Hershey’s Store-Dubai

A huge store of Hershey’s CHOCOLATES πŸ˜€ Yummmmyyyyy

While I was shopping in Dubai Mall last month, and before entering IMMORTALS, I saw this huge Hershey’s store near REEL Cinemas! I couldn’t help myself but dive inside the store πŸ˜€

Reese’s was also there. Everything you need was there with Hershey’s print on it. There was also a customized Hershey’s chocolate bar section. They take a photo of you & create your own chocolate bar! Fun πŸ˜€

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Evening Desert Safari-The Camp-Dubai

After theΒ Dune BashingΒ adventure in Alsharja, we headed back to Dubai’s desert, to the camp so we can rest, have some drinks, eat & enjoy their entertainment hour. The place was huge & wide, full of things to do & eat. The seating was very comfy. Food buffet was available along with soft drinks & ofcourse alcohol *cough* πŸ˜›

Everything was amazing, until the belly dancer appeared & then my temperature was so high I literary felt myself burning deep down inside. She was so …. I can’t say the word, but i really hated her & hated this part of our trip.

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Project Cupcake-Dubai

After long hours of shopping in Dubai Mall, I really wanted to rest a bit & I saw this place infront of me. What’s better than a red velvet cupcake and a shot of espresso to relax while you stare at the things you’ve purchased πŸ˜›

I haven’t read about this place at all, so I said why not try it out. They have a wide range of cupcakes & drinks also. I ordered Red Velvet & Espresso. It was delicious & very moist, loved it. Their seating are is not that big but they have huge sofas which are very comfy.

It’s located in Dubai Mall near H&M & above Candylicious

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Dubai AirShow-Indoors Part 2

Let’s continue with our tour inside the exhibition of Dubai Air Show 2011. The hall was divided into 3 parts; main hall, west hall & the east hall. Each one of them was enormous. I loved the booths of every participant, the designs & decoration were amazing. I kinda learned some stuff, husband explained few things, & when I was on my own, i had to ask the people who are taking care of their booths. There was a huge helicopter in the middle of east hall i think; I asked the guy if I can get inside it & he gave me the green light πŸ˜€ It was fun! Took lots of pictures πŸ˜‰

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My husband is a huge fan of restaurants that serve open buffets! I don’t know what’s his deal with buffets but he loves them ALOT. I don’t mind them at all, & i like the variety of the food. He had an earlier trip to Dubai last October & saw this restaurant. He said we’ll go to it when we travel on November. I actually doubted his choice, thought it won’t be fancy somehow but the man has a good taste in food, that I know now πŸ˜›

It’s located in Jumeira-The Walk inside a mall (where Wagamama is) on the 1st floor. The buffet per person is 140 Derhams. The restaurant also has a bar, music (Italians singing) & buffet stations. I loved the atmosphere, the food, the lovely staff & everything about it. We’re still talking about it & craving their cheese ❀

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Evening Desert Safari-Dune Bashing -Dubai

I’m a very coward person, I get really scared easily. I hate heights, elevators, roller coasters , planes & things that I feel that they’re dangerous & might lead to my death. Dune bashing is one of them; I love to do crazy new stuff, but not deathly stuff y3ni! Husband insisted on going on this trip & said it will be fine. I swear, the whole way to the desert from Dubai to Sharja, for more than 1 hr, I’ve been praying & reciting some verses of the Quran thinking I might not live. πŸ˜›

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Dubai Airshow-OutDoors Part 1

Now, we go outside . . . Where the real models are standing or sitting . . . whatever πŸ˜› Anyways, the space outside was marvelous, huge, big, I can’t explain it! And so many giant & small models were displayed outside; Boeing, private jets, fighters, helicopters, army ones etc etc etc! We managed to get inside a private on which was amazing! Its price around 14 million US Dollars, damn it, we only have 10 Million in our bank account πŸ˜› that’s why we couldn’t buy it πŸ˜‰

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I saw a couple of bloggers write about this restaurant in Dubai (BoudoirΒ &Β Samaher). I wanted to try it because the decoration looked so tempting. The place was very beautiful & colorful. Though the staff were very slow & in a hurry, i think they need more people to handle the place. The food was ok, not wow, nothing special about it but was good, nothing bad about it. The decoration is what makes you want to stay there, very vivid & full of life. Loved it.

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O’de Rose-Dubai

I came to know aboutΒ O de RoseΒ by coincidence, can’t actually remember from where. When i checked their website, I instantly fell in love with their home interior designs & the other stuff they have. I’ll be moving from my current apartment to another one & I was planning to change the decoration a lil bit. So i thought why not drop by & get some stuff for my new home?

I emailed them & asked for directions. To my luck, it was very close to our hotel, just 5 minutes drive by car & easy to get to. The place was very beautiful & dazzling, I wanted to buy everything if i had the money (went to it last thing) but I’m planning to visit it again & again when I go to Dubai next time nshallah πŸ™‚

The prices were somehow reasonable, some are expensive some are affordable. Their collection is magnificent, from Turkey & Lebanon, & they have everything for every corner in your home πŸ˜‰

Check the place & what i got πŸ˜€

The entrance

neat seatings

The fountain

Let’s go inside . . .


The clothes collection they have

I fell in love with those Evil Eye Estikanas in their amazing colors but unfortunately I didn’t hv a place for them in my bag 😦

Elegant corner

I love these things, got 2 of them

Nice stuff

eyannenoooooon . . . got the Um Kalthoum Tray

el alwaaan 3ajeeeba


I wanted to buy this set but it was VERY expensive, gelt mayeswa now for an apartment y3ni

My bag πŸ˜€

What I got; Hind Rustum evil eye tray & Um Kalthum’s also Β …

Colorful glasses, will use them for tea πŸ™‚

got 6 Neon Coasters πŸ˜€ that match the glasses

I got these to hang on the wall

What do u think? πŸ˜‰

Can’t wait to use them πŸ˜€

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Dubai Airshow-Indoors Part 1

As I said earlier, we were heading to Dubai for the sake of this show which my husband is a regular visitor to it every 2 years! We purchased our tickets for this show last August & were ready for the show. I have to say something; The staff at the exhibition were very helpful, BUT there twitter account sucked because no one was answering me & the lady Sheena who’s supposed to reply to public emails completely ignored us when i sent her an email requesting a map coz we were supposed to drive there but then we decided to take the metro, more fun πŸ˜€

We reached Terminal 1 around 10:30 & headed there by Taxi! The place was very organized & well prepared. Crowded but we managed to get our badges fast coz we already had Q-Jump numbers. The security was very high & the machines were very precise in detecting anything!

I took many many pictures, I want you to see every bit of that amazing exhibition therefore i’ll divide the show to 2 parts (Indoors & Outdoors) & each post also will be divided to 2 parts! What can I do, the show was big, huge & so many things to look at & take pictures of!

Let’s take a walk around the exhibition, shall we . . .

You insert your 3 Q-Jump number here

& you wait

Voila . . . mn ayam Zajil πŸ˜›

Security Check

Emirates Airways

Their corner

Their Official Store

A fancy plane in the middle of the hall

From the back

Loved their booth

The exhibition newsletter

Like it?

How about from the inside? πŸ˜‰

Huge Engine

Colorful plane



From the inside

Wanna start a war?

Loved the display


Boeing planes


What it can carry πŸ˜€

more Fighters

US Air Force

End of Part 1 πŸ™‚

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Shopping in Dubai

Who doesn’t do a lil bit of shopping when visiting Dubai? not me ofcourse! I have to hit the stores & have this amazing feeling when holding shopping bags πŸ˜€ Don’t you get that feeling too? Anyways, I had a very very short time to do some shopping coz we already had things to do planned before arriving to Dubai! But i managed to get 3 full hrs to go shopping in Dubai Mall (Not Enough)! I got few things from here & there. Also had a quick visit to another store which sells home decoration/interiors, clothes & accessories which I’ll talk about in another post. Let’s see what I got πŸ˜‰

Of course Marzipan as always πŸ˜‰

Chocolate from Hershey’s Store (Post Coming Soon)

My Limited Edition Tory Burch Fuchsia Bag. The store is beautiful ❀

Some stuff for my home πŸ˜€ from O’de Rose (Post Β Coming Soon)

Heavy Metal Eyeliners in Silver & Gold from Urban Decay-Sephora! I saw my friend wearing the silver one & instantly fell in love with them ❀ She got them from the US but she told me i can find them in Dubai.

Some stuff from Marc Jacobs. A bag for my sis & iPhone covers for both of us. Gotta say their store collection is much much better than ours :S

The girl was supposed to be mine, sister saw it & wanted it. I ended up getting the bald guy πŸ˜›

aren’t they cute?! πŸ˜€

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FlyDubai Experience & Terminal 2

We chose FlyDubai for this short trip. The plane is very small but kinda ok for short trips I guess! The staff were very friendly & helpful on the plane. The price is reasonable, the total of both of us was KD 95. The service is almost like Aljazeera. But we had a problem with them regarding weight issues. You see, we only carried handbags! My husband’s handbags weighed KG 11 & mine KG 7 when we were going to Dubai & they didn’t say a word. But when we were coming back, mine weighed KG 11 & his KG 13 & they wouldn’t let it pass. Ya3ni it would made a difference? will the plane fall for some extra couple of kilos?. We explained to them that their staff in Kuwait let us pass & now you’re making a scene? They said our staff in Kuwait let people staff but here in Dubai we follow the rules. Mashallah! In Dubai the follow the rules but in Kuwait & i guess other airports they don’t. What a trained staff they have? Their management should train their staff equally.

Terminal 2 is smaller than Terminal 3 but very quiet & almost empty. I liked it coz it wasn;t crowded at all & we finished very fast! They just need to add some stores & restaurants & it will be just perfect.

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