Hanami Eid Outfit for Juju


Eid Mubarak Everyone ❤

A couple of weeks ago, my baby girl received a lovely gift from @HanamiBox (Instagram). I wasn’t expecting the dress to be that gorgeous actually. It turned out to be more than amazing and I couldn’t wait for her to try it out and take photos of her. She kept turning around and dancing loving the dress. She even didn’t want to take it off 😀

I kept it in her closet for the second day of did because I’ve already bought a dress for her for the 1st day. The second day od did is considered more important in the family because we all gather for lunch and we stay til the evening,so I want everyone to see her wearing it tomorrow 😀

Check the account @HanamiBox for more amazing dresses for your daughters.





Cuteness 🙂

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Chiara Ferragni Maleficent Shoes


I’m in love ❤

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Elie Tahari Official Opening-360 Mall


On the day of Valentine, I was invited to attend the official opening of Elie Tahari store located at 360Mall. I’ve always fancied his brand. So elegant, chic and classic. It suits almost every event. Whether you want something casual for work or chic for evening, you’ll find it there. I’ve owned a couple of pairs of  shows which I loved so much and wore so many times, very comfy.

Drop them a visit if you’re looking for some colourful outfits. The new collection is really nice.

Thank you for the invitation and the red flower.

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L_Modish Kids Collection


Remember my post about L_Modish Elegant Collection? Now, they have new collection for your kids celebrating the National and Liberation Day. The lovely owner sent Baby Jana 2 Tshirts from her own designs and they were so lovely, we all loved them and can’t wait to let Juju model them and wear them for the National day celebrations. Check her instagram account got more pictures (@l_modish).

Thank you lovely Lolo :*

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The Opening of Secret Pon Pon-Marina Mall


Yesterday, I attended the opening of Secret Pon Pon at marina Mall organised by @Conciergekw (instagram) and finally got to meet the lovely Amira who’s behind all these lovely events.

Secret Pon Pon is an Italian brand which is specialised in leather bags and accessories. Of course you’ll find other bags made from other materials but mostly leather. It’s hip and chic, you can find a bag for every occasion and event. Their prices are kinda reasonable, not that expensive but somehow affordable.

Visit their newly opened branch at Marina Mall. They’ll open another branch soon at The Avenues.

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Thank You Sacoor Brothers


Last week I received a comfy gift from Sacoor Brothers. It was a very comfy flat shoes that came in black colour. As a teacher, I wear a lot of flat shoes and they can die quickly so I need to buy flat shoes every now and then. I really needed a black one because it goes with everything and this one came on time. The pair is elegant, comfy and I can wear it with anything.

Thank you Sacoor Brothers Kuwait

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An Elgant Collection L_Modish


Few days ago, I received a nice elegant tshirt from @l_modish (instagram). Beautifully packaged with fresh flowers. The tshirt was beaded with crystal beads and pearls as a necklace. To be honest, I always saw those tshirts as beautiful on an unveiled ladies and some veiled ones but never thought it will look good on me. Guess what? I loved how it looked one me, it was really nice and chic. It showed sophistication yet simplicity at the same time.

The beautiful owner has other designs on her instagram account and she does the same for your little girl if you want your girl wearing the something as you are 🙂

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MJ Night At Luscious Boutique


I received an invitation from the owner of Luscious Boutique; Hala Abu Alhasan for the launch of the new collection which is inspired by Michael Jackson. The collection has been revealed yesterday around 6:30pm at the boutique in AlTijariya Tower.

When I arrived, Michael Jackson’s famous hits were playing all over the place. The atmosphere was really cool and hip, I wanted to dance to every song. The people there were very nice and sweet, got to meet new ones. And we also got to meet the lovely funny lady @TheVeeView (Instagram) She rocked the night with her MJ outfit. And the delicious treats were from @LittleTreatsQ8 (instagram).

Wish you all the best Hala and more events to come nshallah :*

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Tsumori Chisato Fancy Diary


I’m a big fan of this Japanese brand which is available in Kuwait in The Avenues phase 2 owned by Al-Ostora. Whenever I go shopping I head there because I always find suitable clothes for me. And they are very colourful and beautifully designed.

When I was shopping in this bookstore in Hong Kong, I came across this diary that was had the brand name, I was like “Yess, that’s I what I want to have”. I bought it for now reason, I just have a thing for Chisato. I kept it with me not knowing what I’d be doing with it later on, but when I started dieting and I mean it this time, I thought why not use it as a diary log and keep all my records in it. Write when are my cheek ups with my dietician and how much I’m losing and so on. It sounded as a good idea.

I’ve just started using it and it’s so elegant from the outside and the inside. I’m loving the feeling of writing on it 😀

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Eid Outfit @ByDalaly


You know that feeling when you’re busy all the time and feel like you’re doing nothing when you’re actually doing lots of things?! That’s how I felt almost 1 month ago. At the beginning of July, I felt like I had no time to shop for Eid. Til like the beginning of Ramadan, 1st week I believe, I bought a beautiful elegant blouse from a girl on Instagram @ByDalaly. The blouse was the last one and I was lucky enough to be the buyer 😀

Dalal, who designed the blouse was really very sweet and kind. She’s an easy person to deal with unlike other sellers/designers on instagram who tell you that they don’t refund/change or even alter the dress you buy from them. Anyways, got my blouse and stayed for a whole week thinking how to complete my eid outfit. Then I remembered that my sister got me a beautiful sexy clutch from Alexander McQueen red and purple colored. So I figured, I now need a purple trouser which I couldn’t find so I had to design one for me and thank you Janish my tailor who finished on time and then I went to Amazon and shopped for a pair of shoes and got me this beautiful elegant Kate Spade and polished my look with a purple necklace from @s_Bottega (instagram) 🙂

I’m happy with the final result 🙂 Happy Eid Yo’Owl 😉

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Thank You LadyB


Juju started receiving gifts (ya5ty wallah)

I’ve received a gift for Juju which was a Tee that has the print of Baby Cabbage … My favorite childhood doll. Remember my previous post about them? I’m dying to get one for Juju. They’re not available in here but I’ve found them on and will order one once Juju is old enough 🙂

The tee is sooo cute and adorable, the quality of the print is really good and the bow of the cabbage doll adds an extra touch to the look. As you can see it looks gorgeous on Baby Jana.

We loved it … Thank you LadyB.

If you want to order a tee for your baby girl, you can email her on:

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Halston Heritage Soon in Kuwait @The_Avenues


The great team of Habchi & Chalhoub created a mini fashion show at Missoni Hotel to introduce the line of Halston Heritage which is coming this August/September to Kuwait in the The Avenues mall.

The show was very cozy & fast, they showed us few pieces from the brand that suits the Kuwaiti girl. Most of the clothes are long & even girls with Hijab can wear them which I liked very much.

The prices aren’t that expensive, it ranges from KD 100 to KD 200 which is good if you compare them to other Habchi & Chalhoub brands in The Avenues.

I can’t wait for the store to open. Check out some of the pieces I took picture of.

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