Recipes: Squash & Potato Gratin

These days, I’m having the time to try new recipes & do experiments in my kitchen. Whenever I find a recipe on the internet, I usually change it a bit, to have my own personal touch 😉

Original Recipe: Butternut Squash Gratin

This recipe is very easy to make, I just changed few things, instead of using 3 cups of butternut squash, I used 2 cups & 1 cup potato. & instead of the dried thyme, I used dried oregano & rosemary 😉

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Project X; By Q8Stig

Thanks to our dear blogger Q8Stig for being around at the time of the competition & taking amazing pictures of us while we were busy cooking & thinking of how to decorate our dishes.

Enjoy the pictures 🙂

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ProjectX-Bloggers’ Cooking Competition

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Recipe: Nutella Bread Pudding

I”m beginning to have a good relationship with the kitchen after many years of resentment & hatred, these days i’m getting closer to it & actually enjoying my time there 😉 I’ve been craving bread pudding with nutella, googled some recipes & found one which I’ve found very VERY easy to make.

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Creamy Chicken Avocado Pasta

Thanks to sweet Toomzie for sharing this lovely healthy yummy dish on her blog. Once I saw it, I started drooling & wanted to try it immediately. The recipe has no chicken but I added half chicken to the avocado mix in the food processor because my husband must eat either chicken or meat in his main meals, so I thought chicken would be the perfect combination for this dish. I also used 1/4 cup lemon juice, it was more than enough for me. It tasted amazing.

Check The Recipe Here

you mix it

you eat it 😀

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Home Made Crepes

A couple of days ago, husband came back home, woke me up telling me that he got me a gift . . . stupid me, i got out of bed thinking that he got me something nice! Guess what? He got me a Crepe Maker. “Swerty, i got you a gift . . . Crepe Maker”

You should have seen my face . . . Crepe Maker cannot be considered as a gift! But he was so happy carrying it! He actually got it as a gift from Alwatan LOL 😛

So what did I do? I prepared the recipe for the crepe & got started

The crepe maker

The mix (2 cups flour, 2 eggs, 2 table spoon butter, & lil bit of salt)

Trying to handle the stick

trying to make the crepe . . . this is my 1st time.

Trying  Raspberry jam

Nutella . . . 😀

The Nutella was amazing

The raspberry was awful :/

Then i made a bigger one . . .

With Cheese . . . It was yummy 😀

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Home Made FroYo

I’ve just made home made Frozen Yogurt 🙂

Thanks to the lovely Miss Egg for this recipe 😉 It’s so easy to make & you really don’t need that much of ingredients but it takes a lil bit of time to make it! Around 2 to 3 hrs 🙂

I’ll explain the recipe through pictures:


Serving 1 person

– Choose 1 fruit flavor or you can mix as I did. Used half the box of Blueberries & Blackberries.

– Honey: I used 3 teaspoons, you can add as you wish but 2 tsp are enough.

– 1 Greek Yogurt

Mix the berries together. I didn’t over mix them because I wanted a lil bit of berry bits in the yogurt mix.

Add the yogurt & mix

then add the honey & mix. Don’t set the blender to the “juicer” so you won’t end up with a watery mix (Miss Egg’s advice) 😛

Add the mix to a bowl & into the freezer.

make sure you get the mix out of the freezer & stir it to break the crystal edges every 30 minutes. DO NOT forget it in the freezer or you’ll end up with an ice-cream mix. Every 30 minutes get out, stir it, & back to the freezer. Do it for 2 to 3 hrs.

Voila . . . it’s ready to be eaten YUM YUM 😀

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Ramadan’s 1st Accident

and more to come for sure 😉

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My 1st Ever Chocolate Cake

Wooohoooo, I can’t believe I did this! My 1st cake ever! Never thought I’d be THAT good. It’s not good GOOD, bs it’s smth GOOD to me! If you know what I mean.

I was reading this magazine at work (forgot the name) and i saw this cake recipe in Arabic. It was a disaster but thanx to Noon I managed to figure out sm ingredients 🙂

I thought of surprising husband after he comes back from Diwaniya and it worked. I’m so happy but to be honest, it’s very sweet and heavy! y3ni, a small piece will be more than enough!


Mix the cake mix (Betty Crocker) with 1cup olive oil, 200gm buttermilk, 3 eggs & tsp Vanilla

Pour the mix in 2 different bowels, different sizes

Spread the frosting in the middle

add the smaller cake on the top and create a small hole in the middle

cover the cake with the frosting and freeze it for half an hour

Add more frosting and decorate with whatever you want. I mixed pecan bits with almond

cover the whole cake

add Vanilla ice cream in the little hole

et voila 😀

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A Day @ The Fish Market

My very lovely husband is teaching me how to be a good housewife & one of my tasks is to learn how to buy seafood from the Fish Market (as if I’m gonna go :P). I’ve never been there, it was always either Dad or bro who go and buy some stuff. The smell just kills me whenever I go to Sultan Centre (Sharq) & actually being there inside the market wasn’t pleasant at all.

In the parking, I got outside the car and covered my nose with my hijab (veil), he looked at me and laughed! but the horror movie started inside the market itself, blood on the floor with dirty water and omg the smell, i was breathing from my mouth the whole time :/

We bought shrimp (2 kilos) & calamary (2 kilos). I asked him to let them cut it and clean it coz I ain’t doing so. Thank god they had that service!

I’m never ever going there! no matter what :S

P.S. Hubs called Dad and asked him to come have lunch with us on Friday. He told him that I’ll be cooking seafood without telling me about it first! Poor baba, he might suffer because I’ve never actually cooked seafood before except for Fish Fillet in the over 😛

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Ansam’s Macaroni & Cheese

As some of you that I work til 4:30 pm and it’s somehow very exhausting to get back home & cook something decent for hubby. Sometimes he cooks which leads to a tragedy. I’ve always wondered what can I cook in less than an hour and it doesn’t cause alot of mess and that washing the dishes will be a piece of cake. Failed to find a recipe, til I read Ansam\’s post & it was the IT recipe I was looking for.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never ever cooked anything! I didn’t know hot to boil the macaroni & i had to call aunt to teach me while making sarcastic remarks about me being a lousy housewife not knowing how to boil MACARONI *sniff*. Anyways, i called hubby to get me cheddar cheese and told him not to eat anything because I’ll be trying something new.

Got back home & found him sleeping, which was a good thing because he’d always interrupt me in the kitchen with his famous line “yalla hurry up sweetie, i’m hungry” (P.S. he’s always hungry mashallah 3aleh). I had the space for myself & I followed Ansam’s directions. It was so easy & fun to make. The macaroni & cheese tasted so gooooood that hubby ate half of the pyrex 😀

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