The Stash Healthy Snack Box


In Ramadan, I have received a beautifully designed box with colourful flowers that contained healthy snacks. The idea of this box is to proved an individual with healthy snacks every month. Monthly subscriptions cost KD15/-. We sometimes eat healthy food but what makes our lifestyle not healthy is mainly the snacks that we eat between meals or at work.

I really loved what was inside the box, and I’ve tried them all. Some products weren’t new to me and it was really nice seeing them inside the box.

Follow them instagram and check their monthly subscriptions and boxes @Stash_KW








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BooTea Experience


I believe by now, everyone have heard about the Bootea slimming tea. It’s made in UK and there are some instagram accounts that are selling it for a reasonable price. Because i couldn’t wait for it to arrive all the way from UK, i ordered it from an account on instagram and it arrived on the same day.

I got the 14 days package. 1 cup of tea every morning, and 1 cup of tea every 2 nights. The morning tea tastes fine, but the one in the night wasn’t that good, I didn’t like it and I actually skipped 2 days (forgot). I took the tea for 14 days without doing or going on a diet at all. I kept my old eating habits and didn’t even think of changing them.

I’ve lost 1kg in 2 weeks without even thinking of a diet. Which was really good, with all the amount of food that went in my tummy for the past couple weeks πŸ˜€

What I didn’t like, is the reaction of my stomach the next day after drinking the night tea. It makes you go to the toilet the next morning and ,,, well, you don’t want me to explain more πŸ˜›

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Detox Results


So I promised you guys I will be writing about all the results in details. The results of the detox challenge that I managed to finish successfully. I was really worried from this program because it was pretty strict with the kinds of food and the timing also the physical activity was a must. As I said before, the first couple of days were tough but then it started getting well. After that, I started feeling full very fast, sometimes I couldn’t finish my food.

Now for the results. In 21 days (3 weeks) I lost:

5 Kgs weight

2% Body fat

1.3 % Body water

300 grams muscles

My skin became more radiant and full of life (people’s comment). My sleep became much better, I started sleeping more and waking up early full of energy and want to do my daily activities without whining. I’m feeling more happy and content with myself after taking a look at myself and how I managed to transform myself in just 3 weeks. I took yesterday off but today (Monday), I started a new program with Diet Center called “Smart Diet” for 2 weeks, I will talk about the results on the 1 of December nshallah.

You can take a look at all the days and the meals inΒ HERE

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Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 21


That was yesterday, the last day of my Detox program challenge. Will write the results in another post soon nshallah but let me show what were the meals for the last day.

Breakfast: Manae’esh zaa’tar, banana dates smoothie, green tea and coffee.

Lunch: 3 Chinese veggie spring rolls and green salad.

Snack: Banan souffle

Dinner: Chicken mushroom macaroni and oat vegetables soup

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Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 20


Breakfast: 3 slices of brown baguette bread, white cheese, tomato, cucumber and yogurt with mint.

Lunch: meat kofta with grilled carrot and peanuts soup.

Snack: Blueberry french toast.

Dinner: Mushroom Frittata and all red salad with greens

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Tsumori Chisato Fancy Diary


I’m a big fan of this Japanese brand which is available in Kuwait in The Avenues phase 2 owned by Al-Ostora. Whenever I go shopping I head there because I always find suitable clothes for me. And they are very colourful and beautifully designed.

When I was shopping in this bookstore in Hong Kong, I came across this diary that was had the brand name, I was like “Yess, that’s I what I want to have”. I bought it for now reason, I just have a thing for Chisato. I kept it with me not knowing what I’d be doing with it later on, but when I started dieting and I mean it this time, I thought why not use it as a diary log and keep all my records in it. Write when are my cheek ups with my dietician and how much I’m losing and so on. It sounded as a good idea.

I’ve just started using it and it’s so elegant from the outside and the inside. I’m loving the feeling of writing on it πŸ˜€

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Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 19


The 3rd and last phase of the 21 days detox challenge with Diet Center started today. The phase will last for 3 days, so we are almost done. Saturday will be the last day and on Sunday I will write a report of my experience with the detox and what happened during this challenge.

The last phase will include meat, chicken, bread, and cheese with with mini portions until the body starts getting used to them after a long break. I gotta say I was kinda waiting for this phase because I missed eating chicken and bread.

Breakfast: 2 cheese balls, rice cakes, coffee, green tea and citrus juice which I didn’t like.

Lunch: Brown rice with quinoa and goat cheese salad with eggplant and beetroot salad (delicious).

Snack: Strawberry cheesecake

Dinner: Chicken with mushroom sauce and baked potato, and chickpea salad.

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Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 18


Today was the last day in the 2nd phase of the Detox challenge. Tomorrow the 3rd and final stage will start and it will last for 3 days where I will have meat, chicken and milk but in small bites until the body gets used to them. Can’t wait to chicken πŸ˜€ Anyways, the meals for today were:

Breakfast: Quinoa Banana porridge (I didn’t like it so I didn’t complete it). Kiwi banana juice, green tea and coffee.

Lunch: Fish with vegetables and broccoli soup.

Snack: Fruit salad

Dinner: Artichoke with brown rice and Cabbage with dried fruit salad.

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Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 17


Breakfast: Yogurt, oats with dried fruit, green tea, coffee and Kiwi Juice.

Lunch: Rice cake with Tuna and green salad.

Snack: Coco banana pudding

Dinner: Fish fillet with vegetables and Quinoa and carrot soup.

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Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 16


Breakfast: Rice cakes with Zaatar, orange juice, green tea, coffee.

Lunch: Sweet & sour fish with vegetables and Squashed Lentil soup.

Snack: All berries salad

Dinner: Bamia with brown rice and Orange salad

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Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 15


Breakfast: Yogurt, dried fruit with oats, coffee, green tea, strawberry juice.

Lunch: Spicy beans and Avocado green salad.

Snack: dried fruits.

Dinner: Fish with Quinoa and Veggie soup

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Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 14


Breakfast: Rice cake, Zaatar, Strawberry Banana smoothie, coffee, green tea.

Lunch: Fish Fillet with vegetables and brown rice, and Cabbage soup.

Snack: Granola and mixed dried fruit bar

Dinner: Vegetable mis and Vegan green salad

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