The Nursery Project: The Furniture (P2)

That was the hardest part. I tell you, shopping for furniture wasn’t easy at all. When you find the perfect room with the perfect price, shit happens! It’s either, the changing unit is finished, or the cot bed is not available anymore etc.

We went to many places looking for good furniture that suits the room & the price doesn’t exceed our budget! After all, the room would survive for 5 years only, no more than that, so we don’t wanna pay a huge amount for it.

Home Centre, Mothercare, Pottery Barn Kids, & Mamas & Papas were the only places that we visited looking for furniture. & I believe they’re the only ones we have in here. Anyways, Home Centre’s furniture was awful, we were looking for a complete room (Wardrobe, Changing Unit & Cot Bed). The sets they had were not that good. Next we went to Pottery Barn & Mamas & Papas, their furniture sets were really REALLY good & beautiful but waaaas too expensive. The cot bed ONLY costs around KD 400, now imagine how much the whole room will cost? More than my own bedroom 😛 It’s not worth it at all, beside, this furniture is for a baby as I said, & it’s for an apartment, not for a huge house! When I move to my new house nshallah, I might spend alot of money for my kid’s room, & only if he/she was more than 6 years old.

Last & best choice was Mothercare. The variety of sets they had were really good, prices varied, but they were all very reasonable. The staff advised me to buy online because they have a promotion on all items, & yup I got a good discount on the whole room avec the mattress.

We faced some difficulties with Mothercare. I placed the order on Saturday, they called me on the same day to confim & called me later on Monday (Sunday was off). To let me know that they’ll be coming on Wednesday between 9am til 4pm. On Wednesday, They arrived at 3:30pm. Now: let me tell you what went wrong;

1- The mattress for the cot bed was HUGE. Not suitable at all.

2- Changing Unit came missing one drawer. *pulls hair*.

Ofcourse, I called, complained & yelled (It was hot & i got frustrated). I didn’t wanna pay for the messed up items, so they said they would take them back & deliver new ones to me. When? they said probably 2 days. I kinda felt that it would take more than that.

I went to twitter to get it out of my system. On Thursday, @AlshayaHelpDesk asked me to DM them my contact information. After 10 minutes a lady called me (Forgot her name) apologizing for what happened & assuring me that things will be settled soon. Later, a guy called me to confirm that on Saturday they’ll be delivering my stuff. Another guy called to confirm that 😛 Later in the evening, another guy called me to inform me, that the “changing unit” I’ve ordered is not available anymore *sigh* & that they would compensate me with another one that costs more. I explained I won’t pay extra money, they said that they understand & they won’t charge me for extra money.

The staff arrived on Saturday around 9:20am & delivered the changing unit plus the mattress. To be honest, I wasn’t satisfied with the color of the changing unit, it didn’t match the wardrobe, but I thought why not make things easy & accept it as it is. I mean the room will be only for my kid, no one will see it & no visitor will be seated inside it!

So, after all this hassle, the furniture is complete (main).

Next, I’ll be working on the decoration 😉

Thank you Mothercare for the gift!

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The Nursery Project-Paint & Art (P1)

As a gift from my lovely aunt, she decided to take care of the whole nursery, from painting it to buying the main furniture (Love you aunt :* ).

It wasn’t an easy job at all, very tiring & time consuming! The weather didn’t make things easier either. But we’ve managed to finish everything in one week 😀

The theme is Bumble Bees, because it suits both sexes, as we don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl, we thought yellow & orange would be the perfect solution. The colors turned out to be very relaxing & warm, I keep on imagining my cute little pie playing in this lovely nursery.

In one day, we managed to finish painting the whole room & do some bumble bees drawings. The painter finished painting the room around 5pm, & the artist took over later on, he managed to paint the bumble bees exactly as the picture we showed him. Even though he pissed us off with his attitude, but he managed to deliver what we wanted.

Next post will be about the furniture 😉

The pictures don’t show the colors exactly the same & even the bumble bees look smaller than their original size.

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Gift Gallery Surprise

Last night, I got an sms from dear lil sister telling em she got me smth. I asked her what is it? She said I’ll know when she comes back. You’ve got to be kidding me, right? I hate it when some1 does that to me. It’s either you keep it to yourself & surprise me when you come back or just tell me what you got me. Why the torture?!

She came back after 1hr & a half. Totti (the maid) comes knocking on our door holding a huge bag & then I have this face –> 😀 I love gifts, I really love them, they make my day happier than ever 😛

When I opened it, I saw these huge engraved rounded woody wall plaques or decors (dunno what they call them actually). “Allaho Akbar” & “Masha’a Allah” are engraved on a very heavy wood. I couldn’t carry each one in one hand for more than a few seconds.

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Help: Where To Get Painted Plates in Q8?


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