L’Occitane April’s Beauty Box


I received April’s Beauty Box from L’Occitane to try the Almond Set to try & review. Now let’s see what’s inside my beauty box?

Almond Milk Concentrate: “Rich in almond oil & almond milk, this body cream nourishes and softens the skin. The blend of silicium and almond proteins, which are similar to collagen, effectively fights skin slackening by restoring skin’s support tissue.”

Almond Supple Skin Oil:”This body oil fights dry skin & lack of firmness. Concentrated in almond oil, rich in omega-6, and cameline oil, rich in omega-3. It helps to repair the hydro-lipidic barrierfor a more supple skin that no longer feels tight.”

Almond Shower Gel: “Enriched with almond oil. Leaves a subtle mouth watering scent of fresh almond for a delightful skin.”

Almond Soup: “Floral fragrance of almond blossoms and contains crushed almond shells to gently exfoliate the skin.”

Almond Slimmer Massager: “A massage accessory that stimulates microcirculation, ensures that the active ingredients penetrate the skin well in order to enhance and extend the effectiveness of the treatments.”

I’ve quoted for you what each product is supposed to do or achieve after a period of time. I’ve tried the products for 3 days now & here’s what I can say about few of them, others will definitely take time

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L’Occitane Tender Loving Protection with Shea Butter & Honey


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Happy Magical Holidays-Thank You L’Occitane





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Swera’s Makeup LookBook At Faces @The_Avenues

I was chosen to create my own makeup lookbook on a model provided by Faces to celebrate the opening of their branch at The Avenues-Phase 3 in The Mall. Faces was located in Phase 1, but they’ve closed that branch & opened the new one in Phase 3 next to Bath & Body Works.

I was greeted by the lovely Nathalie, & then I got introduced to Gwen (I believe she’s the manager), Laila & Afsana (Makeup Specialists), & to Feras & Chadi. The team was a sweetheart, sweet & kind.

Now, let me tell you what happened … I was taken in a tour by Afsana to choose the makeup I want to apply on the model. Afsana was kind enough to lecture me about some products & give me some advices (‘m so going back to get items).

Makeup Used;

Foundation; Dior Skin Nude #023

Moisturizer; Dior Hydra Life

Concealer; HR Magic Concealer

Eye primer; Stay Dont Stray by Benefit

Face primer; That Gal by Benefit & Pore Fessional by Benefit

Face powder; Mat Bronze #20 from Make Up For Ever

Blush; Chanel #70

Eyeliner; Givenchy Liquid Eyeliner #01 & Magic Kohl #01

Mascara; HR Lash Queen Fatal-Black

Eyebrows; Brow Zings by Benefit-Dark

Eyes; Eye shadow #126, #312, #166 by Make Up For Ever

Lips; Rouge Auvre #96 & #90 by Chanel

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Thank You @ZafafMagazine & @LaliqueCenter

In this issue, Zafaf Magazine collaborates with Lalique Beauty Center.

Can’t wait to try the hair products, I just colored my hair & will need that mask & shampoo to keep my hair alive.

This issue of Zafaf Magazine is amazing, full of colors & love. If you haven’t subscribed, go ahead & make that call.

For subscription call; 9946 5592

Instagram: @Zafafmagazine

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All-In-One BB Cream-The Body Shop

” The latest product to hit The Body Shop shelves is the All-In-One BB Cream. The innovative recipe features pigment filled capsules that burst when applied to skin, releasing the colour inside, and transforming the pearly white cream to a colour that perfectly adapts to your skin tone.

All-In-One BB Cream also provides 24 hour hydration in a lightweight formula, and it colour-adapts for a perfect match and a smooth, undetectable finish.

Apply over moisturised skin and see the colour transformation!

For increased coverage, use the All-In-One Face Base or partner it with other products in the All-In-One range. Suitable for every skin, the All-In-One BB Cream contains Community Fair Trade marula oil, humectants and vitamin E which work to hydrate skin for 24 hours, leaving it soft and smooth. It also ensures that our Community Fair Trade partners are paid fairly.

Available in three shades, the All-In-One BB Cream definitely helps you look good, feel good and do good too!

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Project X-Bloggers’ Cooking Competition

Today Project X started, 6 teams competed. 3 only qualified, too bad we weren’t among them, but we had lots of fun, enjoyed the cooking part with the secret ingredient, meeting the judges & getting their advices regarding each dish & the lovely team who helped us all time.

Round 1 was kinda easier than round 2. Round 1’s Secret Ingredient was Mango. So we went with Chicken Salad with Mango & Raspberry sauce. Round 2’s Secret Ingredient was Blue Cheese which was very difficult to use it as a main ingredient but we managed. Another secret ingredient came after 20 minutes from the start of the 2nd round & it was honey. Our dish was Grilled Shrimp with Creamy Blue Cheese Sauce, Steamed Rice with kefir & coconut & Green Salad as a side dish. I liked the 2nd dish more than the 1st one.

6 hours of cooking, it was really exhausting … but fun 😀

Even though we didn’t qualify for the finale, we had fun & won some gifts. There were no losers 😀

Thank you guys for a wonderful evening!

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How To Remove Your Gelish Polish At Home

So after getting my nails gelished a couple of days ago,,,stupid me thought it will be easy to remove it just as any other nail polish! I was sooo wrong. The gelish wouldn’t get off my nails :/ I used polish remover, tried to scratch, used a knife but nothing worked!

God bless google, I went online & searched for some solutions & came over this site which talked about a long procedure somehow to remove the gelish. Anyways, this was the only solution I’ve found & had to do it because I wanted to pray & couldn’t do it with the gelish on my nails!

It felt as if my nails were being cooked wallah!

It actually worked, but the surface of my nails was ruined 😛

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Arab Street-Singapore

Arab Street is one of the most famous streets in Singapore where you can enjoy shopping from cheap stores, walking between colorful buildings, eating from delicious restaurants & you can also get inside the huge mosque & have a tour inside it.

My dad being a little bit religious, he wanted to pray Friday prayer inside the mosque, & he forced us to get inside with him (women’s section) 😛 I tell you, it’s the weirdest prayer I’ve ever witnessed. It’s a normal Friday prayer with a speech & everything, but they have this ritual where they say something (I forgot what it was) 100 times. I got irritated after a while because this prayer wouldn’t end. But thankfully it did, & I told Dad I’m not going to any Friday prayer in a strange country 😛

After that, we enjoyed checking the mini stores which were closed before the prayer & opened afterwards. & We had lunch in a lovely place sitting outside while it was raining. beautiful atmosphere.

Loved this place alot, it was very clean & lovely. Went to it twice when we stayed there!

I’lle leave you with the pictures;

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Zain National Day Competition on Instagram

الشروط و الأحكام

تهدف المسابقة إلى إظهار حبنا لبلدنا الحبيبة الكويت. للمشاركة، قم بإرسال صورة من تصويرك تحتوي على شكل قلب بالإضافة للألوان الأربعة لعلم الكويت. إستخدم مخيلتك و أظهر لنا حبك من خلال إبداعك.

• على المشارك أن يمتلك حساب في Instagram و يتبع حساب @ZainKuwait من أجل المشاركة.
• يجب أن تكون الصورة أصلية و مملوكة للمشارك و ليست مأخوذة من الإنترنت. و إن ثبت عدم ملكيتها سيتم إقصائها من المسابقة.
• يجب أن لا تحتوي الصور على أي توقيع، كتابة فوق الصورة أو توقيع مائي.
• يجب إرسال الصور المشاركة إلى البريد الإلكتروني التالي :
• لكل مشترك حق المشاركة بصورة واحدة فقط.
• زين لديها الحق لإقصاء أي صورة مخلة بالآداب أو مسروقة دون إخطار المشارك.
• سيتم رفع جميع الصور في تاريخ 21/2/2012 إلى حساب زين في Instagram
• سيتم تحويل حساب @ZainKuwait من (عام) إلى (خاص) خلال فترة التصويت فقط.
• تاريخ إستقبال الصور المشاركة يبدأ من اليوم و ينتهي في يوم 20/2/2012، أي صورة بعد هذا التاريخ تعتبر لاغية.
• يبدأ التصويت من تاريخ 21/2/2012 حتى منتصف الليل من تاريخ 26/2/2012.
• أعلى ثلاث مشاركين يحصلون على نسبة LIKE سيفوزون بجوائز قيمة.
• يجب أن يحتوي البريد الإلكتروني على إسم المشارك، رقم الهاتف ، و حساب Instagram الخاص به.
• الجائزة الأولى ستكون Apple MacBook Air 11
• الجائزتين الثانية و الثالثة كاميرا Canon EOS 550D

Rules and regulations :

The competition is about showing our love to our beloved country Kuwait. To participate, take a picture that have a heart shape and the use of the four colors of the Kuwaiti flag. Use your imagination and show your love through creativity.

• Participants should have an Instagram Account and follow @ZainKuwait in order to participate.
• Originality of the picture is a must, Picture taken from a website or stolen will be disqualified.
• Pictures must not contain any text, signature, name or watermark.
• All pictures should be sent to the following email :
• Every participant got the right to participate with one picture only.
• Zain have the right to disqualify any inappropriate or stolen image. Without any prior notice.
• All pictures will be uploaded on the 21st of Febreuary 2012.
• @ZainKuwait Account will be shifted from (Public) to (Private) During the 5 days of the voting phase.
• Submissions will start today, and last day for receiving pictures is the 20th of February 2012, Any picture after that will be void.
• Voting will start on the 21st and will end on the 26th by midnight.
• Highest three winners in likes will win valuable prizes.
• The email must provide Name, Mobile number and your instagram account.
• The first winner will get Apple MacBook Air 11”
• Second and third winners will get Canon EOS 550D Camera

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Book Review: Fire & Ice

This is my first read for Julie Garwood which I got from Singapore last year at Borders. I gotta say I’m a little bit disappointed, there isn’t something special about this book, neither the plot nor the characters. It was a very ordinary novel about a crime being investigated by a reporter & an FBI agent. Even the relationship between them was very shallow, nothing that kept you on the edge. The characters were very ordinary, no sophistication or hidden agenda behind any one of them. Beside, there were too many characters, more than 10, which makes the story weak from my point of view & get you distracted. I like reading novels that have no more than 4 characters max.

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SwissLine DermaLab

I was invited by Mrs. Alissar for a facial session at SwissLine DermaLab which is part of Bait Alsaboun Al-Lebnani & next to it at the avenues phase 2. Booked my appointment last Saturday & headed there today. The lovely lady Eman welcomed me, explained to me what we’ll be doing & gave a me a brief intro about their products. The best thing it’s that all of their products are ORGANIC.

They also have this amazing machine that can detect the damages of your face on the surface & beneath it. She took a picture of my face & started explaining what’s wrong! I only have pores, spots & dehydration. Underneath my skin is fine & doesn’t need any treatment!

We headed to the room to have a facial. It was tiny but very relaxing & quiet. Lovely music playing along with the candle lights! She used many lotions, 3 kinds of scrubs which i liked ALOT. Then she used the steam to get the black heads. She said they usually don’t use it except on certain cases where the skin is dehydrated which was my case. That procedure took alot of time & after that she used i guess UV radiation to sanitize my face. After that more lotions & ended with an eye & face mask & then lotion with a massage 😀

She explained to me what kind of treatments i need which i’ll definitely book for them. Also what kind of creams & lotions i have to use (Will wait til i finish the set i hv).

They also gave me KD 50/- voucher gift on their products. I took the hydra mask which i really need, the fruit acid scrub & the milk cleanser. They gave me another gift which is Alpine Tea, a tea which makes you relaxed 😀

Love the experience . . . thank you guys

el machine elli e6ale3 elfothaye7 😛


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