Dream Job; A Surgeon!!!

I love blood, I adore it! It gives me this rush and vibes inside of me that wants me to jump/run n never stop! Cutting sm1’s body, touching their organs, and trying to fix them was one of my dreamz that I didn’t accomplish! Why? Because, I was too lazy to spend my whole life studying! Instead, I went out, partied, had fun with my friends and managed to get to uni with great marks (A Student) and major in English Literature!

My mom wanted me to be a Doctor, and she encouraged me alot, never stopped actually! But i let her down when I said I don’t wanna keep on studying n not have a social life (as if i hv one right now)! Anyways, i went to uni and majored in English Literature as I said but Mama wanted Linguistics *faints*! Told her no way, I hate it! Poor Mama, I always went against her will but she was proud of me because I managed to be Excellent in Literature and always got As & Bs where in Linguistics I got Cs & Ds 😀

Good thing Lil Bro got into Allied Health and majored in Physical Therapy! Their studies are almost the same with Med School! They experimented on Dead Bodies! He once asked me to come with him to the Morgue in Med School (Jabriya)! I swear I will never forget that day! It was back in 2003, winter, cold, rainy and it was Ramadan! He tool me there around 11:30 pm! Can you believe it! We went to the basement where all the bodies lied there wrapped in white sheets! Oh god! When I went inside, I couldnt move, I just stood there looking at 10 bodies :/ But I can’t explain what I felt inside, it was unbelievable! You might think Im crazy feeling excitement just by being with dead bodies! but think about it! think about how much can you learn from those bodies so u can save other lives!

Now That Im going back remembering old memories, I kinda feel down! for not going after my dream and making it come true! Becoming a Surgeon, fix people, feel Allah’s creation inside the human body! Exploring new ideas and thoughts! Creating new Operation Tools/procedures! Contribute in researches!

I only can feel my dream job through Medical Dramas (Chicago Hope, ER, Grey’s Anatomy, House MD, & Miami Medical)! I always feel like im in there with the whole staff! feeling the blood everywhere, the rush it gives you and the great feeling you get when you save sm1’s life! i still do, and maybe this is the only thing I regret! not pursuing Medicine as a career!

Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy was the best one ever! I miss Izzie, & George! Why did they hv to go?! 😦

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