimes International dishes are added to the table. But one Saturday, we decided to change our routine and get away from home made Kuwaiti food and order a burger station.

My brother chose @CreationBurger because he had tried it long time ago with his friends. Why not?

They arrived on time fully equipped and started preparing the mini burgers/sliders. They were 2 ladies who were smiling all the time and served us in a great way, we loved dealing and chatting with them

The quality of the meat and chicken was really good, loved it, not to mention the buns and the variety of sauces they had with them.

It was a great experience. You should all try them.

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Aprons & Hammers-Dubai


I’ve always wanted to try this place ever since its opening. I wanted to arrange so many visits to Dubai just for the sake of this place but nothing worked. Now, that I was there for the Emirates Literature Festival, I wanted to go to it so badly.

We went to the one in Sheikh Zayed Boulevard but they’ve told us it’s closed because of the fire that happened in new year. So we took another taxi and went to the one in Jumeirah Beach Road. Imagine, it took us more than 2 hours to reach the restaurant in JBR. The traffic was awful but we were on the road and the place was on our mind, so there was no way we were changing our destination.

We reached the place around 7pm and good thing we found a table outdoors, hence the lovely weather. We ordered Clams, Crab Bucket and Lobsters. Everything turned out to be more than amazing. I really can’t describe the taste, mind blowing 🙂 We ordered the Crab Bucket with Creamy Lemon Butter sauce and the Lobsters with Creamy Saffron Sauce.

Just amazing.




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Breakfast at Fume -Duabi


One of the places that were  on my list to visit and try their food was Fume which has many locations but we chose the one in Menzil Down Town Hotel, so we can later walk to Dubai Mall.

The place is located in the hotel but has a door from the outside facing Sheikh Zayed Boulevard which was from where we came. The restaurant opens at 8 am in the morning and it’s not crowded at that time in the weekend. So quiet and serene. Perfect place to have breakfast in and enjoy some quality time by yourself or with your loved ones.

I didn’t need any of the waiters to help me with the menu because I’ve already decided what to have before landing in Dubai 😀 I was following their instagram account and had some dishes in mind.

We ordered the Beach Breakfast and The Arabic Breakfast. Both tasted really good, fresh and delicious. The service was good, quality of food superb and quantity was more than good. Value of money is reasonable considering how expensive Dubai is.

The only thing that we didn’t like is that they don’t have cheese platter or any kind of cheese 😦 and that they don’t serve desserts early, not until 12pm. Too bad.

But it was a great experience and we loved it 😀


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Serendipity 3-Dubai Festival Mall


I still remember the moment I stepped inside this beautiful and amazing restaurant in Las Vegas and started taking photos of the beautiful decoration and then the delicious food.

I was really excited when I knew that it opened a branch in Dubai and couldn’t wait to try it. We ordered the ABC Burger & Portobello Mushroom, I actually didn’t notice that it was the same exact order that we had in Las Vegas 😛 Guess what? It turned out to be really amazing, and this place has better decoration than the one in LV. We also ordered the artichoke and crab dipping, which turned out to be heavenly delicious, you have to try it when you’re there.

The prices are the same, nothing more nothing less. The service was really good. I loved the experience.


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Healthy Additions @MakiRest


Last week, I’ve been invited to Maki Restaurant-Burj Jassem branch to try their latest additions to their menu and they are very healthy and delicious additions.

We were seated and introduced to the menu and what we will be trying and we also saw few new dishes that we wanted to try.

We met the chef that explained the names of the dishes and that most of them will contain Red rice 🙂

The dessert is still not on the menu, they’re still trying few things with it but it was really amazing.

Under each picture, I’ll write my opinion of each dish and it ingredients.

Chaine Fores Haze Salad

Ingredients: Red quinoa, carrot, frisse, cress shish green, white radish, cherry tomato, avocado, truffles & special dressing.

Verdict: Now this one was really good, loved how it was presented inside a bowl as a forest with fog & mist. The taste was dreamy and superb. Highly Recommended.

Jawi Maki

Ingredients: Tempura Prawn, avocado, topped with shredded ebi, umi wrap, rocket served with Maki special sauce.

Verdict: This one will be my IT maki platter. Loved everything about it. The combination of the ingredients were really amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Nadia Maki & Akagome Mowaffak Maki

Verdict: Both dishes were ok. Not wow, but acceptable.


Akagume Smoked Kung Pao Salmon Steak

Ingredients: Smoked salmon steak served with red rice, asparagus, green chili, truffles, carrots, boo chou, spinach, pinenut, coriander, portabello mushrooms with black truffle oil.

Verdict: DELICIOUSNESS. This dish from the picture tells everything. Salmon and Prawn were my favourite. Loved both of them. The marination of the shrimp was really yummy.


Agakome Prawn Tepenyaki

Ingredients: Brown teppen served with red rice, asparagus, green chili, truffles, carrots, boo choy, spinach, pine nut, portabello mushrooms with black truffles oil.

Verdict: MY FAVOURITE. Same as the salmon above. Highly recommended.


Black Rice Seafood Risotto

Ingredients: Prawn, scallop, black cod, asparagus, onion, garlic, shiso cress, black truffles oil with risotto black rice.

Verdict: Loved the texture of this dish, how creamy and blackish it was. Moist and goes straight to you tummy. The variety of seafood was really great, not just prawn and fish, so many other kinds were presentable as you can see. It needed more salt which was adjustable. Recommended.


Momo Crumble

Ingredients: Raspberry, cranberry, peach and other things (not sure)

Verdict: AMAZZZZING. The mixture of the above fruits was beyond my expectations. Loved it and it was served really hot, so the ice cream melted above everything and the delightful spoon had everything that we wanted to put inside our tummy 😀

This has to be added to the menu.

Thank you @MakiRest ❤

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Dean & Deluca New Healthy Menu @The_Avenues


I went to Dean & Deluca last month to try their newly added dishes on their healthy menu. The variety of dishes was quite decent and they looked super healthy.

We ordered the Quinoa Salad (It was okay). Some appetisers (Pesto Hummus, Muhammara, Baba Ghanouj) Those were really delicious, yummy and awesome. They tasted better than the quinoa salad which was somehow ordinary.

Now let’s talk about the main dishes … We picked the Salmon and Chicken Kebab dishes. The salmon was really good, cooked to perfection and the side dish that came with it was yummy, it was a salad cup that had tiny balls which tasted really good. The marination of the chicken kebab was also good and filled with good spices.

We also ordered the steak which we didn’t like, not recommended.

Great dishes indeed…No need to feel guilty at all.

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Valentine’s Day Lunch @OishiiKW


A couple of weeks ago, precisely on Valentine’s Day, I was invited to dine at Oishii restaurant located in Aljawhara Tower in Kuwait City. This isn’t my first visit to the place, I love the food and quiet atmosphere especially in the afternoons when it gets really quiet inside the place when it’s really loud out in the streets of the busy city.

I chose lunch around 3 pm to have some quality and quiet time with my husband which we really need away from the house and all the routines and problems in our daily life. I was wondering how the decoration would be and I was astonished to see how they set out table. It isn’t that fancy, elegant & simple yet mind blowing and romantic.

There was a red flower on my seat (just for me lol nothing for him) and then we were greeted with a pink sparkly juice which my husband liked and ordered more of it and then we chose some fancy dishes that we wanted to try.

This time, the winner was Bonita Salad, Shitake Soup and The Godzilla Maki. Those were really special but that doesn’t mean that everything else wasn’t great. We loved everything and the taste of the Crispy Sashimi in my mouth was so dreamy. Loved it.

And when we thought we were done, the brought us a red velvet heart shaped cake with cream cheese icing inside it accompanied with a chocolate sauce to write something on the plate …. The cake was light and moist ❤

Thank you @OishiiKW for the lovely lunch, we surely enjoyed our time ❤


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Happy National & Liberation Day My Lovely Country Kuwait <3


Cake from @Haleeboheil

Sandwiches from @Londonkitchenkw

Damlooj from &Nutsnmorekw



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Hotel Calcutta Experience @The_Avenues


Last month, I was invited to try the newly opened Indian Contemporary  Cuisine called Hotel Calcutta located in The Avenues Mall (3rd Phase). We’ve all seen the signs and the colourful painting covering the place and wondered what could this be!

My husband & I went there around 7pm and I was dressed in Indian clothes (got them from my last trip to Mumbai), just getting in the mood I guess 🙂

The whole place looked as if you were having food in a hotel lobby … beautiful decoration, from tables to chairs to a trolly with bags and even the waitresses’ clothes looked magnificent and neat.

We were welcomed in a very hotel-like greeting and we were seated outdoors (our request). The menu was introduced to us and they gave us a little bit of explanations. Everything we’ve ordered turned out to be really good especially the Shrimp Coconut Curry and the Awadhi Biryani …. yum yum! Filled with Indian spices and aroma. I also loved the Mango Shrimp Salad, even though only 3 or 4 shrimps were presented, it was delicious. Also the Gulab Jamon Cheesecake was something, not to be missed!


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Namaste Indian Breakfast


Last month, when I was on spring break, I wanted to try as many places as possible. One of them was Namaste, I wanted to try their Thali Breakfast which is all about the tray, small copper bowls and delicious taste.

The place is really small, but the decoration is beyond amazing. Loved all the Indian colours, drawings and furniture.

The menu is displayed on an iPad which makes it great to choose from when you don’t know all the Indian names of traditional dishes.

We tried 2 dishes, the Thali breakfast and Egg Dhal or something (I forgot the name but the picture is down below). Everything turned out to be perfect, delicious and the quantity was beyond fulfilling. Not to mention, it was reasonably priced.

I advise you to visit it on weekends and try their breakfast. I’m looking forward to try their lunch/dinner dishes.



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