Recipes: My Home-Made Burger


Everyday, I feel like I wanna try a new recipe & experiment. Juju is getting bigger mashallah & I’m having some extra time of my own which I’d like to spend in the kitchen.

I always wanted to create my own burger but somehow I thought it’s difficult, then I went online & googled some recipes. Found this Easy Home-Made Burger recipe & followed the basics, as always I have to add my own ingredients.

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Recipes: BlueBerry Trifle


A very easy recipe to create a delicious dessert & enjoy its colors 🙂

Get Strawberry Swiss Roll Cake, cut it & spread it on a pyrex,,,then add the white cream cheese & to the freezer for 30 minutes. After that add the blueberry muffin pie sauce a lil bit not to much over the cream cheese, after that add another layer of swiss roll cakes, then top it with the blue colored cream cheese, garnish with fresh blueberries and powdered sugar & voila … DELICIOUS.

Cream Cheese Recipe

I love cold desserts, they’re easier to make than the ones that go inside the oven, hate them 😛

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LakeLand CupCake Maker

So I was at Marina Mall the other day & saw this beautiful store that everyone was talking about. Lakeland was like a mini paradise for kitchen lovers (I’m one of them). I didn’t know from where to start; Cook books, measurement tools, cupcake makers etc. I started going through all of their stuff but unfortunately couldn’t scan them all coz husband was with me & you know how men react when they go shopping with their wives 😛

Anyways, they had lots of things (I need to go back & check them again) but they didn’t have food items which they sell in UK & on their website. The employee informed me that the Ministry is very strict regarding food (Oh yeah, tell me about it, PORK?). I was also looking for the Cake Pop Maker which hasn’t arrived yet, but soon as they’ve told me.

I got me Cupcake Maker, Sweets Decorating Set & some colorful measurement tools. Once I got back home, I immediately started unboxing the stuff I bought & off to business 😉 The Cupcake maker had a recipe book which I used, The other book I got included ingredients which I didn’t have but soon will get them to try some of its recipes!

Let’s see how things turned out to be;

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Recipes: Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Ever since I tried this dish in Singapore in a Thai restaurant, I became very attached to it & to its taste, very delicious & spicy. I used to pick out all the chilies inside the soup coz it was soooo hot. Marina Thai has the same dish in their menu but not as good as the one I had in Singapore. My husband tried for the first time last week & got attached to it. He asked me if I can make it & I told him I think it’s possible. Googled some recipes & came upon this one from Tasty Kitchen (Amazing Blog).

I didn’t have all the ingredients available but I tried my best to make it as good as the one I had in Singapore & better than the one my husband had from Marina Thai. I added extra lemon (around 4 I guess) & it turned out to be great. Didn’t use alot of chili coz I can’t stand spicy food these days, but anyways it turned out to be very spicy.

Check the blog for the exact recipe & steps, coz mine are not  😉

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The Women In My Life Cook Book

Once I received this cook book I couldn’t help myself not to try some of the recipes in there. First let me talk to you about the book. It was written by a Saudi woman called Rasha Alhejailan who travelled the world with her father & finally settled down in Kuwait with her husband & 2 children.

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@ZafafMagazine & Rasha Al-Hejailan Cook Book

@ZafafMagazine is collaborating this time with Rasha Al-Hejailan The author of the cook book The Women In My Life.

Subscribe now for 1 year in Zafaf Magazine & get The Women In My Life cook book as a gift. The book has been written by a Saudi woman who travelled the world with her father & finally settled down in Kuwait with her husband & two kids. The book has some of her personal recipes that she relates to & other recipes from her friends & family members.

Honestly, I’ve read good reviews about this book, I’ll be trying some recipes soon from the book & will let you know how it is 😉

P.S. A donation will be made on your behalf when you get this book to “Helping Hands KSA” A charity in KSA that supports underprivileged children & to another institution called Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute which is located in Kuwait.

For subscription call; 9946 5592

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Recipes: Berry Parfaits

Was looking for an easy recipe to make delicious dessert & something that doesn’t take that long. Remembered fruit parfait & immediately googled it 🙂 Came upon this Delicious Recipe & it turned out to be amazing when I added mini cakes!

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Recipes: Sun Dried Tomato Risotto

Fatafeat … the amazing cooking channel inspires me day after day to experiment with what I have in the kitchen & create wonderful dishes ❤

This time, it’s Sun Dried Tomato Risotto which I saw on a TV ad on Fatafeat. It was so easy to make, all ingredients are available in your kitchen. Don’t need to head to the supermarket & get new weird stuff 😛

It turned out to be very very very delicious & yummy 😀

Here are the steps;

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Recipes: The Perfect Pizza Dough

I’ve been struggling in making pizza dough. It’s always ver hard to keep it soft yet fully cooked. So I kept on googling for the best pizza dough til I cam across this recipe. It was so easy to make, fast & guess what? it turned out to be the PERFECT PIZZA DOUGH I ever came across. When I used my pizza maker, it didn’t burn & it stayed soft & fluffy. Try it, you won’t regret it 😀

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Recipes: Creamy Squash Soup

It’s fun using other people’s recipes & experimenting on them using your own touch. That day, I was really hungry & wanted to eat smth delicious but didn’t want to work alot in the kitchen. Googled some Squash recipes & got this one Home Made Creamy Pumpkin Soup.

I immediately entered the kitchen & started working 😀

Let me show you the how to make the easiest yet most delicious Creamy Squash Soup ever 😉

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Bloggers’ Cooking Competition @BestAlyousifi

Best Alyousifi organized a cooking competition for bloggers only with the help of our dear blogger PinkGirl. The competition started at 7pm & finished around 9pm.

When it started, I didn’t participate at first because I was concentrating on the pizza maker 😛 which was the last part of the competition. & guess what? I won it 😀

It was a very nice event which was organized for selected bloggers. Loved it ❤

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Recipes: Raspberry Creme Brulee

My latest addiction is watching Fatafeat channel nonstop (unemployment). I saw this recipe in an ad, tried it & thought of sharing it with you guys. Very easy & quick, & I bet all ingredients are available in your kitchen 😉

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