Aprons & Hammers-Dubai


I’ve always wanted to try this place ever since its opening. I wanted to arrange so many visits to Dubai just for the sake of this place but nothing worked. Now, that I was there for the Emirates Literature Festival, I wanted to go to it so badly.

We went to the one in Sheikh Zayed Boulevard but they’ve told us it’s closed because of the fire that happened in new year. So we took another taxi and went to the one in Jumeirah Beach Road. Imagine, it took us more than 2 hours to reach the restaurant in JBR. The traffic was awful but we were on the road and the place was on our mind, so there was no way we were changing our destination.

We reached the place around 7pm and good thing we found a table outdoors, hence the lovely weather. We ordered Clams, Crab Bucket and Lobsters. Everything turned out to be more than amazing. I really can’t describe the taste, mind blowing 🙂 We ordered the Crab Bucket with Creamy Lemon Butter sauce and the Lobsters with Creamy Saffron Sauce.

Just amazing.




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Breakfast at Fume -Duabi


One of the places that were  on my list to visit and try their food was Fume which has many locations but we chose the one in Menzil Down Town Hotel, so we can later walk to Dubai Mall.

The place is located in the hotel but has a door from the outside facing Sheikh Zayed Boulevard which was from where we came. The restaurant opens at 8 am in the morning and it’s not crowded at that time in the weekend. So quiet and serene. Perfect place to have breakfast in and enjoy some quality time by yourself or with your loved ones.

I didn’t need any of the waiters to help me with the menu because I’ve already decided what to have before landing in Dubai 😀 I was following their instagram account and had some dishes in mind.

We ordered the Beach Breakfast and The Arabic Breakfast. Both tasted really good, fresh and delicious. The service was good, quality of food superb and quantity was more than good. Value of money is reasonable considering how expensive Dubai is.

The only thing that we didn’t like is that they don’t have cheese platter or any kind of cheese 😦 and that they don’t serve desserts early, not until 12pm. Too bad.

But it was a great experience and we loved it 😀


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Serendipity 3-Dubai Festival Mall


I still remember the moment I stepped inside this beautiful and amazing restaurant in Las Vegas and started taking photos of the beautiful decoration and then the delicious food.

I was really excited when I knew that it opened a branch in Dubai and couldn’t wait to try it. We ordered the ABC Burger & Portobello Mushroom, I actually didn’t notice that it was the same exact order that we had in Las Vegas 😛 Guess what? It turned out to be really amazing, and this place has better decoration than the one in LV. We also ordered the artichoke and crab dipping, which turned out to be heavenly delicious, you have to try it when you’re there.

The prices are the same, nothing more nothing less. The service was really good. I loved the experience.


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Emirates Literature Festival-Dubai 2016


I’ve just come back from Dubai where I’ve attended the Emirates Literature Festival for the first time in my life … Where was I? Really! I mean, why haven’t I read or heard about this festival before? Maybe because I was busy with raising Jana? Maybe!

Anyways, I came to know about this festival 3 weeks before it was supposed to start. I got very excited that there were authors that I’m a big fan of would be attending the festival. I got the permission from my husband, asked my aunt to join me and started booking. I booked the same hotel where all the fuzz was happening, Intercontinental Dubai Festival Hotel, which turned out to be a great hotel. And my flight was on Aljazeera (KD 63/-). It was the first time that I flew on Aljazeera, it was ok for a short trip, more importantly their timing is punctual.

Let’s talk about the festival … I arrived on the evening of Thursday 10th of March 2016. Didn’t book any sessions for this day. The whole celebrations and fun started on Friday afternoon. I went down there around 12pm where people were queueing for their favourite authors to sign their books, others enjoying their time chatting together, some people enjoying books shopping in the area (They set a book store inside the hotel selling the books of the authors attending the festival-WHSmith), and kids enjoying the activities prepared for them. The atmosphere was just amazing.

My session was supposed to start at 1:30pm, I arrived a bit early & got to know a very nice old lady from the UK where we enjoyed our time chatting together about books, authors and life. She was so sweet, we even sat together when the session started and commented on few things. The first session was about Under Cornwall’s Spell where authors Liz Fenwick & Jenny Colgan talked about their love for this particular place in England. I loved this session a lot, both authors were nice, funny and kind. They shared their experiences and talked about their characters. They also mentioned how it’s very difficult to write about the place you’re living in trying to make it sound nice when it’s totally the opposite. After the session, I asked to take a photo with both of them and they were adorable. Just look at the photos 😀 I was really looking forward for meeting Jenny Colgan, such a nice lady. Later, they signed my books yeeepppeeeee.

The next session, took place at 3:30 pm in a bigger hall. Ofcourse, it needed a huge space to hold the audience/fans of the one and only Mr. Michael Dobbs who has worked with Margaret Tatcher and writing the political books/series House of Cards. This session was mind opening to the political lives of politicians and how it’s not easy to be a politician. The difficulties they face in real life, writing about it and continuing to write about it. Mr. Dobbs talked about it all, and how his book series were picked to become a TV show. He also mentioned that he’s working on season 5 right now. Oh, and that funny joke about Donald Trump hahaha 🙂 After the session, I went to stand in the line for him to sign my book, he did with a bonus photo and a huge smile from him 😀 Oh such a nice man.

I was able to attend only 2 sessions, but I was determined to make it on time at night to meet the famous author from my country Kuwait Saud Alsanousi. He makes me feel proud, saying that this great author is from my hometown. I reached the hotel at 9:30pm after having dinner outdoors, and saw chatting with some people, I went immediately to my room, got my book and came back downstairs for him to sign my copy of his great book. He was really nice and adorable, and I loved what he write on my book 😀

It was the loveliest weekend ever, I loved every minute spent in the festival. I’ll make sure nshallah to attend the festival every year 🙂



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At The Top-Burj Khalifa


One of the amazing experiences we had in Dubai was getting at the top of Burj Khalifa. I’ve always wanted to go there but never had the chance so this time, I was determined to. Booked our tickets online in advance. Got them from the counter and we were admitted inside at 6:15pm (tickets time 6:30). Security check was fast and then we headed up up up in the air 😛 we didn’t feel a thing, few seconds and we were on level 124 of Burj Khalifa where we enjoyed the beautiful view of Dubai and the breeze was cool and strong.

What I hated about it was one thing. They Jana’s stroller which made it very difficult for us to move. She wanted to run around the place and when i grabbed her she started yelling and screaming. That happened many times, which was frustrating.

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The Farm-Albarari


When we were in Dubai, we visited The Farm in Albarari area. I’ve heard about this place a lot from many people and saw many beautiful pictures on instagram but I’ve never thought it would be that magnificent. The place wasn’t that far from our hotel. We got there so easily. The gate was huge and the streets were as if you were in Europe not in a Gulf country.

We entered The Farm Restaurant which was spacious and white, so white. Relaxing and refreshing. We were seated indoors by the lovely staff and started selecting our dishes from their iPad menu (which we prefer all the time). We got cheese platter, bread basket, egg salmon florentine, salmon bagel and at the end we got the chocolate waffles with strawberries and had them with coffee outdoors.

The food was really delicious. The artificial fires and river were so beautiful and amazing. The weather was so nice, we loved the whole experience and would go back again when we’re in Dubai again.

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Miracle Garden-Dubai


In the spring break that we had a couple of weeks ago, my husband & I decided to have a short break to change the atmosphere and have a peace of mind avec Baby Jana. How wrong we were. I won’t say it was horrible, but it was very exhausting and tiring. I enjoyed my time but not that much. I was running around Juju all the time, not to mention when I have to change for her and she gets grumpy and Chucky all over me :S Or when she wants to get her nap and she’s not used to the baby cot we got from the hotel. Blah blah blah.

BUT there were places that when we visited Juju had lots of fun, and seeing her running with a huge smile on her face made me very happy and forgot all about the hard time she gave me.

One of the places that we really enjoyed visiting was the Miracle Garden. A magical place with lots of flowers, colours and shapes to enjoy looking at and taking pictures with. The design of the place is really creative, old things were used to decorate it, like very old cars and so. They created, house and Burj Khalifa from flowers. Wide space to enjoy walking in surrounded by beautiful cool breeze and smell. A decent fountain is in the garden to complete the atmosphere. And you can enjoy a mini break under the flowers in a small cafe that the garden has. Of course, food and drinks are not allowed, you can buy them from inside.

It’s a must visit place, your kids will enjoy running around the place.

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Fursan Al-Emarat Air Show Team Performance-Kuwait


Husband went to Marina Crescent yesterday to attend the air show by Fursan Al-Emarat & to take some pictures, you can check his post on his blog Eye of Sky (yup my hubby has a blog 😛 )

I couldn’t go with him yesterday but today he informed me that there will be another show so I insisted to go with him … The show started 4pm sharp & lasted for 20 minutes exactly. This is not the first show I watch for Fursan Al Emarat, I saw one of their shows back in 2011 when we attended Dubai Air Show.

Today’s show was like a mini one, they didn’t do all their moves & stunts, maybe because they had limited time. Anyways, the show was spectacular & really beautiful. LOVED IT ❤

Thank You Fursan Al-Emarat & see you soon 😉

Enjoy the pix guys 😀

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Yanni Live in Dubai


YANNI is set to return to Dubai with double impact.

YANNI is a legendary composer and live performer who has brought hundreds of millions of fans and fellow world citizens together via his concerts is all set to return to Dubai. YANNI with his full Orchestra will perform live in Dubai World Trade Centre as part of his World Tour 2013.

International touring plans for 2013 will include 2 nights of outstanding performance Live in Dubai on April 4 & 5, 2013. During the concert, Yanni and his orchestra will play favorites from throughout his career, as well as selections from his latest studio album, Truth of Touch (2011). “

Tickets Prices:

Silver Seating: AED 290 (Free Seating)
Balcony Seating: AED 390 (Free Seating)
Gold Seating: AED 490 (Free Seating)
Platinum Seating: AED 690 (Free Seating)
VIP Seating: AED 1,290 (Allocated Seating)

Tickets available at:

Hotline: +97150 768 64 18

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Celebrate The Year of The Snake at Burj Al Arab-Dubai


Chinese New Year celebrations will continue for seven days in the world’s most luxurious hotel

Burj Al Arab is expecting a peak in Chinese visitors for Chinese New Year, starting from 10 February 2013.

In the last three years, the ease of securing UAE visas has helped attract a record number of Chinese tourists and businesspeople to the UAE and many have made Burj Al Arab their prime destination. Contributing to this success, the hotel’s authentic Far East Asian dining destination, Junsui, is drawing on the expertise of Chef Foong to create a week-long, celebratory experience for the Year of the Snake.

“Chinese visitors are among the top three fastest-growing guest segments for Burj Al Arab. Our experience in meeting the needs of these guests, as well as the insight of our Chinese colleagues, has enabled the hotel to create memorable offerings and celebratory moments for occasions such as Chinese New Year,” said Heinrich Morio, General Manager for Burj Al Arab. ”For Chinese travellers coming to Dubai, Burj Al Arab has become a must-visit destination and the place to celebrate the most significant occasions.”

To launch its Chinese New Year celebrations, Burj Al Arab will project a massive red calligraphic serpent artwork on the sail-shaped exterior to welcome the Year of the Snake.

On the evening of 10 February, the hotel will host Chinese dignitaries and their families to witness the traditional lighting of the lion’s eyes to initiate a series of traditional lion dances.  To the accompaniment of the Chinese zither music, Chinese delicacies hand-selected by Chef Foong will be served from live cooking stations, while children’s Chinese craft activities will entertain the youngest guests. The celebrations will continue for one week in Junsui, with traditional dishes including Fa Gao (Chinese-style cupcakes) and Nian Gao (new year cake) served alongside Dim Sum and Peking Duck.”

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Journey of a Lifetime “Ri7lat 3umir” Play During Eid AlAdha in Dubai


صرحت المجموعة الفنية و شركة جوي للانتاج الفني عن  انطلاق مسرحية  الأطفال الغنائية  “رحلة عمر”  و ذلك ضمن فعاليات العيد في دبي الذي”
يتضمن أنشطة  عديدة خلال أيام عيد الأضحى المبارك.

رحلة عمر تسلط الضوء على قضية العمر و  محاولة  أطفال  و شباب   العيش في فئة عمرية لا تلائمهم… غير مدركين أن العمر لا يزهو بعدد السنين بل يكيفية  العيش بها.  و تجسد هذه القضية عبر الطفلة حلا الترك التي تطمح أن  تصبح شابة  و الشاب بشار الشطي الذي يتمنى أن يرجع طفل…  فتبدأ رحلة  العمر التي تجمعهم إلى الامبراطور الحكيم الذي يحقق الأحلام ، حيث   تجمعهم الصدفة ببائعة الورد التي   تجسد دورها الفنانة  ميساء مغربي  و تشاركهم رحلة العمر  …  المسرحية أيضا من بطولة طلال باسم ونخبة من الفنانين و الإستعراضيين .

المسرحية من تأليف مي الصالح و ألحان الفنان بشار الشطي ، كلمات النص الغنائي سامي العلي و من إخراج  عبد العزيز الصايغ.
“رحلة عمر” ستعرض على مسرح دبي الإجتماعي في الامارات مول،  طيلة أيام عيد الأضحى المبارك.


“ri7lat 3umir” or a “Journey of a lifetime”  is a story about a 10 year old girl who want to turn into a grownup … And a 30 year old man who wishes to go back to being a child. They decide to join ventures and head to a an emperor that would make their dreams of changing their age come true. During their trip, they go through many situations and stories which makes them realize that age is not a number, its how you live it.”

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Hair For Hope-Emirati Project

Isn’t that the bravest thing or what?

I came across this photo on Facebook. Young Olivia cut her hair to donate it to a chemotherapy patient so she can feel beautiful again.

Hair For Hope

“Volunteer in Dubai launched the Hair for Hope Project, which aims to encourage women to cut off and donate their hair to organizations that make wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair whilst undergoing their chemotherapy treatment in, October 2011.
Hair loss is one of the most emotionally devastating side effects of chemotherapy for women and more so for little girls 😦 Chemotherapy can affect the hair on your head, face, in fact hair on any part of the body, including eyelashes and eyebrows, also. “

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